Miles Mendoza 210

When Miles was four he spent Christmas Day "entertaining" his relatives by playing along to Slade records with his new toy drum-kit. Twenty-nine years later the 'Miles Mendoza Website of the Day' made its debut on Radio 2, and since that day Radio 2 listeners have been unanimous in wishing that Miles had stuck to drumming.

Miles spends more time on the internet than is good for him. He's hugely enthusiastic about a wide range of things, but it's probably best not to ask him about most of them, unless you've got several days to spare.

Here are some things Miles likes, but not necessarily in order of how much he likes them. Cheese ... Neil and Tim Finn... Newcastle upon Tyne ... The Cat in the Hat ... Henry, George & Ruby Mendoza (his children) ... Buffy the Vampire Slayer ... Snoopy ... Power-napping ... Plain chocolate digestives  ... and William Sutcliffe.

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