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Wednesday 1 April

17:25 - Troubadour Bill
The brilliant Billy Bragg came along to speak to Simon about his Featured Artists Coalition, Protest Songs and the G20 summit ... What a troubadour!

18:10 - Talk To the Plants
Garden Superintendant Colin Crosbie has been talking to his plants for years! Now he's trying to convince us to as well... He came by to tell us all about The Wisely Voice.

Tuesday 31 March

17:25 - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!
If your a glass half empty and your in need a good top up of enthusiasm  then our guest tonight James Battison founder and president of The Optimists Societymay be able to help.

18:10 - Le Bureau! 
Ricky Gervais was a guest on the show and he shared the good news; The Office  is making it's 6th foreign adaption and is about to go in to production in Israel!

Monday 30 March

17:25 - Strictly Dancing on Ice
We spoke to Scouser and Ice Skating King Ray Quinn about Dancing on Ice - The Tour, which is coming to a stadium near you soon!

18:10 - Sing, Sing Sing!
It's the almer mater of Katie Melua and Leona Lewis and one of the most popular comprehensives in the country! Kerry McGrandles - Head of Musical Theatre came along with some of the super talented students and we can see why!

Thursday 26 March

17:25 - The Lion Kings
John Rendell spoke to us about a chance meeting with Christian the lion cub that changed his life and became a YouTube phenomenon

Wednesday 25 March

17:25 - Fiddle Dee Dee
We went LIVE to the Royal Albert Hall with Seth Lakeman, who gave us a little flourish on his fiddle and told us about the Teenage Cancer Trust Concert he is taking part in tonight.

18:10 - Childs Play
The legend that is the Children's Laureate Michael Rosen came, read us some lovely poetry and told us all about the new exhibition at the British Library. Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat celebrates 400 years of children’s poetry.

Tuesday 24 March

17:25 - Inspired by a visit from piano virtuoso Jools yesterday, you wowed us from home, on the phone, with you own musical meastros talents... and we thought the results were magnificent!

18:10 - To The Rescue!
We’re re-energised ourselves with, author of Spent, Dr. Frank Lipman who told us a fantastic cure for our epidemic of exhaustion and it involves listening to Reggae! Yay!

Monday 23 March

17:25 - Boogie Woogie
King of the Ivory Keys Jools Holland started off a fortnight of Drivetime with Simon Mayo by playing us in with a bit of Boogie Woogie and filling us in on the tour, the album, the return of his Radio 2 series AND the 34th series of Later...

18:10 - We're all going cuckoo!
We went cuckoo with brilliant Graham Madge from the RSPB about whether the cuckoo really deserves it's own clock ... Amongst other things...

Thursday 19 March

17:25 - Toot - Toot!
Constabularies across the country are gettin’ retro and turning to the whistle as a ‘more polite’ way to attract our attention. But how polite s a police whistle, and can ref’s really ‘speak’ with one?Taking us on a whistle stop tour was Simon Topman, Managing Director of Acme Whistles

Wednesday 18 March

17:25 - Winner Takes It All
Under the new Formula One rules announced yesterday by the World Motor Sport Council, the driver who wins the most races will take the prize, rather than the one who tots up the most points.  We spoke  to Martin Brundle,  part of the BBC’s All New Formula One Team and Damien Smith, Editor of Motorsport Magazine who tried their best to explain to us!...

18:10 - Banana-armour!
Like Beddingfield, the bananas, they bruise easily. But Doctor David Agulnik came up with a nifty solution in his Banana Guard.

Tuesday 17 March

17:25 - And Then There Were 4
We went to Queensland, Australia and got cooking with Rachel Bermingham and Kim McCosker, authors of the cookbook phenomenom 4 Ingredients

18:10 - Soap Opera
Enders, Corrie and Neighbours are all top telly but absolutelyrubbish  at getting us clean! Soap Dish Roger Highfield gave us the dirt on our favourite detergent.

