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APRIL 2008

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17.25 -
Pigs Might Fly...
Mark Shears, Co-Director of ABC Inflatables and the man responsible for the original Pink Floyd giant floating pig...

18.05 - Bionic Vet
We spoke to Noel Fitzpatrick, a man who’s blurring the lines between man and his best friend and pushing the boundaries of medical science at the same time...


17.25 -
Mutt Mansions
The latest must-have among America’s rich and famous pet owners is a luxury dog home, custom-built with all the trimmings. Michelle Pollak is Interior Designer for ‘La Petite Maison’ which specialises in Doggy Mansions and Children’s Playhouses…

18.05 - Science of Sleep
We find out how to sleep efficiently from Prof. Jim Horne


17.25 - Black Box
We spoke to Adrian Hide, the man behind the little black boxes that tell you how you're driving...

18.05 - Chocolate Flava
The search is on for 150 lucky ladies to take part in a trial which will see them voluntarily eating chocolate every day for a year to determine whether it may actually help with heart disease. Dr. Ketan Dhatariya is principal investigator with the Flavo trials at University of East Anglia…


17.25 -
Iron Man
We spoke to Dr. Paul Reynolds who claims to have the perfect formula for doing the ironing.

18.05 - Gulls Eggs
That's right, eggs from those little blighters so intent on stealing your chips at the seaside. Delicious as ever.


17.25 - St. George's Day
Scotland, Ireland and Wales all celebrate their patron saints’ days with a Bank Holiday. Why don’t do the same in England? We found out from proud Englishman, Peter Luff, who’s also Conservative MP for Mid-Worcestershire and Chairman of the Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Committee…

18.05 - Super Skeptics
This Saturday night saw the monthly meeting of Skeptics in a Pub; a group of clever men and women who frankly don’t believe in anything. But what exactly happens at a skeptics’ meeting?


17.25 -
What a Pain
Your Pain Problems answered…we spoke to Dr Paddy Clarke, who’s a Pain Consultant at the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire Royal Hospitals

And for those of you who are looking for Dr. Clarke's magical chilli cream it's called Capsaicin and is available from your GP on prescription...(nb. Chilli Cream may not have actual magical properties!)

18.05 - Living Library
A library in North London saw the first instalment of the Living Library in which users could spend half an hour talking to one of their living books…we spoke to founder, Ronni Abergel…


17.25 -
Bee Gone
The Bee Keepers of Britain are worried! In parts of the United States 80 percent of bees have been wiped out by “Colony Collapse Disorder”. It’s a little known virus and is now spreading to Canada and parts of Europe. So what can we do before the humble honey bee is wiped out forever?

18.05 - Not just knots
Tonight we took a look at the newly modernised movement that is the Scouts. Apparently it’s not just knots and boring badges, like ‘Home Help’, have had to make way for trendy new tasks including skateboarding, healthy eating and even para-scending.


17.25 - Triffic Traffic
We were joined by Dr Anthony Beresford who helped us to clear up our traffic troubles in the great Traffic Light vs Roundabout debate...

18.05 - Horseradish
Gastro-gnome, Nigel Barden, did some unexpected things with the humble horseradish...


17.25 -
Bill Bryson
Dropping litter and fly-tipping is getting so bad that author, and president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Bill Bryson, has launched a new campaign called Stop the Drop.

18.05 - Roundabout
The world’s first ever mini-roundabout in Peterborough is being replaced… by traffic lights. Why is this happening? And is it the end of the road for the good old British roundabout? We spoke to Kevin Beresford, President of the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society


Bacteria Brief
Did you know you’ve got more bacteria inside your tummy than there are stars in the sky? We were joined by Ian Marber, a nutritionist from who took us through the world of bacteria…

18.05 All Organic
We meet the man who's trying to wean us off supermarket shopping with Britain's biggest allotment


17.25 Ant Invasion
We speak to an expert on Ants from the International Union for the Study of Social Insects to find out why Chris' house has been invaded...

