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What's in it for me?

People who only write songs are looking for a publishing deal. A record deal is not an issue because the publisher will sell songs to artists at record companies that then record them. For writers who perform, a record deal is the Holy Grail. Musicians see deals and CDs as the main route to fame and fortune, however, this is not always the best way to make it. And it is rarely the only way that a singer/songwriter makes money: touring, getting songs on adverts and films and other people covering your songs are also important income streams for the singer/songwriter.

For writers who perform, a record deal is the Holy Grail.

In the early days, a record deal might not make much money but can mean that much-needed promotion and marketing goes into getting the artist's name into the public consciousness. After that it may not be until the third album that an artist breaks through with record sales that bring in substantial earnings. Until then you have to make do with critical success, a core loyal fan base and some good sales in Scandinavia.

Boomy Tokan
Boomy Tokan, music business adviser

You can get an indication of how good you are from markers along the way. "Have people paid for your music? CDs? Gigs?" NO AUDIO!
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Martin BrammerMartin Brammer, songwriter
One of the most difficult things is getting your music records. "You need to have developed a relationship with A&R people."
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Along with an album comes the chance to tour. Early on this could be as a support act. It is unlikely you would ever get a tour without a record deal and a 'product' to promote. The record deal gives you both the album and backing for the tour. Touring can leave artists in debt - they are expensive and ticket sales aren't guaranteed. You can make deals with the record company to shoulder a reasonable shortfall in income from tours though they won't pull you out of debt if it bombs big time.

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Carmel Tonbridge Kent
I have been writing for ten years all my songs are on tapes with spiders looking after them..have tried to get the songs professionally done ish which cost a few hundred pounds and the result was not good infact I believe my version was better..! I have all styles I play guitar sing and write both words and music I know there is potential with my songs and I really dont know who to approach...I am also not young and somehow thats hindering me from trying any more with them...I am in the process of becoming a duo with another lady and I have briefly been in two bands doing blues and country.. My songs are from ballads to folk to rock to grunge...I dont want to die thinking 'I wish I'd done that!!' Any help appreciated..great site! p.s. I had an offer from Nashville who offered me a record contract if I paid them!!! This really upset me... Carmel

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