Jeremy Vine Interviews

In the last in a series of interviews with party representatives, Jeremy spoke to Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, on Tuesday 4th May.

During the show people listened to the interview and contributed comments on this page, via Twitter at #jeremyvine and via text directly to the show. The live chat has closed now, but you can still read some of the comments that were made during the show by pressing "replay" on the button below.

Listen to David Cameron's interview

Recent Interviews

Nick Clegg

Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

David Cameron

Leader of the Conservative Party.

Nick Griffin

Leader of the British National Party.

Ieuan Wyn Jones

Leader of Plaid Cymru.

Gordon Brown

Leader of the Labour Party.

Nigel Farage

Former leader of the UK Independent Party.

Alex Salmond

Leader of the Scottish National Party.

Caroline Lucas

Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

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