'Terry's card'

We'd all like to thank Terry, and his BBC Radio 2 underlings, for waking us up every morning with his breakfast show ramblings.

We'll all listen in to his new Sunday Show and hope that Terry and the team enjoy their new found lie-ins!

Thank you Terry, breakfast just won't be the same without you...


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And watch a star-studded line-up of breakfast show hosts, past and present, say Au Revoir Wogan



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  • 6934. At 9:34pm on 27 Dec 2009, Robert Berry wrote:

    Dear Sir Terry

    Like millions of others, my wife and I found listening to your breakfast show a wonderful tonic that would set us up for the day. Your banter, charm and wit touched the nation and sparked our imaginations.

    Your underlings played their parts of course, as did those listeners who became regular contributors, but it took your genius to stitch it all together.

    My wife doesn't laugh at much, but she always did when you were on. She cries at even less, but wept buckets at the end of your final breakfast show.

    You will of course be sorely missed, but you will also be long and fondly remembered - thank you for being our friend.

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  • 6935. At 10:50am on 28 Dec 2009, Chris wrote:

    One of my earliest memories is fighting the flab with Terry. I was 8 years old and had measles. My mother nearly collapsed when she caught me and promptly ushered me back to my sickbed. Later, I called upon the poor long-suffering woman to record the remaining part of his show on an old reel-to-reel tape-recorder while I was on my way to school, especially the handover to Jimmy Young. I recall cycling over the Scottish mountains with a Long Wave radio conveying a very weak Radio 2 to my ears. At university I was famous for always having a Walkman radio strapped to my waist carrying Terry to lectures. I devised a clever electronic circuit to just record your bits, so that I didn't have to listen to the music. Just as I got it working, you moved to TV - I still have tapes of the final show, which was endlessly replayed. In the '90s I was in Hong Kong and heard rumours that he was back so had a friend diligently record him and mail me the tapes. In 1999, the BBC started streaming and I sat in my laboratory every afternoon listening to Terry. Finally, podcasts arrived and finally liberated me from nearly 40 years of messing around to hear Terry. In my time, I witnessed the sad end of Ray Moore and John Dunn. I still miss Jimmy Young, but I'll miss you more, Terry. You have been a big part of my life.

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  • 6936. At 1:38pm on 28 Dec 2009, Angie wrote:

    Well Terry , What do you think of retirement so far?
    Missing you already - You were Simply The Best!

    Have Fun! Angie xx

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  • 6937. At 00:44am on 29 Dec 2009, Mark wrote:

    Sir Terry,
    6 years ago I had the amazing luck to teach in..(cough) Essex. It's a long way from Detroit, MI and quite a baptism by fire. Two things I hold the dearest from that year: the man who is now my husband who moved from Kent, and your voice that would accompany my roommate and I as we drove in from Chelmsford to Tilbury each day. There were many mornings I would sincerely ponder your meanderings and wonder.."ehh, whot?" but I loved it so. With your retirement, my husband says I am even more intolerable than before.
    As you can see, you are missed so much.
    Best wishes, from under two feet of snow in MI,USA. Mark & Jenn

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  • 6938. At 11:36am on 29 Dec 2009, Charlotte Onslow wrote:


    There are too few yous in the world. We need more to populate UK broadcast and media at large. Your surreal, giggle-making, kind take on life made our hearts twinkle. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    February will mark the beginning of Spring - a bright month for us all.



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  • 6939. At 4:30pm on 29 Dec 2009, Sue wrote:

    Oh Terry, I missed your last broadcast and cannot listen to it here in Ontario Canada now.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I will miss your cheerful show. I listened to it every morning from the 70's until we emigrated in 1991. Then when I became computer savvy I was able to listen to it as often as possible online here.

    Thank you for so many years of entertainment. You could cheer anyone up whatever!!

    Enjoy your new lifestyle. Look forward to hearing you again in February.

    Happy and Healthy New Year :-)

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  • 6940. At 8:29pm on 29 Dec 2009, Jules wrote:

    You have made the world a brighter place, thank you.

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  • 6941. At 9:21pm on 29 Dec 2009, jaynelander wrote:

    Thank you.
    I don't really know where to start. It's been so good to belong. Reassures you that there are a lot of decent people about. My favourite correspondent was the one who forgot what they had gone upstairs for. It was the towel to extinguish the chip pan fire. The ladder in the tight tale of the last week or so came a very close second!
    I have communicated this before but I was alone at work the Easter Monday you did a sort of pilot programme before your proper return and it was so great to have you as a companion.Especially with old favourites like ....slight pause while remember...loving you has made me bananas. There was a correspondent in the final week who said that she had gone from child to mum with you and that summed it up for me. Pleased you've been there.

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  • 6942. At 9:50pm on 29 Dec 2009, Cassie wrote:

    I am going to miss you. I have never actually written in to your show, I was just a listener.

    I used to love Johnnie Walker show also, but hated him filling in for you in the mornings. It took me a few months to get used to Chris taking over from Johnnie. It's going to take me much longer to accept him in the mornings, but I promise I'll try.

    Sorry, but I couldn't listen in to your last show, because I used to listen whilst driving to work. I didn't want to run the risk of accidents because I cry easily and know I would have been howling buckets. As Christmas has been emotional since my Mum's death a few years back, I've had to wait even longer until today to hear your final show. Thanks for your company Terry. xxx

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  • 6943. At 7:11pm on 30 Dec 2009, adrianpickard wrote:

    Dear Sir Terry, I have been meaning to send this message to you for years, but never got round to it. Many years ago, you mentioned in one of your programmes an item about butter cugging shorts. I would like to know what is cugged butter? Is it better than ordinary butter? and why are special shorts needed when making said product? I look forward to hearing from you in your new show about these questions.
    Best of fortune in your new slot on the radio. Adrian Pickard living in Yorkshire's county town.

