Biscuit, the Drivetime Mascot 2009

Say hello to Biscuit, Drivetime Mascot 2009.

Johnny Mains is the proud owner of Biscuit, who is a two and a half year old Bearded Collie/ Terrier cross.

Biscuit was a rescue dog from The Blue Cross pet charity, but he now lives happily with Johnny in his new home.

Though he still continues to be "as mad as a bag of snakes, but the most loyal dog on the planet".

Biscuit, we salute you, and welcome you as Drivetime's very own mascot.

*Also, you can become our Mascot's virtual friend, just give his Facebook profile a poke!

The team received thousands of pictures during The Rex Factor 2009, check out some of the galleries below to get a little taster...


It's the last week, and the final top five. Take a look at who Chris thought cut the mustard in week three of the Rex Factor.

rex factor photos
Thursday 22 January

This is it, the very last gallery. Look at the final selection of your pet dogs.

Rex Factor picture gallery
Wednesday 21 January

Minerva and friends run into the penulitmate daily gallery.

Rex Factor
Tuesday 20 January

Baz introduces today's choices - from his favourite chair.

Rex Factor
Monday 19 January

Who's up for today? Winston steps into the spotlight amongst many others...

Rex Factor (image: Millie)
Friday 16 January

Millie and mates step into our virtual arena for Friday's best in show.


It has to happen. As hard as it is, Chris has to pick his favourites, that is the point of the Rex Factor afterall. So, here they are, the top five for week two.

Rex Factor
Thursday 15 January

See your dog pictures, including this picture of Frank.

Rex Factor photos
Wednesday 14 January

Russell Terrier Flash introduces the contenders for Wednesday 14 January.

Rex Factor photos
Tuesday 13 January

See photos of four-year-old Hector and his doggies companions.

Rex Factor pictures (image: Buster)
Monday 12 January

Buster the Bearded Collie and others score a place in Monday's gallery.

The Rex Factor pics Friday 9 January (image: Bella)
Friday 9 January

Bella and a new batch of dogs take centre stage in our final gallery of the week.


It's a hard job, but someone has to do it. The Drivetime team have picked the top seven canines from week one of the Rex Factor 2009.

The Rex Factor pics Thursday 8 January (image: Elmo)
Thursday 8 January

Elmo has fun in the snow. Check him out along with the rest of the dogs in today's gallery.

The Rex Factor pics Wednesday 7 January (image: Mabel)
Wednesday 7 January

Mabel the Miniature Dachshund steers Wednesday's dogs into view.

Rex Factor pictures Tuesday 6 January (image: Princess Molly)
Tuesday 6 January

Take a look at pictures of Princess Molly Little-Wolf Raindrop Nolan-Jones I and friends.

Rex Factor pictures Monday 5 January (image: Ellie)
Monday 5 January

See your dog pictures, including Ellie the Lhaso Apso.

Drivetime Mascot 2009
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