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'Dancing Queen'
The ABBA writers view it as their most perfect pop song ever. Is “Dancing Queen” the best Abba song?

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No matter how many times you hear it it still gives you the same uplifting and happy feeling that only this song can!


Beate Hohmann
after all these years, their music still makes me happy. I never stopped being an ABBA fan!

Paul - Carlisle
This is the only Abba single I ever bought. Gave it to a girl at school - she stopped going out with me!

Russell Ham, Plymouth
I think there is something almost eerie about the sheer beauty of this song. It's breathtaking.

Erica, Loughton, Essex
My husband and children think I'm mad, but Dancing Queen is and probably always will be my favourite brings back memories of being 16 and just learning about love!!

no matter how down I feel this song really makes me happy and want to get up and dance

Tony ... Canberra, Australia on the other side of
Like so many ABBA songs Dancing Queen is always with me heart and soul. Music is a very powerful drug and when you are feeling down and a little depressed with yourself and the world and nothing you do will change the way you feel but Music can turn your brainwaves around. Give me a hit of that 'you can dance, you can jive' and even at 43 I'm smiling again and feeling life is good.When ABBA recorded the music and the lyrics to Dancing Queen they also recorded lots of happiness,joy and love. A very rare thing in this world.

Claire Smith / Birtley, County Durham, UK
I have always loved ABBA from the day they got to number 1 with Fernando in 1976 - I was 8 years old. Dancing Queen is a superb song with a very complicated melody which songs today really do seem to lack. ABBA songs sound so full, which was achieved by their Sound Engineer reading a book by Phil Specter and it gave him an idea. The rest is history. Brilliant, pure pop at its very best.

I'm 25years old on my first foreign holiday in Holland and the sun shone every day. Spent many evenings dancing in local dance halls there with Dancing Queen - knew all the words and sang along - which unintentionally impressed the young Dutch on the dance floor. Never fails to take me back when I hear it, whatever mood I'm in. Even without those happy memories it is a fabulous song.

Greg Hargrove, Palo Alto
ABBA is simply amazing, one of the best and most creative rock groups ever. My personal favorite for re-engergizing my 70's disco moves is "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!". When the girls cut in with the chorus- on top of that floor-shaking disco beat, anyone who stays seated would have to be on Thorazine. My personal pick for most romantic ABBA song would have to be "One Of Us". I had just broken up with a girl when that song came out, and it still brings a tear to my eye. (Just a sensitive kind of guy I guess. :-)

Megan Simpson, Swansea
There is no doubt about it that Dancing Queen is one of the most perfect pop songs ever written, However it is virtually impossible to give my favorite Abba song as there are so many Abba 'gems' out there.

Stephen Johns, Middlesbrough
I think Abba were FANTASTIC!!!!!. My favourate song was Does Your Mother Know. For as long as i live abba songs will always be in my mind

Peter, Nottingham.
'What can you say about this song, that has not already been said' Benny is simply one of the best musical writers of our time'.

Moses - Derby
Proably the best ever disco record of all time. It makes me smile why so many 'experts' wish to critisise the perceived childlike qualities of Bjorn & Benny's song-writing ability in the early days & yet when it comes to 'Bums on seats' (or people on dance floors) this record transcends age/class/or any other kind of background you can think of. A masterpiece of its time & will be well into future generations as well.

Dawn, Netherlands
What can I say? It just makes me smile!

rob wallser plymouth
the true meaning of pop music

Julie Fairley Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
I was not even born when Abba came together, but this group will be aroungd around for years to come and even after these people leave this earth behind. These four people were able to create music for generations of believe to listen to, withit ever being boring. When I was younger i was in a private choir and eberytime that I was in a show we always performed songs from the Abba collection. The group of people in Abba should be proud with what they have archieved in the years that they have being together or separeted as they have archieved a great great deal. Well done

Bernard Danker, Penang, MALAYSIA
Simple yet precisely what a pop song should be! Then again, most of ABBA's songs are perfectly crafted masterpieces.

Graeme Allan, Melbourne Australia
Simply the very very best

David Blackburn Stevenage
It was the long hot summer of 1976,I was 14 i had my first job as a morning paper boy earning £1.50 a week.And the real treat for me was getting paid and taking a bus down to Stevenage town centre and buying a single.This was one that i bought.It is a good examble of how good 70's popular music could be.

Harry Nottingham
One of the greatest songs ever, when its played everyone has to get up and dance or they will just look stupid

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