18.05 Tai Chi
From Tai Chi to Chai Tea – can martial arts put more milk in your cuppa? One farmer says doing tai chi in front of his cows has increased their production. We’ve got an instructor in the studio to see what it does for disc jockeys…


Is your life clogged up, backed up and generally messed up? Are you an horrendous horder who just can’t bare to part with your collection of giant novelty pencils? We speak to a lady who’s got minimalist mania; she claims she can sort your life out in a weekend, it’s the brains behind the Clutter Clinic, Romaine Lowery.

18.05 Veal
Often controversial, white's not right but pink's the way forward. Nige the gastro-Gnome explains.


Did you know that your tongue can reveal a huge amount about your state of health? According to Chinese and Indian medicine, it can deduce everything from liver problems to constipation and even anger! We speak to Lisa Sherman, a member of the British Acupuncture Council and Qualified Tongue Watcher at ‘Arc Integrated Health’ in London…

18.05 McLaren
When they’re not winning F1 races they’re…tidying their desks? It seems the winning formula at McLaren is about more than just having the fastest car. Here to tell us the benefits of a having pristine place of work and a hygienic headquarters, it’s CEO of the McLaren racing team, Martin Whitmarsh…


Chicken and Egg
It’s a question that has baffled scientists, academics and chauffeurs through the ages: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Let’s settle the matter once and for all. Professor John Brookfield is a specialist in evolutionary genetics at the University of Nottingham…

18.05 Grumpy Women
New research suggests that a lack of sleep may make women grumpier than men who have had the same amount of pillow time.We went live to Duke University, North Carolina to ask sleep supremo Dr. Edward Suarezall about it.


It’s a multi-million pound industry, it’s a memento of the time we met our hero, quite simply, it’s a name on a piece of paper. But how can we tell the difference between a spurious signature and an authentic autograph? We spoke to a man who claims he can teach anyone to spot a faker in less than 10minutes; it’s the Vice Chairman of the Autograph Fair Trade Association Ltd, Garry King…

18.10 Seeing Stars
Here’s a good Monday question for you…why do we see stars when we hit our heads? What causes them to appear and how do we make them go away? Colin Blakemore is Professor of Neuroscience at both Oxford and Warwick Universities and he joined us from Durham in North Carolina to shed light on the subject…


17.25 Dictionary of the Unexplained
For the last hundred years, conspiracy theories about the paranormal, bizarre and supernatural are constantly bandied around the British media. But is there any truth in them? We spoke to the Editor of the Dictionary of the Unexplained, Una McGovern.

18.10 Chilled Soups
Drive-time’s Resident Gastro-gnome, Nigel Barden, is back – fresh from his jaunt in the Tyrolean mountains.Today he turns his culinary skills to the delicate, springtime flavourings of Chilled Soup.


Paper Aeroplanes
Yesterday we spoke to Red One of the Red Arrows, so what better way to continue our aeronautical theme than by turning to paper. We all made them as children, and on boring days in the office, maybe some of us still do. And soon, we’ll be releasing them into space. The President of the Paper Aircraft Association, Andy Chipling joined us to unfold the truth on the matter.

18.10 The Sparks
Coming up in May is a real treat for all Sparks fans out there. The iconic band is to play 21 nights in London where they’ll be performing all of their albums in chronological order and premiering their new album “Exotic Creatures of the Deep”. We speak to Russell Mael, lead singer of Sparks, live from Los Angeles.


Red Arrows
If you were anywhere near the Thames at lunchtime you might have spotted the world famous Red Arrows soaring in perfect formation above you. They were flying East to West down the river to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. And across the country cannons roared in unison to mark the centenary of the Territorial Army. We were joined by Wing Commander ‘Red One’, Jase Hawker, Boss of the Red Arrows.

18.10 Lamp Magazine
Every month on Drivetime we scour depths of newsagent magazine racks and internet websites to find you the best in the world of obscure magazines. And this month, it’s the turn of Lamp magazine, the official magazine of the Lighthouse Association, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. We were joined by Joy Adcock who’s been at Lamp Magazine for 10 years and has written on Lighthouses.

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