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Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd
Tell us what you think about Comfortably Numb and the album The Wall.

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love the whole album, but Comfortably Numb is my favourite, i would like it to be played at my funeral,it always brings a tear to my eyes when i play the song.

tam welsh tollcross glasgow
the best guitar solo ever it still makes me sweat!

Mark McIsaac, Airth, Falkirk
Possibly the best song i have ever heard, makes the hairs stand up on my neck listening to it. Favourite song of all time.

Cary Magee london Ontario Canada
This song is one of the most thought provoking of the late seventies. It like a song about death only your comfortable in the fact that your still alive great tune should be higher then this '

Janice Masson, Dundee
Best ever song by Pink Floyd. Guitar solo absolutely out of this world

Matthew Newton
This track is one of Floyds best outside of DSOTM. Even better when seen live; If your've never had the chance or wish to re-kindle your memory..Don't forget that the Pulse DVD (1994 Earls Court Show) is released on monday. Someone also wanted to know what 'Floyd' thought of the Sissor Sisters version... From the 'brain-damage' web site...."Gilmour happily described as “jolly entertaining”. He said that he was happy for other people to cover Pink Floyd songs, and Mason added that innovative covers were preferable to tribute bands, “copying every mistake we’ve ever made, perfectly”. Wright highlighted the reggae album Dub Side of the Moon, and Mason claimed that Luther Wright and the Wrongs’ country and western version of The Wall was a particular favourite of his."

Pure Bloody Genius, simple as that, I'm having it at my funeral - well it beats the Hell out of any hymn! Tony Sharp

Andy M, York
I bought the album on release. could'nt stop playing it, in particular CN. The whole recording is like an illness, with no cure (Who would want a cure???)

Alyson, South Wales
Comfortably Numb is a fantastic, haunting piece of music. I am addicted!

Robin Gibson Lincoln
Late at night, You are unwinding after a long day, just close your eyes & listen to this track...The end guitar solo is simple the best.

Alex Coleman
As a musician, no other song has influenced me more. The way I play is largely down to this one song, because it encompasses every emotion. The low, dark overtones in the verse to the blissful angelic vocals in the chorus. As a growing player, this was always the 'I Wish I Could Play That' song. And now that I can, every time I play I get shivers down my spine. Now it's a case of, 'I wish I could write such an emotional masterpiece', that connects with so many people on so many levels.

John Wood in Stafford
The song contains so many emotions for me.I feel out of breath when I watch the live version from Earls Court in 1994, as so much effort from David goes into it. A remarkable piece of songwriting and arrangement.

was slightly 'bewildered' about 10 years ago with what was allegdedly called 'music' so defected to radio 2 heard a couple of floyd songs on there and was addicted!went out bought some floyd cd's been listening ever was then i heard comfortably numb for the 1st time.........blown away was what i would call a defining moment in my life.thanks radio 2 and of course pink floyd for making life worthwhile!

Gareth Bate, Birmingham
I saw Floyd's live version of The Wall at Earls Court in '80 or '81 I think, and Comfortably Numb blew me away. Roger Waters singing at the bottom of the wall and Dave Gilmour on top with a single spot light behind him. The guitar solo was out of this world. Truely awesome! I'll never forget it.

Alan Stowmarket
I cannot stop playing back from the web the amazing live concert by DG for Radio 2 last week.Pure genius. BBC please keep it running forever! CN is truly a masterpiece which will be played forever. PF rule OK!

James Loveridge, Weston-super-Mare
Comfortably Numb lulls you, yet it has force..... It's music at it's best, with a hint of theatre.... Untouchable.

Nick Turrill, Whitchurch
WOW what a genius . That is what a true musician can do live, and reach so many inner feelings of the young and old alike.

Paul Newcastle
This song could not be described well enough in a comment box........ the work of masters.

Mike Gibbings, ANDOVER
In my view, 'Comfortably Numb' is the greatest rock ballad ever written. Truly inspirational. No wonder audiences adore it throughout the world.

vince bristol
everything about floyd is , was, always will be what every other so called rock act havent got, and that is just " pure class " shine on pink floyd

Brian Bunker, Luton
If this track doesn't get to your emotions, then you're either dead, or not from this planet!

Nick Jefferies, Fulstow, Lincs
Of course the best cover was done by Myriad at the half Moon in Putney in November 1991. Dancing the fool to your little sister's band playing your favourite song at your favourite venue. Does it get much better?

