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Can the leaders of the G20 Summit stop the world plunging into a deep recession? Share your thoughts here.

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    Dave from Stockport
    Do you notice how you only ever see stats that they want you to see.I would like to see the comparison between gun crime in America (who has access to guns) and gun crime in Britain (who apparently doesn't have access).I believe that Britain is just punishing the responsible gun owners and not doing enough to prevent criminals having or using guns.The police SHOULD be armed because that is not an incentive for the criminals to carry guns but a deterent.

    Clive Burghard
    Is it possible that this incident has been modelled on the now numerous examples that have been used to take away the individual's right to own firearms? It looks like a pattern is emerging, any country that still 'allows' it's people to own firearms, is clearly likely to experience similar tragedies for the express purpose of removing firearms and preventing the people from defending themselves in times of crisis.

    Don - South Wales
    This is a tragedy and my thoughts are with the families. However you can't dish out a blanket punishment and ban everything, otherwise it's like terrorism - they've already won!I like Metal music (its gangsta rap you should worry about!), and I like video games and hunting, but I don't want to walk into a school and shoot people.Why didn't this school (and all schools) have a metal detector and security guard? That would be a better solution than blaming everything on tv and video games.I agree with one of your callers though and the message to the british police/government is; 'protect us, or let us protect ourselves'.

    Doves Doves
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