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Boloxnia Sitings

The Best Time Of The Day listeners prepare for their trips to Boloxnia...

Van with Boloxnia writing

StevieBloke offers evidence to the rumour that Boloxnia is now venturing into the curry market
(with sausage Tikka Masala proving particularly popular)

Boloxnia Sticker

Itchy and Scratchy (aka Steve and Steve) produced this bumper sticker for their vans. Lovely.

Bo,oxnia Olympics
Dan says his patriotic Olympic scribblings attracted honks of approval from cars and lorries alike.

Boloxnia Or Bust

Mike Warburton and his mate Patrick (arm pictured) were the first to send us a picture of their 'Boloxnia Or Bust' decorated wagon.

Tom Cundiff soon discovered the penalty for spelling the President's name "Blokov" on a "Blokoff" day. You really don't want to know...
More Boloxnia!
Boloxnia oil

Trevor Cooper commented that it would be nice if fuel was 1957 price!

Ready for more? Then click here! If you have pictures of your own, email them to Alex!

Want to find out more?Click here to visit the unofficial 'Boloxnia or Bust' website. Please note, we cannot vouch for any of the information given and cannot be held responsible for any life decisions you choose to make based on its content. Sorry about that.
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