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  • 6944. At 8:13pm on 30 Dec 2009, Helen Greig wrote:

    Dearest Terry,

    Your melodic voice has seen me through
    - Puberty
    - School
    - Medical school
    - Trips home after night shifts
    - Two pregnancies - morning sickness, and early feeds
    - Weight gain
    - Weight loss
    - Car break downs
    - Bereavement
    - School trip runs
    .......... and on and on

    You have been there in the back ground - as a gentle support through out my life. For that I am truly grateful, in that you have brought comfort and joy when I have needed it most.

    God bless you and your earlobes!

    Yours Helen

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  • 6945. At 5:19pm on 31 Dec 2009, Markusdrakus wrote:

    I hope the Beeb allow this - it's a you-tube copy of Terry's farewell. Magnanimous, Majestic and Magnificent.

    [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]

    Fare ye well, old mucker

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  • 6946. At 6:01pm on 31 Dec 2009, ela123 wrote:

    never felt the need to comment on anything before but I will so miss you --- you converted me from early am Radio 4 and chris converted me from Radio 4's PM programme so theres hope that I will be able to stay with Radio 2 in the mornings! you've touched our lives in so many ways may the future hold all you want it to.
    thank you

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  • 6947. At 7:28pm on 31 Dec 2009, BetsyW wrote:

    Dear Terry,

    I have listened to your show since 1996 when I moved to the UK and via the Internet since moving back to California in 2000. You and your morning crew have always made me smile, which is extremely valuable. Please enjoy your future endeavors, wherever they take you.

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  • 6948. At 10:15pm on 31 Dec 2009, Susan Connell wrote:

    Dear Sir Terry, So many thanks for a very funny, light-hearted show. I loved to have you on in the background - indeed your show has formed the background to so many events in my life. Congratulations for sticking with it for so long! Also, very many thanks for all you have done for Children in Need - you've been such an inspiration. I'm looking forward to February, but in the meanwhile, enjoy retirement with the good Lady Helen. God Bless you both, from Dr Susy.

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  • 6949. At 12:49pm on 01 Jan 2010, Anita Rollinson wrote:

    Dear Terry You are obviously well loved by many of the TOGs and I'm proud to be one of them! I will miss you so much, you do not realise how important your job is, you touch so many lives and enrich them all. I look forward to your new show and although I know you can't be expected to work forever it will be a sad sad day when you finally retire. Can't you train somebody to be a new Togmister? Will love and Great affection Anita x

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  • 6950. At 3:15pm on 01 Jan 2010, NeilJF wrote:

    If I were ever to find myself in a 'Lord of the flies'-kind of situation, I can think of few people I'd more like to have alongside me. Bless you, x. Neil John Franklin.

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  • 6951. At 5:57pm on 01 Jan 2010, Token wrote:

    Well now what do we do? Terry and his show has seen me through many a long and difficult journey to work and on the last day I was training in Portsmouth and made them start late so I could listen to the very end. Thanks Terry and the crew and a special thought for Paulie Walters. Enjoy your retirement you really are FAB

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  • 6952. At 00:52am on 02 Jan 2010, Alana Pelly wrote:

    No!!!!!! I have just finished watching an old episode of Top Gear which featured Sir Terry and was prompted to go on line to work out how I could stream the show on my computer. Horror upon horror I learnt the last show had been broadcast in December. Why didn't this make front page news in Australia I ask? My trips back to the UK (where I lived for eight years from 1974 - 1982) will not be the same. Good luck and thank you for lots of laughs over the years.

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  • 6953. At 01:19am on 02 Jan 2010, Steph Hornby-Anyon wrote:

    I have been a very recent listener to Terry, but during my brief relationship with him every morning, I have found it to be a wonderful experience and can only imagine what it would have been lke to have been there from the beginning. You have made my mornings over what seems such a short space of time and I look forawrd to tuning in again with you in Feb 2010. All the very best wishes. LBFBF x.

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  • 6954. At 08:53am on 02 Jan 2010, jillymo wrote:

    Thank you so much Terry and the TOG team. The world's best humour is truly the best medecine - depression - pah! You kept me sane through many a dark and anxious hour. Good luck, thanks again...and what a ruse to avoid cooking the Sunday roast eh!

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  • 6955. At 1:45pm on 02 Jan 2010, Yvonne wrote:

    Sir Terry for the past 30 plus years you have kept me sane in the mornings with as you put it "your inane drivel" i call it funny, Janet & John have been the resuylt of many "corpsings" some while walking to work(not a good look. I and my three girls (who also love you & all that you do for CIN) will miss you more than you know,but we will take Chris & team to our hearts in your absence.

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  • 6956. At 6:27pm on 02 Jan 2010, Jim Evans wrote:

    Good morning Terry,
    A great honour to be thanking you, for what you have given the nation and your other listener around the world.
    My self as an Expat in British Columbia Canada, growing up in the Shires and listening to you on the valve set, then later on my very own wireless.....
    Your knowledge of long words "galvanized iron and marmalade" always make me laugh, your great humor that carried eurovision songs, your chat of the DG and pinot gris....we all wanted more!
    My toque (hat) goes off to you, for all your charitable work and not to mention the Proms! Well done Sir, and again thank you from us all,
    (the other listener!)
    Jim Evans Abbotsford B.C. Canada

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  • 6957. At 12:56pm on 03 Jan 2010, Diane Baskerville wrote:

    I have always wanted to write to Terry but never plucked up the courage. Like most listeners I can't remember a time when Terry wasn't either on the radio or telly and have come to see him as an old friend.
    My mum used to laugh so hard at your daft stories in the 70's, we all thought she'd gone crackers. Then I too discovered the magic and found that even at my grumpiest, Terry could always bring a smile to my face and make thing seem better.
    Thanks for all the fun over the years and good luck in your new show.

