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Thursday 30 October

17.25 - The Tory Story
Action man, Mark Lancaster MP, told us all about his experiments with explosives

18.10 - Bistro Beer
Our resident gastro-gnome, Nigel Barden, is braising with beer. See more of his remarkable recipes here.

Wednesday 29 October

17.25 - Dancing Dr Cable
We were tripping the lib dem light fantastic with Vince Cable

18.10 - Frog Chorus
Fantastic friend of the frog, Dr. John Wilkinson, told us about the toad.

Tuesday 28 October 

17.25 - Lordy Lordy
Be you buddhist, maybe your muslim, even if you're an arch-atheist, Father Brian D'arcy helps us relax with religion.

18.18 - John Prescott
John joins us live to talk about his new television series which is, in our humble opinion, very good!

Monday 27 October

17.25 - James Morrison
James played live in the studio and exlusively revealed he'll be performing at Radio 2's Live in London event. Find out more here

18.10 - Squeaky Deepy
We went live to the bottom of the sea to speak to squeaky voiced saturation diver, Joe Puttnam.  See photos of Joe

Thursday 23 October

17:25 - Bond
Joining us on the phone was the Quantum of Solace Executive Producer Michael G Wilson to tell us all about the Bond franchise.

18:10 - Cuttle
Our resident Gastro-gnome Nigel Barden brought in a lovely cuttle fish dish.

Wednesday 22 October

17:25 - The Walking House
Today we spoke to Ion Soervin, co-creator of the world’s first walking house... just before it took it's maiden stroll

18:10 - Norton
Stuart Garner, Chief Executive of Norton Motorcycles joined us to talk about bringing the Norton Motorcycle back to British shores

Tuesday 21 October

17:25 - Guru
Helping us to create a positive mental attitude was the Queen of Self-Help, Susan Jeffers

18:10 - Freebies...
Laura Starkey joined us on the phone to tell us how we can find some glorious freebies on the internet and help beat these credit crunching times

Monday 20 October

17:25 - Eurovision
Lord Webber is determined to steer us through the  Eurovision Song Contest and hopefully deliver us some success

18:10 - Dressing Gowns
Mr Rose Dereck talked us through the classic night-time garment

Thursday 16 October

17:25 - Good Pheasant!
Our resident Gastro-gnome Nigel Barden brought in Pheasant and Chocolate.

Wednesday 15 October

17:25 - Super Steinway
Steinway is now the benchmark of pianos but what is the key to their success? Mark Dillon, foreman of tone regulation at the Steinway factory in New York told us more

Tuesday 14 October

17:25 - Porridge
Ever wanted to know how to make the perfect bowl of porridge? Well, winner of the Golden Spurtle, Ian Bishop revealed all on the show

Monday 13 October

17:25 - Mr Dictionary
Ammon Shea joined us to talk about his love of words and why head reads the OED from cover to cover.

Thursday 9 October

17:25 - Google Goggle's
Ever had a tipsy technology trauma and sent the wrong email to the wrong person? Well software developer Matthew Trewhella explains all about the new face saving software.

18:10 - Finger Chicken Good
Our resident Gastro-gnome Nigel Barden whipped up a lovely chicken soup.

Wednesday 8 October

17:25 - That's A Wrap
Dick Searle, Chief Executive of the Packaging Federation tells how to do the perfect wrap... (Hammertime!)

18:10 - Go-Karting
We speak to Jason Panayiotou, the dad of four year old go-karting prodigy Leonardo. Watch out Lewis Hamilton! 

Tuesday 7 October

17:25 - Evolution 
Is this it? Have we evolved to the point that we’re as good as we’re ever going to get? Professor of Genetics at University College of London Steve Jones explains all.

18:10 - Ignoble
Today we speak to Professor Charles Spence about the Ignobel prize

Monday 6 October

17:25 - Hull
After the weekends amazing football result we spoke to four residents from the city of Hull.

18:10 - Eyebags
Ever wanted to know how to fend off baggy eyes? Well Dr Tamara Griffiths, consultant dermatologist and spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation told us everything we needed to know…

Thursday 2 October

17:25 - Mr Geography
Mohammed Collins astounded us with his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Geographical

18:10 - Lemony Goodness 
Our resident Gastro-gnome brought in a lovely lemony dish. See the recipes here.

Wednesday 1 October

17:25 - Postman Pat
Postman Pat has been promoted to the Special Delivery Services and here to tell all was his Executive Director, Andrew Kerr...

Wednesday 1 October

18:10 - Dr Chris Steele
Joining us to talk through 20 years of ailment advice was Dr Chris Steele, resident doctor of "This Morning"

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