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Monday 1st December

17.25 - Museum of Play
We were talking with the director of Collections, Chris Bensch from the National Museum of Play in New York.

18.10 - Chestnuts Roasting
The ever so festively named Mary Berry took us through how to roast a Chestnut.

Thursday 27 November

17:25 - Sprats
Our resident gastro-gnome Nigie B cooked served up some slippery sprats. Get the recipe here.

Wednesday 26 November

17:25 - Space Tools
We spoke to Robin Scagell the Vice President of the Society for Popular Astronomy about the toolkit orbiting the earth which was dropped by a clumsy cosmonaut last week.

Tuesday 25 November

17:25 - Boys on Film
We spoke to Aled Jones and Sir Terry Wogan about the filming of the video for the Children In Need Christmas No 1 song.

Monday 24 November

17:25 - Tree Love
We spoke to Jon Stokes, Director of Rural Campaigns for the National Tree Council ahead of National Tree Week.

Thursday 20 November

17:25 - Dominic Anciano
We spoke to Dominic Anciano about filming the video for Sir Terry Wogan and Aled Jones' Bandaged song.

18:10 - Marvelous Muntjac
Our resident gastro-gnome Nigie B cooked rustled up some lovely Muntjac. Get the recipe here.

Wednesday 19 November

17:25 - Korda Marshall and Robin Hutchinson
We spoke to former MD for Atlantic Records, Korda Marshall who gave us some tips on how to get Sir Terry Wogan and Aled Jones to the Christmas number one spot for Children In Need. Ladbrokes' odds compiler, Robin Hutchinson also joined us to talk about the songs current odds.

18:10 - Malcolm Gladwell
We spoke to Malcolm Gladwell, considered to be one of the most brilliant and influential writers of his generation

Tuesday 18 November

17:25 - Terry Wogan & Aled Jones
Sir Terry and Aled joined us to talk about their song Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth for Children In Need the Bandaged CD

18:10 - The Bermuda Triangle
We spoke to Jack Green and E. Michael Jones about  Bermuda and the Bermuda Triangle

Monday 17 November

17:25 - Ears...
We spoke to Professor Gerry O'Donaghue, Consultant Otolarynologist at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham about ears.

18:10 - Work it out
We spoke to Jim Orban, the son of the man who literally  wrote the book when it comes to easy exercise…

Thursday 13 November

We raised an incredible £458,763.75  on the Drivetime Dine & Disco auction for Children in Need.

Wednesday 12 Novemer

17.25 - Bottoms Up!

We're discussing the results of the great drivetime prune juice experiment with Nutritional Biochemist, Jeannette Jackson.

18.10 - Mrs. Christmas
It’s always the season to be jolly for Selfridges buying manager for Christmas gifts and stationary, Geraldine James.

Tuesday 11 November

17:25 - Drivetime Dine & Disco
We announced what was on the menu for those of you who wish to bid for the chance to be a part of the Children In Need Drivetime Dine & Disco.

18:10 - Top Gun
It's day two of our Bizarre Jobs Series. Today we spoke to Andy Blythe a Test pilot for BAE Systems...

Monday 10 November

17:25 - Democrat Doppelganger
Tonight we spoke to Maggie Thatcher and Gordon Brown from the Susan Scott look-a-likes company. We also talked to Gene Daily who has 3 Barack Obama look-a-likes on his books.

18:10 - Equine Dentist
We spoke to Chris Pearce, an Equine Vet and Specialist in Equine dentistry about being a dentist for horses.

Thursday 6 November

17:25 - Fore!
We spoke Professor Robin Sharp on how to achieve the perfect golf swing.

18:10 - Sausages
Our resident gastro-gnome Nigie B cooked up some lovely lamb sausages. Get the recipe.

Wednesday 5 November

17:25 - Black And White
We spoke to Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at University College London about the colour of our skin and how one day we might all become one colour.

18:10 - Give a Gnome An 'Ome
We spoke to Maggie Eggleton about those baby faced beardy beauts... Gnomes!!! Visit the Gnomeland website.

Tuesday 4 November

17:25 - Lording it up
We spoke to Huey Morgan about buying a Lordship and then we spoke to a Richard Bridgeman the Seventh Earl of Bradford. 

18:10 - A-tishoo!!!
Professor Steve Field, Chairman of the Royal Society of General Practitioners told us how to treat the common cold. Visit the Royal College of Practitioners website.

Monday 3 November

17:25 - Squeamish
Dr Val Curtis turned our stomachs when it came to explaining why and what makes us squeamish.

18:10 - Croaking Good Fun
Dr John Wilkinson joined us once again to talk toads and natterjacks. Visit The Herpetological Conservation Trust website

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