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  • 6958. At 2:57pm on 03 Jan 2010, Bethan Brunell wrote:

    Terry, TOGmeister General,

    You've been on the breakfast show all my life and a bit longer. People throw around the term "end of an era" all the time, but I think if you take a sqizz at the Oxford English, you'll find that your departure is the actual definition.

    I'm actually properly gutted.

    Lots of love.

    Bethan (gwynsmummy)

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  • 6959. At 7:04pm on 04 Jan 2010, Pam Eccles wrote:

    Dear Terry,
    I could hardly bear to listen to your last show and had to keep turning off as I was so choked up.I've just read all the previous comments and I'm at it again....The number of people who've mentioned to me about your leaving has been unbelievable.Everybody loves you to bits and we will all miss you so much.You made so many people so happy for years and years.I was lucky enough to have a request played by you not too long ago and I was the envy of all my friends and family. You played "You to me are everything" and that sums it up in one.Good luck and good health to you and yours and thanks a million for all the fun, laughter and smiles. With much love. Pam Eccles (now in Spain)

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  • 6960. At 9:51pm on 05 Jan 2010, Melanie wrote:

    It's no coincidence that since Terry's last day on the breakfast show, we have been plunged into the worst cold spell for 30 years, which from where I'm sat sitting, shows no sign of abating.

    PLEASE let me wake up and see him emerging from the shower wearing not much more than a roguish Irish grin.

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  • 6961. At 10:08pm on 05 Jan 2010, Melanie wrote:

    It is no coincidence that since your last day on the breakfast show, Sir Terry, we have been plunged into the longest period of icy weather for 30 years, which from where I'm sat sitting, shows no sign of abating.

    Please reassure me that I will wake soon, just in time to witness you emerging from the shower, wearing little more than a roguish Irish grin.

    I wish I was Diane Hughes with her 3 years of podcasts on her ipod. How smug must she be feeling. And with good reason. I doff my 'Stenders-like titfer to her presence of mind.

    I was true to you Terry, in my fashion.
    With love X

    PS I hope this isn't the second time this appears. I managed to delete the first one (I think) without knowing how or why. Once a Tog, always a Tog.

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  • 6962. At 2:29pm on 06 Jan 2010, sam wrote:

    Nice work big man
    Sam x

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  • 6963. At 10:43am on 07 Jan 2010, CocktailClare wrote:

    Dear TOGmeister
    How can we ever thank you for what you have meant to us over the past 30 plus years - fun, laughter, some tears, wit, wisdom, great music, charm, humour - that's only scratching the surface! Waking up without you will be strange but we have your Sunday shows to look forward from Valentine's Day onward - wonderful!
    Much love, Cocktail Clare xx
    Not forgetting of course Barralands, Boggy, Deadly, Bossa Nova, Lynne, Fran and gone-but-not-forgotten Pauly x

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  • 6964. At 11:38am on 07 Jan 2010, Jayne Peplow wrote:

    Happy new year to you Sir Tel and your family. You are so missed these cold mornings. I wish you all the very best for your future and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the laughter and fun you have bought into our lives over the years - may you continue to enjoy it too!
    Love and best wishes Jayne xx

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  • 6965. At 9:22pm on 07 Jan 2010, Mark Nelson wrote:

    Dear Terry,
    I have enjoyed your show for a long time and have kept up with it via the internet since moving to California three years ago.
    Thanks for everything. It has been a great pleasure. I'll miss you and promise to toast you with blueberry pancakes+maple syrup+bacon next Saturday morning. All on the same plate, too.
    Mark Nelson (Santa Barbara)

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  • 6966. At 09:05am on 09 Jan 2010, Willy Orwoanty wrote:

    Good luck Jerry. What will we do without you?
    When this new walla does not wotk out I look forward to your return.


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  • 6967. At 00:20am on 10 Jan 2010, Sin-in-Sydney wrote:

    Like so many of your listeners I would like to thank you for being part of my life through marriage, divorce, school runs, car breakdowns and general morning chaos. You have made me laugh out loud on my own so many times and I was able to continue this hysterical humour in Australia where, to my delight I was able to continue listening to you online ... sympathising with all the traffic jams and cold weather dramas going on over there whilst I was sat sitting with the air conditioning on. Your thoughts and musings have so often echoed my own thoughts which I've never dared speak out loud or even found the right words for - so you've said it for me. Farewell radio friend and thank you for the many hours of pleasure and laughter. From a faithful T.O.G. Cynthia Faulkner Sydney

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  • 6968. At 06:42am on 10 Jan 2010, Mick Allinson wrote:

    Welldone Terry. Enjoyed your show for many years before emmigrating, I knew yiur were leaving and I couldn/t stand the thought of a morning brekky show without you so here I am

    Good luck and BonnChance for the future

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  • 6969. At 09:27am on 10 Jan 2010, Anne wrote:

    Dear Terry Wogan

    I was sad to hear your last show - just thought I'd let you know and that I've missed your show this year. I was hoping your Sunday show started today cos I need to hear the stuff and nonsense TOG mentality in all this snow. Look forward to your new show.


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  • 6970. At 4:59pm on 10 Jan 2010, tessa megan wrote:

    I purchased a copy of your book in Sainsbury (it had been reduced in price)and would like you to know that I find it to be a really good read. I wasn't always able to listen to your radio show but on the occasions I did I enjoyed all the chat and comrade' with your fellow DJ's and listeners. You will be missed and I hope Chris Evans manages to fill the gap. Don't dissapear from rado and tv completely, enjoy life and keep healthy - are you still reading these comments?