Anthony Critchley - Wigan
To me this is the greatest song of all time, the finest of lyrics and melodies and the greatest guitar solo's I have ever heard!

Don Emery, macclesfield
a marvelous composition, a raft of pure emotion

Manuel Alfaro, Windsor
Comfortably Numb is the most emotional, full of feeling song that I have ever listened to. It transports you to those very personal moments of your life, because David's guitar virtually cries. I enjoy listening to it, when driving alone during the night, it fills my soul. Pink Floyd and David Gilmour are the reason for my interest in music. Great song and a great band.

Tanaji Dasgupta-Wolverhampton
Melody , mood , musical texture with soul-searching lyrics make this one of the greatest songs ever recorded .

Darren Baldwin, Redhill
Simply my favourite song of all time by any artist. The guitar solo send shivers down my spine even after playing it over 300 times (truth!!!)

Ethan Mc Nally, Belfast
My favorite Pink Floyd song,it is immense at pulse were there is an extra couple of minutes added to the seecond solo, aww pure class

Martin Blackburn Cornwall
Who needs lyrics when you can make a fender sing like only David can A true master i never get fed up of listening to this masterpiece.

Leigh Pilgrim, Bedfordshire
Not only my favourite song by Pink Floyd, but my number 1 song of all time. This is an oustanding piece of music, it 'hits' me everytime I listern to it, the lyrics and the guitar solo's make this song what it is. My only disapointment is that the Sissor Sisters copied it and in my mind trashed it, dont do that again please............

Karen Davies
Like meeting an old friend, someone you have real history with .

Simon Trott Alvechurch
An aural out of body experience akin to the states between dreaming and waking. I wish Dave's solo would go on for ever!

John Desanto Harrisburg
I have it in my will to be played at my memorial service along with Amazing Grace and Ava Maria....

James Hoxey, Malmesbury
beautiful piece of music. it always has to be at the end of any playlist on my Ipod...what can follow it?

Ronald Martin from Duntocher
This track still gives me shivers down my spine every time I hear it, I try to listen to it at least once a day. Pure genius!!

olly st mary cray
i get comforably numb just listening to comfortably numb - nice one mr pink floyd.

trevor james haverfordwest pembs uk
just fantastic just leaves all the modern songs today behind

Richard Buck Oxford
I's not what you hear, but what you listen to. And you are attached to every note, waiting for the next...

Elisabeth McNeil Glasgow
I always feel really honoured to have been around during the release of "The Wall" and remember the hair on the back of my neck stand up the first time i heard Comf Numb (and that was during the first few chords)It's a pleasure to know that my teenage son appreciates it as much today as i did back then PHENOMONAL

Micky H from London
I was very fortunate to see Pink Floyd perform this at Earls Court in 1981 and it was my first ever concert. What an introduction to live music! The highlight of the entire show ,apart from when the wall came crashing down at the end, was the scintilating solo from DG at the top of the wall. He was only lit by a single spotlight from the rear of the auditorium and even to this day it moves me beyond belief. For a few moments I really felt I was in heaven.

grant simmons
a timeless masterpiece it does'nt matter how many times you've heard it,it just keeps getting better.

gene johnson statesville n.c.
i was living in a childrens group home in 1979 when the song comfortably numb first came out and it really suited the way i felt having been a survivor of a dysfunctional family. thank you pink floyd for the song and for the way i identified with it.

deepindercheema birmingham
I have always been dissapointed with the Wall, I discovered the Floyd when Animals was released. I can appreceate the Wall a lot more now , but it does not compare to venom and the sparse use of instrumentation that I feel inhabited the Animals album, and it being my first exposure to the Pink Floyd. Ironically the Animals album has Richard Wright playing well, and comimg up with some wonderful treatments, especially on Dogs and Pigs, but he got kicked out of the band because he did not contribute to the writing, I found that fatuous and unnesessary, as I always believe that his contribution is the most expressive as to what ever makes up the sound of Pink Floyd

Simon - Coventry
What a way for the Dave Gilmour/Roger Waters partnership to finish. Absolutely epic - as Johnnie Walker said "life is better for songs like that"

Grumpyguts, The English Lakes
I have requested this song to be played at my funeral; with a note to include the album introduction: "time to go"

Frank Harcourt, Bilsborrow
Amazing song from the ultimate album. It kept me going through the dark days of 1981 when I was being treated for cancer

James, Norfolk
It is pure emotion, you feel as though you are Pink. Whilst other live Floyd sessions are always great "The Wall Performed Live" is yet to be topped in my book. And I saw it twice at Earls Court, still got the T-Shirt and both programes that still sit pride of place on the bookshelf. My kids think I'm weird but I know they like the music really.