Monday 16 March

17:25 - Dogs Dinner
What treats do our Moggies and Doggies look forward to? And can a cat have a sweet tooth? Libby Sheridan a qualified Vet and former member of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association came to tell us

18:10 - Mr Magic 
Mr.Magic himself, Bill, is the latest ina long, long line of magical Davenports.These siblings have been keeping their sorcery secrets very much in the family for over a century.

Thursday 12 March
17:25 -
Get The Fire Brigade
In our fourth and final instalment of ‘Things we should all know…’ we focused on fires. Would you know what to do if this most unwelcome visitor strikes in your home? Getting us all out safely is, Operational Firefighter with the London Fire Brigade, Chris Bigland

Wednesday 11 March

We continued our week of Things We All Should Know and Wednesday's edition of Drivetime was dedicated to How to Make the Perfect Yorkshire Pud! 

Pud-meister, Head Chef of Roast restaurant and all round lovely man Lawrence Keough gave Sally and Jonny a masterclass, as they went head to head with a meat and veggie version. All this and you cooked along as we braodcast live! Our first Drivetime Cook-A-Long.

Tuesday 10 March

17:25 - Wellworths 
When Clare Robertson's branch of Woolies shut its doors after the company went bust, she leased back the store, rehired the devoted staff and is re-opening its doors under the name of Wellworths and Chris is going to cut the ribbon! What a woman! What a man!

18:10 - Apostrophe?
We practised perfect punctuation and got to grips with grammar when we learned from Paul Doherty of just  where we should be putting the apostrophe.

Monday 9 March

17:25 - Only Chokin'
Fab First Aider Joe Mulligan started our week of things we should know when he got to grips with Johnny to show us that miraculous manoeuvre the Heimlich

18:10 - Lemon Aid
We got the lemon lowdown from Gareth Rees, publisher of The Lemon Book who gave us some sweet tips about alternative uses for our favourite tart fruit.

Thursday 5 March

17:25 - Fobbed Off
Science Superstar and former Professor of Public Understanding of Science Jack Klaff  came to tell us if our bonces really can act as an antenna.

17:30 Business with Rachel Horne
New research suggests most broadband customers are having to pay premium rates when they call their provider to report problems so we spoke to a consumer group to find out what you can do.

Wednesday 4 March

17:25 + 18:10 If You're Snappy And You Know It, Tap Your Hands

We got tap happy with top therapist Janet Thompson of who helped us get rid of those constant cravings.

Tuesday 3 March

17:25 - Beatles Masters
Merseybeat mad, Mike Brocken, gave us a thirst for a first in the Beatles MA. Whether its studio studies or lessons on Liverpool, he can work it out.

18:10 - Hotel Croak-ifornia
It was a regular love-in down at the Frog Hotel with Robert Henderson. We had our doubts but he toadally dismissed any reservations we may have had

Monday 2 March

17:25 - Full of Beans?
Just how much caffeine is left after it's decaffed? How do they take it out ? Is there any point? Giles Hilton, ‘the Nose’ of Whittards came to tell us all about decaffeinated coffee.

18:10 - Doodle Bug
So why do we doodle? And could it actually be beneficial for our busy little brain boxes? We put pencil to paper with Plymouth University’s Professor Jackie Andrade

Thursday 26 February

17:25 - Man Spanx?
David Walker-Smith managed to convince us the Man Spanx is a marvel when it comes to concealing those curvy bits you might not like…our model Marky Mark agrees.

Wednesday 25 February

17:25 - Dishing the Dirt 
Dr Lisa Ackerly, Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and Managing Director of Hygiene Audit Systems, came to tell us about the danger of dirty dishcloths and just when we should be ditching them.

18:10 - The Pacifier 
We chew over the great dummy debate with Dr Heather Payne - Consultant Paediatrician with Caerphilly Hospital and Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Tuesday 24 February

17:25 - Eggscellent
We got a cracking tip from Dr Craig Butts who said for the ultimate chucky egg, don’t leave them to bounce around in boiling water… Steam them instead!