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  • 6971. At 11:23pm on 10 Jan 2010, Highland Jeannie wrote:

    Good morning good Knight,
    In true TOG style we finally get round to wish you all the best in your "weekday retirement."
    We've lost our shirts on Wogan's Winner & Fought the Flab, before Raising the Raleigh.
    We will miss the humour; the TOGs' way of looking at life, & especially your erudition - Wogan doesn't do dumbing-down! On the 2 occasions that we met you, you were the perfect gentleman.
    What we don't understand is why you've got so many messages on here - after all, you were just talking to us & a few friends........weren't you??
    Thanks for the mornings, roll on 14th Feb.
    Rocky & the current Lady Outcrop. (Den & Jean Pettit)

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  • 6972. At 11:45pm on 10 Jan 2010, MeganM wrote:

    Oh dear Terry, I have been entertained, amused, worried, fascinated and just a teensy bit jealous over the past years, and they now amount to over 40. I had just given up work in late 1969 before the birth of my son, and you were imploring me to 'fight the flab' but no amount of fighting on my part made any difference until....I gave birth. That baby will be 40 in two days' time, and is the proud dad of a 3-year old and 2-week old twins... My worry was caused when suddenly the airwaves went silent, about 2 or 3 years ago, and I thought 'Bless, he's gone doing what he loves best' but no, it was a BBC technical failure. There you were, breathless from another studio. How I've loved all your meaningful ramblings in between the music (I'd always rather have had less but I suppose Radio 2 is a music station). As with other correspondents here, I've grown up and grown older with you and will give young Evans a chance. I'm looking forward to you on Sunday mornings but can't you start at 11.15 please, as you will CONFLICT WITH THE ARCHERS! What a choice I will now have to make, but life never was fair. May you enjoy your easier life with the lovely Helen, and thank you for all the happiness you've brought me. MeganM

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  • 6973. At 02:01am on 11 Jan 2010, Melanie wrote:

    Terry, I risked my current relationship when I refused (aged a mere 31) to switch to Mr Moyles just to be cool.... I resolutely tuned in on my morose commute from Guildford to Milton Keynes... Well, I did until I moved to NZ four and a half years ago. I have since enjoyed your show and laughed my socks off via the internet. You will be so missed fella.


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  • 6974. At 08:04am on 11 Jan 2010, londonhandyman wrote:

    Dear Terry and Team,

    So here we are on the 11th Jan 2010. It's just gone 8.00am and I am sitting here missing the sound of your voice on my radio.

    All the best for the Sunday show. I will make sure I will start saving my podcasts from those shows.

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  • 6975. At 08:34am on 11 Jan 2010, Jane1706 wrote:

    Thank you for being there, I will always value your contributions from my Mother "Fighting the Flab" to getting up with you to go to work. You are and always will be the Best and I miss you. Mornings are not the same Jane xxx 11/01/10

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  • 6976. At 09:54am on 11 Jan 2010, Robin Howden wrote:

    Goodbye breakfast time, Terry you have been in the background on my radio since my late teens to what is now my apprenticeship as a greying retread. You soothed me and made me laugh in the early hours at the begining of my working day, you and the rest of your team. Alas no more, I tried to listen this morning but too loud and callow, now it is just like all the other "pop" stations so it will be silence or cd's from now on. Thank you for the joy you have brought me and the other millions who have listened to you, have a long and happy life.

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  • 6977. At 2:07pm on 11 Jan 2010, jackie wrote:

    Now that Chris Evans has done his first show, I guess I have to accept that you really have gone from my mornings.
    Looking forward to your Sunday show, although it won't be the same.
    Enjoy this new stage of your radio life and more importantly - enjoy the extra time you'll have for your real life.

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  • 6978. At 2:26pm on 11 Jan 2010, Liz Wilson wrote:

    I could not imagine anything that could make me smile (let alone laugh out loud) on my way into school - an 11-16 High School - after TWO nervous breakdowns during the last 10 years. However, Tel old son, I only work two days a week now and I look forward to them BECAUSE I listen to you in the car on the way there (the other mornings, being a TOG, I sleep through it!) Ooops, just realised I used the present tense and you are now past it, so to speak. Enjoy your lie ins, as I do! Hope your Sunday show will be after I have woken up so I can listen! I've got the latest book and am just about to order all the Janet and John CDs - Father Christmas is even older than I am and missed seeing them on my Christmas list!

    Not the end, just a new beginning. I'll give Ginge a try on Weds and see how he does - hope there is not too much of the modern stuff.

    Seriously, a sincere thank you for all the fun you have given me and so many millions of others; enjoy life and smell the daisies (white things on the lawn - put your glasses on - they are snowballs!)

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  • 6979. At 9:43pm on 11 Jan 2010, lavenderend wrote:

    Dear Sir Terry

    I'm sorry, I know you told your loyal Togs to support the new kid on the block, but when the clock struck 7 this morning I just had to switch off Radio 2!

    Perhaps it was a Terrible Two's petulant temper tantrum (42 years late)or a one woman stand against the system, but I wanted to make a statement - even if it was only to myself! Mornings are just not going to be the same EVER again :(

    When I was growing up, you - or Ray Moore - were there watching over me as I was munching down the Wheatybangs before trudging off to school.

    You were there in the car on with way to work with my Dad - we used to work out how late we were as you crashed the 8 am pips.

    And after a short defection to one of the other commercial radio stations during your sojourn on the TV, we tuned in every morning when as soon as you returned to Broadcasting House and you've been there ever since!

    On the journey into London we'd regularly see cars with fellow Togs with tears of laughter streaming down their faces or giggling uncontrollably as they listened to you and the gang. I'm surprised that there weren't more motor insurance claims with Wake up to Wogan being cited as the cause of the accident!

    So Sir Terry, thank you for being there ... for guiding and helping us battle all the things that life throws at us and for teaching us that fun, laughter, music, good friends - and a few snorkers! - can see us through anything! :)

    Enjoy your retirement, you most certainly deserve it ... but if you get bored and the present Lady Wogan needs you out of the house to do a little light dusting, is there any chance of you doing a "Desmond Carrington" and broadcasting to a very grateful nation from your garden shed?!

