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Jeremy Vine interviews the business secretary Lord Mandelson. Share your comments here.

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    Paul, Wallsend
    An egg is an egg... what difference does it make.i would rather have a large egg over a small egg, due to the fact it is easier to get your spoon into it while eatting it.

    Heather Oxford
    Buy your eggs from a local farm and support your local farmers. They are invariably cheaper than supermarkets anyway, will be fresher and the chickens live in better conditions. Dont support the mass production of eggs. This is cruel.

    Joy Lockyer - France
    We keep chickens in our garden and they lay large eggs - sometimes double yolkers. Should we pen them up and give them a restricted diet in order that they don't lay such large eggs? When eggs are laid the shells are soft to begin with - what are these campaigners on about? Have they nothing better to do with their time - free range chickens will eat anything so how can we alter the size of their eggs?

    Doves Doves
    Special guests on Dermot's show this week

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