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Thursday 28th August

It was an All Request Thursday today... but with a difference... the kids were in control. We took request from 7 - 14 yr olds only.

A lot of you have been asking for more information about one of Foxy's guests - Thorkil Sonne - who has set up an IT company that employs autistic people, and is about to open an office in Glasgow. You can find out more about his company by going to his website.

Wednesday 27th August

We went Staycation Crazy today. Chris and the team went to deepest darkest Ascot and did the entire show from a hot tub.

Tuesday 26th August

Still on an Olympic high from our successful medal haul at the Beijing Games, we decided to talk to as many British Olympic medal winners as we could. We managed to squeeze 14 of them into our show. 

Monday 25th August

It's a Bank Holiday Monday, and in the hot seat was Richard Allinson playing all of your favorite requests.

Thursday 21st August

17:25 - Runner Beans
Our resident Gastro-gnome, Nigel Barden, was here with a righteous runner bean recipe

Wednesday 20th August

17.25 - World Music Centre
As Glasgow is named Unesco's World Music Centre we speak to famous glaswegian and all round musical mogul, Alan McGee... 

Tuesday 19th August

17:25 - Oh Viola

Today we talked to Bob Smissen about the lovely Viola and why it's unfairly the butt of jokes in the music world 

Monday 18th August

17:25 Pommel Horse
Louis Smith bagged a bronze medal for us on the Pommel Horse yesterday. Telling us all about the Pommel Horse and Louis Smith is his first ever trainer, Ben Howles...

Thursday 14th August

17.25 - Super Sexy Sherry
That's right, it's not just for the elderly at Christmas. Matt Day was here to tell us why a nice dry sherry is the perfect accompaniment for, well, just about anything actually...

Wednesday 13th August

17:25 - Gadgets Galore!
Joining us today is the man behind a collection of weird and wonderful gadgets which are on display at the British Library as from tomorrow. The gadgets include the original satnav watch, a fire extinguishing grenade and a clock work blackhead remover... here to explain all is Maurice Collins

Tuesday 12th August

17.25 - Brilliant Batonist
Hold the front page; we’ve found a reality t.v. show that we’re actually interested in! Tonight sees the first episode of ‘Maestro’ on BBC 2 in which various celebrities will ‘try their hand’ at conducting an orchestra. The Prize? To conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra in front of a live audience of thousands at Proms in the Park. Here to rate their chances was Principle Conductor with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Ziegler….

Monday 11th August

17.25 - Leon Taylor
It’s the de facto dive for Olympic synchro success and six out of the eight diving pairs performed it in this morning’s Olympic Synchro competition. It’s known as a ‘back two and a half somersault with a two and a half twist…in the piked position’ but in a fairer world it might simply be known as ‘The Taylor’. We were joined by the man behind the move, Leon Taylor.

Thursday 7th August

17:25 - Just Beet It!
Former World Record holder in the growing world of giant veg Ian Neale talked us through his giant Beetroot.

18:10 - Tuna Tastic
Our resident Gastro-gnome, Nigel Barden, was here with a Tuna tastic recipe

Wednesday 6th August

17:25 - Andy McCrab
We spoke to Georgina Whalley who rescued a crab from her local supermarket and set it free in the ocean

18:10 - Wakey Wakey!
Do we need an alarm clock to wake ourselves up in the morning or can we condition our bodyclock to the job for us? Here to explain more is lead consultant at the Queen Victoria Hospital Sleep Centre, Dr. Peter Venn…

Tuesday 5th August

17:25 - Winking World
Today we spoke to Editor of Winking World, Matt Fayers who told us all about Tiddlywinks

18:10 - Knotting Matters
Live from his narrow boat we spoke to Colin Grundy, Editor or Knotting Matters…

Monday 4th August

17.25 - On a Wing and a Prayer
We spoke to Jeb Corliss about jumping out of a plane wearing his wingsuit instead of a parachute

18.10 - Ouch!
We talked to top physiotherapist Sammy Margo about aches and pains and what we can do to prevent them

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