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'Born To Run'
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen
Is “Born To Run” Bruce Springsteen's best song? Or do you prefer Born in The USA?

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Just an incredible song! So much life, so much energy, so exciting, just quite simply everything that a rock song should be! No matter how many times I listen to it, it never fails to grab hold of me, and make the hairs shoot up on the back of my neck!!


Andy Rush, Somewhere in the World
No Album collection is complete without the Album "Born to Run", probably one of the finest compilation of songs by the same writer on one album. Also that particular album is brought to life with the Energy of Bruce's collaberation with Clarence Clemens on Sax, with superb Solos' throughout. One of the finest examples of songwriting from the 20th century at least equaling Page and Plant, Peter Green, Hendrix and coming close to the brilliance of Robert Johnson himself. "Born in The USA", doesn't even enter the equasion.

Timothy Mitchell, Omaha, Nebraska (U.S.A)
Please post this revised/clarified note: ... spectacular vision inviting listeners to explore and examine the truth, strength, and journey (path) of individual, personal hopes and dreams ... especially when listened as a 4-song medley of "Born To Run" [acoustic], "Backstreets" and "The Promise" and "Thunder Road" ...

Peter... Adelaide( The Rock and Roll capital of Au
John Lennon claimed that there had only ever been about five different Rock songs ever written and that Born to Run was all of them wrapped up in one. I tend to agree. Lyrics as brilliant as Dylans, the glorious sax solo, the Dick Dale guitar solo, Spector, Elvis, The Big 'O',.. it's all there, the definative representation of the best that Rock and Roll ever was, or will ever be.

The song sums up who he is and what he has accomplished from where he came from....simply amazing!!!!!!!!

sue jones sunderland
a definite rock anthem from the first chord to the very last

Michael Rosewarne
no other song has been able to capture both the energy and naivety of youth quite like this. You start running and you just keep going!

Hannah from Exmouth
Springsteen's songs relate to everyone, they're always telling a story which makes his songs unique. Springsteen delivers such power in his songs that you have to stop and listen. Born To Run is that type of song.

Coolmagic - Plymouth
The greatest song ever written by the greatest artist that ever lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Gloucester
Born to Run saved my life when I was 14 years old. I had great parents but was no longer ready to listen to them, I was confused, a teenager and looking for somthing else. I found it in bruce's music and in particular Born to Run.

Brian, Glasgow
My favourite song of all time - still not bored with it 30 years after its release - so much energy I have seen Springsteen about 6 times in concert. The highlight is standing on the pitch at Wembley Stadium in 1985. Born to Run starts and hits you with all the power it can .. at the exact same time all of the lights including the floodlights are turned on. The force of the sound and the lights together - a totally awesome experience

Chris Spinks, Hethersett,
Born to Run - best song ??? We all have our favourites, personally it's Badlands

Chris Spinks - Hethersett, Nrowich
The opening chords reveal rock's version of the Spector Wall of Sound, a fantastic uplifitng track whenever you hear it, we're all tramps, born to run

chris farrall Barnsley UK
I was around 15 or so when i first heard this song and the hairs on the back off my kneck stood up!!! After 30 years and thousands of listens as soon as the drum roll starts the hairs on my neck STILL stand up!!!

Fred Durham
People say they can remember where they where when Elvis died I can remember where i was when I first heard this been with Bruce ever since

Pete Fenelon, York
The subject matter and lyrics aren't that different to the vast majority of Bruce's earlier songs; it's the sheer SIZE and audacity of the production that make this the unforgettable epic that it remains.

Phil, Edinburgh
I gave up listening to rock after I'd heard "Born to Run" - the genre could never offer anything better, so what was the point?

Don Cornholio, Somewhere in the U.S.
Born to Run not only engages my heart & soul taking it on a deep visceral journey with movie-like images playing in my mind, but it also SPEAKS FOR my heart & soul. Born to Run is deeply, deeply moving and equally meaningful. I cannot explain how moved, motivated, heart wrenched, inspired, & passionate I feel when listening (all simultaneously!). After hearing it, I feel lke I've ran (no pun) a dramatic spiritual marathon. Endorphins and adrenaline. Perfect.

Fingers, Christchurch
Scene from The Sopranos, Series 5: Enter Christoper Moltesanti to room with Tony Soprano. Tony: You're late! Christopher:The highway's jammed with broken heroes, on a last chance power drive Tony (angry): What, are you a smart a*s now?! I laughed so hard. Genius. What other song could have such great lines that they make it into a TV show and are instantly recognisable. None. A brilliant song from the Best

Luke, Dubbo
The greatest rock song ever. It sings to my soul. You've gotta listen to the acoustic version on 'Chimes of Freedom'.

Claire, Berkshire
There cant be many up beat, full blast rock tracks that can reduce me to tears, but this one does it every time. But dont get me wrong -they are tears of joy, frustration, and love for the Boss !

Eddie Clark Sunderland
No-one that plays on that record gets a free ride...everyone on there puts their heart and soul into every note!

dale clarke , ipswich
from the opening lines to the magical count in from the sax solo you cant help it when your hair stands on end when its played live. The accoustic version seems a million miles away from the original but seems even more poigient

Ceinwen South Wales
Truly the best rock and roll anthem ever written and performed. Born to Run and Thunder Road are way ahead of all other songs - and to hear them live is essential!

Ceinwen Richards Llandybie South Wales
Born to Run beats Born in the USA hands down. The trouble is that non Boss fans always think of the Born in the USA song when people mention Springsteen and most are as confused as Reagan about its message amd meaning.

Maria Allenden, Norwich, UK
Nothing else describes so perfectly and so passionately all one feels when growing up, its just fabulous feel fantastic stuff!!

Geoff Telford
This song is so powerful,Its a message of getting out from under and cutting free with the woman you love,Could there be a better song??? I don't think so!!

Keith Burke from Dublin
1 2 3 4 The Highway's jammed... I get up out of my seat and launch my fist into thin air as high as I can when that bit comes. Everytime... never gets old. I love it. Bettered only by Thunder Road. Keith

rob wallser plymouth
a truly epic recording evoking the glories of the american landscape as put to sound by a sort of musical John Steinbeck,Springsteen is one of only a few artists who could actually better even a classic like this and did on several occasions.

John, Reading UK
The pause, just before the last verse is 'the' iconic moment in Rock music... It won't get any better than this

T.C. Chester
Best rock song of all time. Moves at an incredible pace and makes you feel that you can run for ever. Oh to be young again with that much energy!

pete shropshire currently in lille
What a tune! completely sums up Bruce's style, energy but you ain't seen nothing until you seen this live! The boss in the flesh is something to behold.

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