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  • 6980. At 12:47pm on 12 Jan 2010, Judi Sherbourne wrote:

    You've always had the knack of making me laugh out loud in the strangest of circumstances.
    Imagine: Hours & hours in the dentist's chair during treatment for a full set of shiny new crowns.
    Imagine: Dentist's radio permanently tuned to 'Wake up with Wogan'.
    Imagine: Trying NOT to laugh.
    Result: Absolute agony but a beautiful smile in the end!

    Thanks Tel for the agony and the ecstacy. Good luck for the future.

    A Loyal Togg.

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  • 6981. At 11:41am on 13 Jan 2010, Deirdre Hannon wrote:

    Grew up in 70's and 80's with a kitchen radio permanently on RTE 1 with Gaybo and my mother saying constantly that she was going to write in about this that and the other and of course she never did! Saw you on the Late Late a few times, Blankety Blank too! Moved for love to Glasgow in '94 and the morning love affair with your show began, you kept me sane and smiling in an awful mindless data input job for the first few months. Life moved on for me here and I found my way too. Now I'm married 14 years to the man I came to Glasgow to be with, we've 2 gorgeous boys and I'm simply so so sad that they won't grow up with you on in the background each weekday morning!
    THANKS! THANKS THANKS to you and all your fantastic team, you have made me laugh and smile so so much, thanks isn't the right word but it's the only one. I too like my mother swore I'd write in but of course never did. Instead I phoned in and said "hello" to Chris on his 2nd show. I know his will be a great show but it's so hard to let you go! I will tune in in Feb, can't wait and I will keep listening to Chris as he finds his feet, he makes me smile too and I need smiles and laughs in the morning as do we all.
    All the very very best I hope with all my heart to hear your voice on my kitchen radio for many many more years and hey maybe I'll even actually write in to your Sunday show!

    Dee and family Glasgow (ex-Dublin) XXOO :o)

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  • 6982. At 12:17pm on 13 Jan 2010, Anne McKnight wrote:

    Come back! .....please

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  • 6983. At 2:13pm on 13 Jan 2010, Margaret Robertson wrote:

    Wishing you all the best, Tel!! You even converted my teenage daughter who remarked that when she grew up, she'd love to do your job - you get to pick your favourite songs and laugh a lot!
    It won't be the same without you but we can't be selfish - you've given us so much over the years!!
    Lots of love,
    Margaret and daughter Amy. xXx

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  • 6984. At 5:34pm on 13 Jan 2010, Milo wrote:

    PM Says Care in the Community is the Way Forward

    What’s all this, hardly got your knees under the desk and you’re swanning off on another golfing holiday? Clearly another triumph for Care in the Community. Presumably Barrel ‘Ands is ‘being let go’ to push the bath chair. Or is this another triumph of British diplomacy, with Wogan being returned to Limerick in a prisoner exchange?

    But, seriously, thanks for all the fun over a very long period of time. My daughter would like you for her grandpa – so it’s definitely time to go.



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  • 6985. At 11:32pm on 14 Jan 2010, Eileen McLinn wrote:

    Terry Wogan I just miss him on wake up to woganchris evans i think trys too hard and there is far far too much in his programe this that and the other which does not interest any of us please get him off he is so happy it beggers belief

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  • 6986. At 11:36pm on 14 Jan 2010, Eileen McLinn wrote:

    Terry Wogans outlook on life as we know it priceless

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  • 6987. At 11:41pm on 14 Jan 2010, Eileen McLinn wrote:

    Good Luck for the new sunday show Terry i am sure you will for want of a better word WOW us

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  • 6988. At 07:34am on 15 Jan 2010, Shaun Laverty wrote:

    Thankyou Tel for de-stressing me on my way to work ;and keeping me amused and in touch with 'Blighty' when abroad. You are an impossible act to follow. I wish Chris Evans good luck, and look forward to hearing him back on drive-time in the not too distant future.
    P.S. If you get bored you could always come back and do the odd day in the week? Look forward to hearing your 'Dorset Tones' again in February.

    Complain about this comment

  • 6989. At 1:27pm on 17 Jan 2010, Atk123 wrote:

    Well Done Terry. You were the greatest. Wishing Chris Evans the best. Hope to see you in February. It'll be great. But until then I'll miss you and so will everyone else.

    P.S: Why don't you be one of Chris's mystery guest on the breakfast show. That would be great!


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  • 6990. At 11:53am on 18 Jan 2010, jeannette wright wrote:

    I will miss your wonderful show, I moved to Canada 4 years ago and have managed to continue listening online ..until now,and I cant think of anyone else I want to listen to.
    Thank you Terry for all the friendly banter, wit and observations , you will be missed.


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  • 6991. At 10:37am on 19 Jan 2010, madsapper wrote:

    thanks for all the laughs over the years & helping to keep the nation sane.
    all the best.

    Complain about this comment

  • 6992. At 12:03pm on 20 Jan 2010, louisef wrote:

    Oh Terry - you are missed. I have tried so hard to listen to the new boy but he is far too shouty and excitable in the mornings and with all these daft phone-ins. You made me feel like I was in a senior moment bubble wondering what modern life was all about but it was so gentle and easy to wake up to. I have tried other local (Scottish) radio stations but they are all too loud as well so I have decided to switch to BBC morning TV for the very first time in my life. Roll on February when you return or, better still, come back to where you belong.

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  • 6993. At 11:19am on 21 Jan 2010, Sue Walsgrove wrote:

    Gosh Terry, but I'm missing you in the mornings - I used to arrive at work laughing (no mean feat) every day... Chris is lovely,and his music is very good - but he's just too bouncy for me at that hour of the day (and oh no there are phone-ins...!). I'm looking forward to welcoming you back in February.