Markus S. Schirmuly
Often copied, but there´s nothing close to the original, best seen live, the lights, the sound, the Aura...(goosebumps gallore). The "Floyd Sound" of the early 70´s born again... Heavenly!!!

Hamish, Norwich
for the best version go for the one off pulse or is there anybody out there.BEST GUITAR SOLO EVER!!! ahem. should be far higher up the list though

james mccombs dillon colorado
when i listin to that song I am reminded of when i was 11 I was in a california facility for children with emotional problems. If you acted up you were dragged into a padded room and given a shot in the buttocks where you would lay for hours imbolized and "numb", the song brings tears to me every time I listen to it.

Ian Martin, Loddon, Norfolk
I played C.N. as I left my now wife after we met again after 38 years apart! Yes, I was 'Very' Comfortably Numb & still am. The tune has such a strong emotional feel to it that you cannot fail to be affected. More of the same please David.

Pete Fenelon, York
Pure, brooding, magnificence. On a good night, the Sisters of Mercy perform a cover of Comfortably Numb that puts Pink Floyd in the shade - and I love Pink Floyd's version.

Andy Pett, Swindon
The Scissor Sisters should be publicly flogged for their SHAMEFUL cover of this great song. I hope Dave Gilmour had a quiet word backstage at Live 8 :)

Lee - Luton
I'll never forget Comfortably Numb played live at Wembley on the Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour in '87. Awesome!!!!!

Kevan Harris Barnstaple Devon
The Ultimate chill out and possibly the finest song I have ever come across

dave valentine eardisley hereford
The emotion expressed through the fingers of David Gilmour gives the true meaning of my love for his music. Haunting melodies from a modern day genius.

dave mathers, stourbridge
Seeing David play Comfortably Numb the first time, stood on top of the wall at Earls Court was probably one of the most memorable momments in all the concerts I've seen. Still gives me goose bumps when I hear it!

Adam Ward, Southampton
More a life-changing experience than a song. Sit down, shut up and prepare to have your soul ripped out, hosed down, de-loused and then branded with Pink Floyd for life before having it thrust back into your body as the climactic finale thunders forth from your speakers!

Steve in Ravenfield, Rotherham
Music at it's most sublime - I remember seeing Floyd performing The Wall at Earl's Court back in the eighties and David playing at the top of the finished wall. Not ashamed to say there were tears rolling down my cheeks.

Christine, Norwich
words fail me to describe how this song makes feel, its a unique emotion and if they could bottle it, it would be priceless

Lee, Birmingham
Not just a song, another place, another time, another dimension. A fleeting glimpse..

kieron giles
daves two solo's on comfortably numb are the highlight of "The Wall". I went to berlin to Roger Waters perform ,although the artists playing comfortably numb performed the track with passion and a great deal of skill it was not Dave Gilmour ,and although superb, a slight disappointment.

Jon, Lincoln
At 45, I well remember the original Wall concerts. To see the group play this awesome song together again at Live 8 literally brought tears to the eyes of this Floyd devotee. I hate the Scissor Sisters version, but hey, who can fault them for trying to make a few quid from a great floyd song.

John Smith Scotland
One of the best songs on the planet Gilmour's guitar solo's are ace and waters lyrics just at their best ps going to see gilmour at glascow

Ed, St Andrews
Simply one of the greatest songs ever composed, the guitar solo is unmatched, the entire song is euphoric. As for the Scissor Sisters version, they should NEVER have been allowed to cover, (and in my opinion) ruin such an amazing song.

Vincent Di Scala ,Hawhorne
Brilliant,Mellow,Beautiful is Comfortably Numb,Dark Words with timeless music.
what is it with you guys? don't like the scissor sister version? you'll be telling me you don't like the rolf harris version of stairway to the way..FACT- if one person enjoys a song....then that song is good....regardless of other opinions.....right...bye for now, i've got to play my new bob the builder cd!

antoine zebbug \malta
i think its a very special song for me.great guitar voice and the words are combined exactly.this song is made but the other songs are special as well.the wall is perfect. what else can i say pink floyd drives me crazy .

jim in north wales
how can this song chart at 90, come on people this is one of the greatest! And so it is with dread that I go to see the top 20!!!!!! I pray god there's no Robbie Williams etc!!!!!

