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MARCH 2008

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17.25 Tomatoes
With thousands of varieties around the world, and with subtly differing flavours and appearances, Pizza Express have just employed the first ever Tommelier. He’s the world’s expert in tomatoes and he's called
Paulo Capobianco.

18.10 Scrapbooking
Keeping a Scrap book is not just about glueing your memories to the page – it’s big business! ‘Scrapbooking’ has become an obsession for many French women and in the States there are claims it’s even more popular than golf! We spoke to  Scrapbook Enthusiast, Carolyn Exwood.

In the locker this evening we spoke to the captain of the England Blind Football Sqaud Aj Ahmed. For more information you can contact the Blind Football Academy at the Royal National College for the Blind on 01432 376374


Edmund Weiner, deputy Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, got wordy with us and talked about the big hitters of the alpahbet.

Go to the OED site here

Read more about the book Chris talked about The Surgeon of Crowthorne.

18:10 Have you ever wanted to meet the man who gives you directions on your SatNav? Or the woman who tells you that your train’s been delayed again? Maybe you’ve even considered doing it yourself. Well
we were joined by one of the top voice over coaches Marylou Thistleton-Smith.


BBC Weather forecaster Laura Tobin told us about why it's snowing at Easter.



Booze hound, Dr Mark Wright told us drinking water might help reduce the hangover, but it won’t offset any of those units!

18.05 Sweetbreads

Gastro Gnome Nige told us Easter is not a good time to go for lamb, so sprung us a tasty treat of sweetbreads.


Why is it that when I’ve had a really good sleep, consumed no alcohol, I still wake up with the shakes? Should I be worried or is this just a normal human condition? Doctor Trisha Macnair from Milford Hospital in Surrey tells us why? Morning shakes is basically an overreaction of the muscles as the body gradually wakes up. They normally only last a few minutes – if they go on any longer you should consult your doctor.The amount you shake depends on the type of sleep you’re coming out of. If it’s a deep sleep – the movement centres of the brain have a longer journey in catching up and therefore you’ll tend to experience more twitching

18:05- Father Brian Darcy dropped by to let tell us all about Holy Week and how to avoid any faithful faux pas!


Choccie connoisseur Kathryn Braid made our taste buds go into cocoa overdrive and told us, to get the best out of our bar we should use all 5 senses.

18.05 Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
We spoke to Fifa Hamilton herbal hair expert, who told us to shed those manufactured shampoos and start using the Soapwort!


St Patrick Day
St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us but there seems to be some confusion as to what day it will actually fall on this year, Dr. Tim Campbell director of the Saint Patrick’s Centre in County Downtold us the celebration should have been moved to the next available day in the Church’s calendar which would have been April 1st but senior clerics wanted to keep it as close to the civic celebrations as possible. For this reason it will now be held this Saturday on March 15th. So, hurrah for us!

18.05 Brill
Our Nige introduced us to Brill. A light brown flat fish, widely available in Britain, found primarily in the deep, off-shore waters of the Atlantic. It feeds on the sandy or muddy sea bed, burying itself so it can hunt more stealthily, feeding on shrimps and small fish.


Midnight Munchies
We spoke to Dr. Catherine Collins, Chief Dietician at St.Georges Hospital in Tooting, who told us that eating late isn't bad for our health.

18.05 Health and Safety
We hear a lot about Health and Safety in the modern world, but when was it born? Who invented it and what was the very first ruling? We spoke to a man who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Health and Safety , Ray Hurst, President of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health.


Female Inventors
Tonight see’s the 10th annual Female Inventors Awards ceremony which showcases the best in female innovation and seems to prove that necessity is the mother of invention. We went live to Cardiff to ask Dr. Sheila Ochuboju, International Director of British Female Inventors and Innovators Network, what’s the big idea?

18.05 Cornish Pasties
Once the staple diet of working men across Cornwall – the Cornish Pasty could soon be labelled as a genuine British delicacy. With 68 million of them made every year in Cornwall, the once humble ‘Oggy’ is seeking “Champagne Status” We chatted to campaigner Phil Ugalde, Managing Director of Proper Cornish Food Company in Bodmin.


17.25 Windy-Pops
Why do we get it?Is it a fact that men suffer from it more than women? We found out the facts from Dr Ray McCrudden, Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Royal Bournemouth & Christ Church Hospitals Foundation Trust.

18.05 Love at first text
We spoke to Michelle Morris and Anthony Hubbucks who explained how a text that went astray, led to these two becoming a couple.


Tap Dancer
We were joined in the Studio by tap tutor and choreographer, Nicola Tully, from the ‘Centre Stage School of Performing Arts’ who showed us the moves needed to become a tip-top tap talent.

18.05 Mushy Peas
They’ve been called a British icon, usually bright green, undeniably squishy and if you’re a fan, fish and chips just aren’t the same without them…good old mushy peas! But what are they exactly and what relation do they bear to the non-mushy kind?Our resident gastro-gnome Nigel Barden tells all.


17.25 Parking
We’ve had the BAFTAS, we’ve had the Oscars, we’ve even had the Cinderella Trophy Awards and now ladies and gentlemen – we bring you the British Parking Awards! The ceremony takes place on Friday at the Dorchester Hotel in London and promises to be an occasion to remember. We spoke to last year’s winner of the top award Parking Person of the Year Anjna Patel

18.05 Relate
Relationship expert Christine Northam’s guided us through the equality etiquette vital to a harmonious household.


Index Fingers
Research has revealed that our hands can tell us more about ourselves than we might have thought; So what exactly do our digits divulge? Finger fanatic Professor Mark Brosnan from the University of Bath was on hand to point us in the right direction...

18.00 Lineker
One is a footballing Legend, the other is the world’s most celebrated pacifist who led India to Independence. Now Gary Lineker and Mahatma Gandhi could be pitted against each other as Leicester ponders whose image to erect as a commemorative statue, We speak to Gary.

18.05 Obscure Mag
It’s Monthly Obscure Magazine time again and delivering up our portion of rare publishing this month is the Editor Of Milk Bottle News is Paul Luke.


17.25 Hunger
We speak to Dietician and Nutritional Sciences lecturer Sue Baic about why we get hunger pangs and what to do about them.

18.05 Jonny's first medical
Dr Annabel Bentley is Assistant Medical Director at BUPA takes us through Jonny's first medical. And we get the results live on air from Dr Johan Carinus, lead physician at Bupa,

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