    Complain about this comment

  • 6994. At 6:39pm on 21 Jan 2010, Jane wrote:

    Please come back Sir Tel' weekday mornings are desperate without you!!!

    Complain about this comment

  • 6995. At 11:27pm on 21 Jan 2010, MeganM wrote:

    Further to my earlier post, I have tried to listen to CE but....as others commented, too much shouting, inane interviews, just too frantic, when all we needed was a gentle waking up routine in the mornings. I miss Boggy Marsh too, he was the best foil for Sir Terry, plus the others in the team of course (although there's no i in team....).

    I know things have to move on, nothing stays for ever, but it really is the end of an era. I've migrated to Radio 4, and will resign myself to staying there.

    Looking forward to the Sunday show, even though I will be arriving 15 minutes after the start time, due to the Archers Omnibus.

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  • 6996. At 4:55pm on 22 Jan 2010, ron and suse wrote:

    El Tell for more years than I care to think about you have gently made waking up a pleasure with your wit and wisdom. Roll on Feb14 this young whipersnaper is just toooo frenetic, so early in the day.
    Enjoy your greater freedom! and give our love to France.

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  • 6997. At 5:16pm on 23 Jan 2010, echinn wrote:

    I have driven to work for 20 years listening to Terry Wogan and his 'crew' and it was like being in the company of family.
    I will miss the whimsical views of the world and the humour of like minded people.
    Looking forward to Sundays from Feb.

    a TOG.

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  • 6998. At 4:30pm on 24 Jan 2010, caroline wrote:

    Well, I've given it a fair trial and I'm afraid I just can't stand any more hyperactivity first thing in the morning. Even the music seems speeded up, goodbye BBC radio 2, hello radio Caroline or Gold. What a let-down, surely there was a literate soft-spoken, witty, calm person willing to replace you. You are SO missed, you better be enjoying yourself!

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  • 6999. At 09:47am on 25 Jan 2010, mary wrote:

    Dear Tel I have listened to you for many years and it was quite simply the best, never laughed so much in the mornings than listening to you and the gang. I really hope you realise what a huge hole has appeared in the Radio 2 morning show, unfortunately Chris Evans was the wrong choice to fill your place, if the powers that be had really considered what the people want they would have bought in your next best replacement Johnny Walker who has a similar way of working and also giggles(nice)
    Perhaps when the ratings plummet (which they will) they will realise the error of their ways!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your semi retirement young Tel you have been 'Simply the Best' and always will be
    to all of us togs.Cant wait to hear you soon.

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  • 7000. At 2:55pm on 26 Jan 2010, Teddyplonko wrote:

    Couldn't believe you were leaving, suppose it had to happen eventually. I had to pull over to listen to your parting words, and sat in my car and cried. Very moving! Suppose I'll get use to this new guy eventually, will we all have to become COGs now, he's not mentioned it yet. Wish you all the best Tel in your new slot, hope I'm able to listen. Not sure what time you're on though. Sure they'll be tellin us soon. x

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  • 7001. At 1:18pm on 27 Jan 2010, Esther Crook wrote:

    Like many of the posts, in our household we have listened to Terry and team for many years! I am used to arriving at work with mascara halfway down my face from either the laughter or the music. I have to say that January has seemed a much darker and more miserable month without the banter, poems and stories to keep us amused. Have tried CE but too much like Zebedee at this time in the morn and the programme is just to damn busy! Please can we find someone who is fun, gentle, warm and understands what we need to come round to in the morning?
    Sir Tel - we miss you loads, and I cried all the way through your last show. Best of Luck for the new show, cant't wait. xxx

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  • 7002. At 08:28am on 28 Jan 2010, min wrote:

    Thank you-Sir Terry!! here is a little Chinese girl who was living in England last three years(such a fantastic adventure to me!), but in Oct '09 i moved to Canada Vancouver for my new life,everything change for me at the beginning and it is hard- i feel homesick-i miss England! i miss all my friends in there.The first night in Ca when i turn on BBC2-its you-Sir Treey! You know how happy i was at that moment!let me feeling much better especially when i listening your breakfast show every night, you know how many good songs i was putting in my ipod that were found out in your show! you such bring loads of fun to everybody! THANK YOU SO MUCH & I WILL MISS YOU!! xxx

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  • 7003. At 5:21pm on 29 Jan 2010, lynn cole wrote:

    please please come back. mornings are no good with out you. i need your waffle to get me in the right mood for the day.

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  • 7004. At 11:47pm on 29 Jan 2010, Jackie Riley wrote:

    Not long to wait now till Sir Tel's Sunday show ..... and it can't come soon enough! I am counting the days as I am sure millions of us TOGs are.
    There are bits of CE I like, but I agree with the majority there is just too much going in for early morning! I don't think I will ever become a COG

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  • 7005. At 10:55pm on 31 Jan 2010, Anne Peebles wrote:

    Hello Terry - I have been listening to you for many years - enjoying your gentle banter as it propelled me to many jobs - in preference to the more rowdier or serious options available. I felt as if I had lost an old friend when you retired and I am trying to get along with Chris - not so bad in the afternoon as I wended my way along the motorway to home - but a bit too lively and noisy for me in the morning. The bits I miss are moments like when you played Beth Nielsen Chapman - I see your face - as I sat in a traffic jam in Birmingham - and I felt my Mum with me at that moment and could not stop crying - or That'll Do by Peter Gabriel - which I do think, can make anyone feel, even on their bleakest, most horrible day, when it feels like they are never ever going to amount to anything, that they might just get through with a kind and steady heart - and that you Terry - actually believe that this is possible - that is what I miss and hope you will bring to your Sunday programme.