Ian & Hannah
Nearly 30 years after it's release, my 13 year old daughter believes that she will never hear a finer piece of rock music. pink Floyd are surely destined to be future Beethovens, Wagners and Bachs.

The live Comfortably Numb on the Pulse is eons beyond The Wall version. The second solo from the Wall is accelerated to absolute magic in the live performance.

Sam Edwards, London
I committed a cardinal sin by saying to some die-hard Pink Floyd fans that although I like the Pink Floyd version of 'Comfortably Numb', I preferred the version by the Scissor Sisters. Can someone enlighten me as to what the members of Pink Floyd think of the Scissor Sisters version? I would really appreciate a response to this question, which is bugging me big time!

George Bugeja - Malta
In my humble view the best song created by man.

Jamie Pettinger, Edinburgh
I am only 14 so i wasn't around when 'the wall' was new but when i first heard this song, it blew my mind! The solo at the end tops any solo i have heard from Clapton, Hendrix or Slash. i have just heard the Scissor Sisters cover on this website and it is terrible! there is only one Comfortably Numb for me and it has to be done by the one and only Pink Floyd.

David, Boulder, CO USA
The Scissor Sisters cover of "Comfortably Numb" is the worst song ever created by any sentient being. Do not try to argue, it simply sucks too much for anyone to reasonably defend.

Steve Love, Chester
Fantastic track. Hadn't heard it before Live8 (sad I know) but absolutely love it now. Went out and bought the album. Best performance on the day by a mile.

Neil Cook - Milton Keynes
A masterpiece of introspection, wonderfully crafted in to a classic track.

Meredith Meeker, Lilburn, GA USA
words can't describe the appeal of this song to both the ears and to the soul...somehow this song brings a sense of peace to the spirit...I become comfortably numb myself

A David, Guildford
Fine as silk and leaves you into a rarely possible level of emotional bliss. It is rather unexplainable and classic.

Draco, Runcorn
What can I say that hasn't been said before? Its dark, tears into your emotions like a bird of prey (I'm being poetic of course). This alone is the highlight of The Wall album. If you remember no other song on the album, this is one to remember. Has it been said I'd like it played at my funeral? Probably.

Jegan NJ,USA
The greatest song of all time by in my opinion the best band of all time. The Scissor Sisters on the other hand are a soon to be exinct pop rock band. To tarnish one of the greatest songs ever by a timeless band and make it into some campy disco song makes me seethe with animosity. Gilmour is one of the most underrated guitarists and deserves to be placed in the same sentence with Page or Hendrix!

tom meldrum/harlepool
a brilliant chill out track with one of the most amazing solos that's not ever likley to be bettered

anthony price /derby
what a song, the guitar rif blows your mind

Steve Hillan, Dublin
The first guitar solo is a trancendental experience that leaves you as if you have just woken from an amazingly profound dream

Chris, Hull
I have learned the guitar solo, note for note. It really rocks and I think its one of Dave Gilmour's best!

Peter, Nottingham
This song os one of the reasons why pink floyd fly you off to another 'world' when you listen to them. Pure genius. Recommend a scotch in hand and a pair of head phones as a wind down after work!

moonchild, NYC, NY
That second solo makes you want to drop to your knees and beat your fist on the ground to the beat of the solo. No one can rip your heart out like David Gilmour.

Sue, London
A truly great anthem by the best band that ever walked the planet. It contains the greatest guitar solo ever - thank you Mr Gilmour. As for those unmentionable Sisters - well they should be hung, drawn and quartered!

Steve M. Thetford.
Without doubt Floyd's greatest song.Gilmours guitar work - stunning ! The best version is the Pulse gig at the Earls Court '94. You can get the DVD(on sale in USA only)from Amazon.I must admit I do like a lot of the Scissor Sisters stuff but I really wish they had left Cum Num alone!! Hey guys,how about burying the hatchet and doing a "Cream"??

Nathanael Dolesh, OH
Comfortably Numb is a great song. I have been spending a lot of time learning (or trying to learn) that guitar solo near the end of the song. Maybe I'm crazy but so far, I've got down and memorized and can play the first 27 seconds of it pretty good. Truthfully, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think I'm stuck now at those real low notes (too fast) but I like learning and playing stuff like that.

