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JUNE 2008

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Monday 30 June

17:25 - Feeling Peckish

Is it possible to increase your appetite if you've overeaten at the wrong time, here to explain all is Catherine Collins, chief dietician at the Royal St George's Hospital

18:10 - Let's Get Physical
We also ask Dr Trisha MacNair from Milford Hospital in Surrey is it possible to get fit in two weeks without going to the gym...

Thursday 26 June

17:25 - Drivetime Date
We were joined by our lovely listener Jane - no date for 7 years - could she be the girl for you?

18:10 - Edible Elderflowers
Our resident Gastro-gnome Nigel Barden explains all about the edible Elderflower.

Wednesday 25 June

17:25 - One For The Road
Does our tolerance to alcohol weaken as we get older? Sue Baic, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Public Health tells us all.

18:10 - A Perfect Slice
We went in search of the perfect cheese slice... Dom Lane from  West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers enlightened us with the perfect mathematical formula 

Tuesday 24 June

17:25 - Calm Down, Calm Down
Helping us through Panic Attacks is psychologist Sue Wright

18:10 - Pub Bank
Ever heard of a Bank-in-a-pub? Neither have we, but telling us more about that very idea is Malcolm Herbert.

Monday 23 June

17:25 - Wimbledon Queues
When it comes to queues, Andrew Gairdner, Chief Steward and Head of Queues at Wimbledon tells us all we need to know 

18:10 - Here Comes The Sun
If only we had a few more hours in the day... advocate of moving from Greenwich Mean Time to Central European Time is Jim Perchard

Thursday 19 June

17:25 - Turbo Boost

Find out all you need to know about Knight Con 08, the UK's only Knight Rider Convention

18:10 - Bottom Feeders
Our Gastro-gnome explains how easy it is to cook the attractive Megrim.

Wednesday 18 June

17:25 - Rock n Roll
Helen Hall, Director of Popular Culture at Christie's joined Chris in the studio and brought along some rare rock memorabilia, including John Lennon's glasses

18:10 - Scrap Club 
Annihilation artist and man behind the destruction derby that is Scrap Club spoke to us about the destruction pit


17:25 & 18:10 - Cars of The Stars
We spoke to the owner of some of the most interesting cars on the planet and Peter Nelson from the Cars of the Stars Museum joined us live, not once but twice!


17:25 - The Dawn Phwoar-Us 
RSPCA supervisor Shawn Clements explained how listening to CD's can give orphaned birds a tweet.

18:10 - Gaps For Grumpies
Tired of the daily grind? Well Mike Palmer reveals that once we hit our fourties we don’t have to turn into Victor Meldrew. Why not take a year out and go on an adventure.


17:25 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Harley Street Trichologist Dr. Hugh Rushton joins us to reveal some hair raising facts about male pattern baldness.

18:10 - Pea Shoots
Our resident Gastro-gnome, Nigel Barden proves that Pea Shoots are perfect greens to add to any mixed salad or cooking pot.


17.25 - The Boxing Sit-ups
Genefer Archer puts us through our paces again as she shows us how to lose our love handles with the Boxing Sit-up...

This exercise can be done on your own but it works very well with a partner.
Lie down on your back with your knees bent and the back into the floor making sure it isn’t arched. Your partner stands in front of you with his/her toes over your toes to hold the position secure. The person doing the sit-ups starts with arms folded over chest, then sits up and punches Left hand to partner’s left hand, ie opposite to opposite, so you’re getting that twist in the love handle/obliques area. Repeat fifteen times and then repeat on the right

For more information on private personal training contact Genefer Archer at

18:10 Shopping Stress
We all know that ladies love shopping more than men but Dr David Lewis explains to us how some men may find shopping as stressful as being in an actual riot.


17.25 - The Rolling Push Up
As the continuing part of the Drivetime Men's Health week we're joined once more by Genefer Archer. Today we say cheerio to Moobs with The Rolling Press Up...

"Get into the press-up position on your front, so that the line between the shoulders, hips and heels is straight. The hips should not be sagging as this puts a strain on the back. Beginners can put their knees on the floor to start with to make it a little easier.
Have a medicine ball/basket ball under the flat of one hand so one side is higher than the other and therefore working harder. Do six press-ups and then push the ball towards the other hand and repeat on the other side. Not only are you working away the moobs, you’ve got a bit of core working going on there as well. We’re back to a bit of strengthening of the TVA (transverse abdominus) we covered last week with the Plank"

18:10 Crabsody In Blue
Zoologist Will Pearse talks us through the do's and don'ts of crabbing when we visit the seaside this summer.

Jonny was joined in the locker by Golf Confidence Coach Gail Smirthwaite, for more information visit Gail's website


17.25 - The Ball on the Wall
As part of the Drivetime Men's Health week we were joined once more by Genefer Archer. Today we were going for buns of steel with The Ball on The Wall...

"Squats against the wall with a Swiss ball. This is a great warm-up exercise, strengthens the leg and keeps the bum compact. Have the large Swiss ball against the wall at waist height. Hold it in the coccyx area (bottom of the spine) and slowly bend down into the squat position. Do this fifteen times."

18.10 - Pillow Talk
One, two or none at all? We were talking pillow problems with Charles Hunt of The British School of Osteopathy...

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