    Anyway - just wanted you to know that you are missed - but will still persevere with the new boy - and to say thank you for the magic moments you gave me. Anne xx

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  • 7006. At 8:05pm on 03 Feb 2010, joe sweeney wrote:

    Dear Terry,
    You're one of the voices of Ireland to me.
    Your humour and kindness and gentleness will never be forgotten. God bless you always.
    Want you back! NOW!
    Joe Sweeney, Cork [Ex Dublin]

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  • 7007. At 8:09pm on 03 Feb 2010, ChrisandRog wrote:

    He's gone and we've really tried to 'get' CE in the mornings, but just can't stand it any longer, so we have 'de-bunked' to our local radio station, pretty useless, but at least it's calm!! We had the perfect wake-up call with Sarah's Dawn Patrol and her typical Bunty's banter (she's lost out too as many of her and Terry's listeners have gone elsewhere). Then Tel with his laughter, fun and good music and epic tales of Janet & John with dear old Boggy Marsh. We are sure the Beeb could have left CE at 5pm which was a good hour for him and he was excellent at that time. He is just too noisy at 7am.A better choice would have been Johnny Walker and his wife they did a good job when they were presenting the programme. Or maybe swop CE with Simon Mayo who is a bit quieter. Come on Beeb Radio 2 admit defeat on this one IT'S JUST NOT WORKING!!

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  • 7008. At 8:13pm on 03 Feb 2010, ChrisandRog wrote:

    It's us again - forgot to say, we, like many others, can't wait for Sunday 14th Feb when we can hear our friend Tel's dulcet tones once more.

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  • 7009. At 12:41pm on 04 Feb 2010, Lynnette Marks wrote:

    I have driven to work with Terry for the past 6 years and enjoyed the banter and gentle inuendo. I too have tried to stay loyal to Radio 2 in the mornings but I found Chris Evans hard going on my drive home,never mind on my drive to work, so as soon as I figure out how to reset the settings on my car radio I will be looking for something more suitable to listen to before a day at work.

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  • 7010. At 10:28am on 07 Feb 2010, bikerbabe4 wrote:

    You made walking to work a pure pleasure, I miss all the wittering and laughing.You're the Best!
    Love Sarah

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  • 7011. At 10:59am on 14 Feb 2010, Cath Eter wrote:

    Oh my goodness I miss you Terry! I have been listening like all the others for many years and you have been like a friend to me. Turning the radio on in the morning and hearing your voice became a big part of my day and although the time had to come when you left, I just wanted you to know how much you have enhanced my mornings. I miss the laughs and your wisdom very much but wish you a happy healthy retirement. Looking forward to your new show xxxxx

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  • 7012. At 11:16am on 14 Feb 2010, Debs Walker wrote:

    Sir Terry, what can I say life has changed significantly since you left, having had to change to Mr Moyles on Radio 1 (the humour is much closer to our gentle banter and wry amusement), however I find myself being humming tunes as I go into work that make people half my age look at me with a degree of sadness. How I have waited for today I am already laughing and am singing along to songs I actually know! Long will you reign! Thanks for all the fun over the years xx

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  • 7013. At 11:18am on 14 Feb 2010, peter wrote:

    We were away in Australia and NZ over Christmas and the New Year so sadly missed Terry's last show. I longtime TOG with two sweat shirts I shall miss his cheery friendly voice, his choice of music in the mornings and the comments from fellow TOGs. All good things have to come to end sometime I suppose so Mustn't grumble . At least we can listen to you on a Sunday for a while - missed out on tickets dammit! Perhaps next time - there will be I trust. Good luck sounds good so far - but where is the the delightful Fran?

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  • 7014. At 12:41pm on 14 Feb 2010, Gwithian wrote:

    Still missing you Terry . I've tried to give the new boy a go but I just can't cope with being shouted at at that hour of the morning.
    It is so great to have you back on sundays. I hope the BBC are going to make a full podcast of the show .

    Still One of Terry's old girls

    For ever true x

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  • 7015. At 08:59am on 15 Feb 2010, sjmc wrote:

    Thanks Terry for many years of wonderful broadcasting

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  • 7016. At 04:24am on 16 Feb 2010, Nigel wrote:

    Thanks Terry
    I have enjoyed your company over the years and have even downloaded podcasts since our recent move to Australia.
    Talk of Togs as well as the fantastic Janet and John stories caused so much laughter in the old staff room at South Devon College that on some days we nearly all cried!!!
    Kindest regards for your retirement

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  • 7017. At 09:32am on 16 Feb 2010, Doug wrote:

    Hi Terry!
    Your programme has been a vital part of my day for many years and have totally enjoyed every one.
    Your empathy with your audience, your timing and delivery with everything you say. Not to mention you fantastic wit, which to my way of thinking would match the talent of any worthy comedian is priceless.
    Am I missing your programme in the 6.00 slot? You bet.
    Chris Evans is a good D.J. but his time-slot is all wrong - surely the experts at the beeb could have seen that coming!
    Lets hope they put this right for all concerned.
    Your change has also messed-up Sarah Kennedy's slot where people want to hear all of her show from 6.00 not 5.00.
    Wish you well in your new Sunday show.
    As for us - the radio stays off!!!

