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With the leaders arriving for the G20 Summit we ask: Which one of them would you like to run our country as we play International Leader Swap Shop. Share your thoughts here. 

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    des - croydon
    When interests rates where very high last year those with lower fixed interest rates didn't complain. Now the boot is on the other foot. The best way is have half the mortgage on variable and half on fixed interst and that way things balance out.

    Richard in Bournemouth
    I can't believe these people you have on moaning about their fixed rate mortgages! By going fixed they chose not to risk an interest rise. Surprise surprise a couple of years later the interest rate has changed and they are paying the same! Boo Hoo. I'm sure they weren't whining 5 years ago when the rate was going up! Nobody to blame but themselves.

    Simon McFarlane, Brighton
    I'm on a fixed rate and accepting it.Wouldn't it be better if we were all on fixed rate mortgages?A sensible multiple of income and a fixed rate... why should we be encouraged to gamble with our houses?

    Doves Doves
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