Jon from Windsor ON, Canada
I've heard over and over that the song comfortably numb is entirely about drugs. I can appreciate that interpretation and also feel that it holds true. The songs on the Wall album when listened to in chronological order also tells the story of a man's life. It seems as though the song comfortably numb represents the things he hears and thinks after being injured on the battlefield. Do you think that in it's context in the album this song is more about his confusion from the drugs or about him realizing where he is in his life and getting flashbacks? Perhaps it is both...

Leigh Cann, Cardiff
The Wall is true genius, one of the greatest albums of all-time and Comfortably Numb is it's highlight. To not like this is to not like music. The Scissor Sisters recently ruined a classic.

Phil from Haetlepool
to be so numb about varying artistic talent whether percived great or not is to be dumb. the Sisters have taken a great track and artiscally turned it into something different, not to be compared, but to be given a new lease of life to a new audience who probably would never have listned or appreciated the the greatness of PF anyway. It is sipmply a diffrent interpretation within a world of art or artistic talent so dont be so self limiting in appreciating different styles.

David Allen from Maidenhead, Berkshire
Comfortably Numb is one of David Gilmours best ever guitar riffs, the feeling of the lyrics and the pace of the music just take you into yourself and then on to somewhere else...It's just a shame that on the Wall album version the beauty of it all fades out to soon. To really get this song, go and hear it played live!(or listen to Pulse)

Sabrina Clifton NJ USA
All i need to say that roger waters was and still is a genious the most brilliant musician alive.

Umberto Zappia From London
This is a masterpiece. It`s incredibly beautiful, poetic and melodic. Barely i start to listen it and i feel blown away into its artistic shining...I love it.

Alan Lathwell from Kettering
Comfortably Numb second only to Echoes as Pink Floyd's greatest song. Pink Floyd are hands down the greatest band of all time!

The Scissor Sisters gave it a very different interpretation certainly. The original's title made sense because it gave that numb feeling whereas the Scissor Sisters turned it into a dance track. Personally, I love both versions.

Clive, Rochester Kent
I can well remember buying The Wall on MC when it was first released. The album (at the time) did little for me until I started to play the second side of the tape. All that I can say is that Comfortably Numb left me totally comfortably numb!

Luke McQuade, Yorkshire
The recent cover of this song by Scissor Sistors was a blasphemy unto Music. As such, I have nothing but hatred for the Scissor Sisters.

dan jensen-doray Media PA
Comfortably Numb has one of the best captivating effects of all rock songs. Even during the solo, you find yourself floating with the high notes and sinking with the low.

Mike Skinner,Norwich,Norfolk
One of my favourite songs of all time and the live 'Pulse' version has got to have the best lead guitar solo ever captured on tape!Behind the WALL is where the scissor sisters should be for defilement of a un-coverable masterpiece!What was Gilmour thinking allowing such utter tosh to be released?Turn me numb at the thought!

Jane Swindon
I do actually like the Scissor Sister's version, though not as much as the original which is close to pure genius. However, like it or not, it must be acknowledged that The Scissor Sisters have at least given an unique interpretation of the song. I am so sick of hearing cover versions which hardly differ from the original - make it your own or what's the point?

Simon West Sussex
The Scissor Sisters have destroyed a real classic. What utter dross.

Mike Parker, Southerd
Fantastic. A superb example of a song written and performed with feeling. Through live performances, shows how Pink Floyd have evolved through the years.

Richard Shipton, Billericay
Comfortably Numb is my favourite track from the original (post Barrett) Pink Floyd line-up. To hear it completely massacred and out of context by the Scissor Sisters is outrageous. It should never have been allowed to happen!

Matt, Wickford, Essex
Comfortably Numb... arguably one of the best songs ever written. The Scissor Sisters cover left me totally numb!!

Andrew, Nottingham
The best guitar solo ever Better than Page, Hendrix, Clapton, Townshend who are all demi gods, but the conclusion just soars away and leaves you feeling beyond numb

Steve / Glasgow
If you've been there, you'll appreciate the song :O)

James Roscoe, Bath
Noooooooooooo.............................................. Comfortably the worst cover version I have ever heard.

John Dewar
I like most of what I've heard from the Scissor Sisters so far............except this. This could well be the worst cover in pop history !

Mick Parry Newcastle
When I hear this wonderful song I am lost in the world that Roger waters wrote about and love the numb feeling

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