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  • 7018. At 1:58pm on 16 Feb 2010, Carol Clack wrote:

    Hi Terry, you have been gone for two months now, and am missing you more each day. I don't have a radio programme to listen to in the mornings now. Have tried Chris Evans, who was fine for drive time, but he just is not right for mornings - sorry. I have listened to you for more years than I care to remember. Laughing with you and the tears rolling down my cheeks, your caring ways, it was as if you were in the same room. My only complaint is that you never sent me a TOG sweatshirt! Had to settle for a signed photo which you gave to my cousin (Penny Gore Radio 3) to give to me, it's still pinned up in my kitchen. Listened to the new show on Sunday, brill of course, and am listening to it again now as I write this. I wish you well Terry, you are bespoke! No one like you and no one in the future will be either.
    Lotsa luv Carol xxx

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  • 7019. At 12:29pm on 17 Feb 2010, Mo wrote:

    Oh how we miss you Terry ! I only got half an hour from 7.45-8.15 as I travelled to work at school, but then we relived all the laughs in the staffroom ! Holidays were great as I got the whole show ! I've REALLY tried with Chris Evans, but am not coping! We need gentler tones in the morning slot; Steve Wright would have been better.....Loved your first Sunday Show, but can't last each long week to hear you ! Mo xxx

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  • 7020. At 11:40am on 20 Feb 2010, ghmmdjflo wrote:

    Like so many of your adoring followers I miss you greatly. Your banter and music woke us up gently of a morn. Not any more the programme now seems "busy" and too full of this ,that and the other.
    I have to say I am trying to retune to Radio London (from the Leeds area) in order to give Gaby Roslin a whirl, otherwise I'm afraid the radio will be off till teatime.

    Not only do I miss you Terry but all the host of other friends we met through your fantastic show. Let's hope you enjoy your new slot on Sundays and that my grandchildren are quiet whilst I try to listen in.

    All the very best to you and thankyou for so much broadcasting pleasure over the years. As they say you never truly appreciate something until it's gone! The sunshine left when you did.

    Best wishes in your "retirement"

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  • 7021. At 09:33am on 28 Feb 2010, Charles wrote:

    Thanks Mate
    From the days when you used to follow the GREAT Ray Moore in the Mornings you have Trucked many thousands of miles up and down our highways with me, and i am sure many others, I have now retired and mornings wil
    never be the same again
    Good luck Sir Tel

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  • 7022. At 1:31pm on 28 Feb 2010, nellie wrote:

    Dear Terry

    Having raved about you at work for so many years and built up a regular appreciation society I just wanted to say thank you - I so looked forwards to getting into the car to go to work I would regularly sit in the car park at work alongside friends whilst we giggled at Janet and John. So we all wish you well as a true legend, Chris Evans is slotting into our lives now with fondness but Sunday mornings are so special because you are there with all that was special about Wake up to Wogan. God Bless.

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  • 7023. At 00:49am on 03 Apr 2010, Julie Mitchell wrote:

    Thank you Terry for many years of your delightful Wake Up To Wogan programme. No-one can replace you. Now listeners are getting much pleasure in your new Sunday morning slot, coupled with exciting guests. It is good to know we still have you in our homes to brighten up our days. Please tell your lovely wife Helen that I have been using her recipe for roast potatoes since first reading about it. They are heavenly! All the best.

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  • 7024. At 3:55pm on 27 Apr 2010, Linmal wrote:

    Haven't managed to catch your new show yet, but hope to do so very soon. I find Chris a bit too bouncy in the morning - much prefer your more mellow tones. I am not a morning person and prefer to be gently roused rather than shocked awake! Anyway, you are much missed but at least we can still get to hear your mellifluous tones on a Sunday!

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  • 7025. At 7:46pm on 01 May 2010, mathew pearce wrote:

    terry wogan as with, total recall, you need to walk out of that building, so happy. you may not know this but, in conjunction with the dave channel i can offer you exclusive rights to a new itv game show called the hundred thousands game.
    because of the bad actions of paul ogrady, dannielle loyd, carol thatcher andrew oniel, and prince harry. your dave status is secure there is no way it isnt. leaving you with the itv, just the best this country has to offer, just... unless of course you.... dont want to do that then thanks for your help. and good luck still in my opinion listening to some jazz music in this country.

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  • 7026. At 06:50am on 13 May 2010, birgit wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 7027. At 10:47pm on 17 Jun 2010, barbara_22 wrote:

    Hi Terry Happy Semi-Retirement

    We all miss you dreadfully in the morning, it's not the same without our faithful friend at the breakfast table and on the car radio whilst we negotiate the roads to our work places.

    Chris is lovely but a tad hyper for the older TOGS.

    Take care my friend



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  • 7028. At 1:42pm on 06 Aug 2010, Shorty wrote:

    I worked with you in the Radio 2 office for a short while when i first left University, too many years ago for me want to remember.

    I do remember writing my own notes to you which I inserted into the listeners' letters - some of which you read on air as "another of those worrying notes from Theo in the office".

    Above everything that you are, you are a hugely decent and lovely human being - and I will always cherish the time I worked alongside you. Too many people lose the child in them when adulthood beckons - but if there were more like you, the world would undoubtely be a more beautiful and more peaceful place.

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  • 7029. At 12:24pm on 08 Aug 2010, Tiberius wrote:

    Hi,can you help me to participate of one of your shows? I live in London and I desperate to be there thanks.The best show ever..

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  • 7030. At 6:20pm on 21 Sep 2010, SmileyRose wrote:

    Dear Mr Wogan

    Today I spent the whole day in bed. I have what is known as influenza, the achoo disease. As I leant over to switch the radio on, you were the first person I thought off today. How I miss listening to your show. Waking up without Wogan just is not the same anymore. You are very greatly missed. I have been listening to your programmes ever since I was 14yrs of age way back in the dinasaur years, so, although I currently have a high temperature, I do know what I am talking about. Please come back Mr Wogan, I miss you.

    Complain about this comment

  • 7031. At 5:06pm on 03 Oct 2010, PeregrineTrousers wrote:

    I miss Tel every morning, listened to Weekend Wogan from the Palli' this morning Jimmy Tarbuck STILL as quick as ever !! Thanks

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  • 7032. At 2:00pm on 10 Oct 2010, jmt wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 7033. At 2:01pm on 10 Oct 2010, jmt wrote:

    Just love the show thanks Terry

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