18:10 - Cheeky Chappie
Flush Fellow, Professor Robert Edelman said those shameful spots of scarlet are what cool us down when it all gets a bit too much.

Monday 23 February

17:25 - Whoopee!
We shot the breeze with Professor of Puff, Trevor Cox, who told us why the Whoopee Cushion is his favourite windbag, wind-up.

18:10 -  Upside Down
The business of being inverted has lots of benefits says therapist Alex Hickman. Going upside down is right good at relaxing your heart rate!

18:30 - Business with Rebecca 
The concert promoter that's launching a new website where ticket touts can sell their tickets

Friday 20 February

17:30 - Business with Rebecca
We spoke to the boss of the world's first aeroplane hotel - the jumbo hostel.

18:30 - Innovations
We spoke to the ceo of a company which has produced the world's first solar-panelled charger that can power a laptop on its own.

Thursday 19 February

18:30- Business with Rebecca 
We found out how to be a winner in a downturn - by developing six simple habits.

17:25 - Booming Britain
We spoke to 4 of our lovely listeners about why business is booming for them right now!

Wednesday 18 February

17:25 - Eat My Hat
We went to Rippendon, West Yorkshire to chew the fat with Stuart Booth of The Pork Pie Appreciation Society and it made us very hungry indeed!

18:10 - Spread The Word
Tony Milton spread the word about the benefits of basting with emu oil; Sun burn or a stiff neck this is the only emulsion you need.

Tuesday 17 February

17:25 - Pearl and Spleen 

If you really don’t want your romantic rendevous ruined then Dr Andrew Wadge from the Food Standards Agency says you might want to avoid the raw food.

18:10 - Greatest Glossy of them All
For the ultimate annointment, Oleagonist and friend of the show Afifah Hamilton said you can’t beat the greatest glossy of them all – Hemp oil.

Monday 16 February

17:25 - Men in Tights 
With a hop and a skip,  writer and producer of Morris: A Life with Bells On Chaz Oldham, talked to us about why he hopes we'll all be getting our hankies out for his film.

18:10 - I Got Chills
We explored the wonders of the fridge world with Joan Fraser of Smeg UK. Why is it batteries, camera film and candles as well as food last longer when chilled? And why do banana's go off?!  

Thursday 12 February 

- We got our motors running with Motorsport Consultant, Graeme Glew, when he zoomed by to tell us about the most amazing automobile auction – the first of its kind in 18 years!

Wednesday 11 February

17:25 - Up in Smoke
It took Chris 45 minutes to smoke the big, fat cigar Sally bought him after the birth of baby Noah. So we decided to delve into the World of Cigars and find out why it took so long ? Ranald Macdonald, Managing Director of Boisdale Jazz and Cigar Club in London was the man to do it.

18:10 - Mr Music
Music lessons with PS22’s 5th Grade Chorus teacher Mr Gregg Breinberg are so popular that Coldplay’s manager is begging for a place in his class! So we went to Staten Island to find out what all the fuss was about.

Tuesday 10 February

17:25 - What's Your Bag?
Handbags! The ladies just can’t live without them – and the more they have, the more they need! But what does their handbag say about them? Is there a Ferrari of the handbag world? We spoke to handbag therapist Debbie Percy

18:10 - Mummy's Little Hamper
Jenny Mansour, from Mummy's Little Hamper joined us to talk to us about the great new mum gift that's all the go!

Monday 9 February

17:25 - Double Dutch 
Do you love a bit of Morris Dancing? Phil Howard a full-time Clog Maker from Stockport loves a bit of “Clogging” himself and he joined us from his workshop to tell us all about it.

18:10 - The Hit Man
If you're the kind of kid who couldn’t wait for Sunday evening to tune into the official UK pop count down, then number 1 nutter Tom Ewing's review of our UK chart toppers might be just your thing?

Thursday 5 February

17:25 - It's a gas, gas, gas...
Laughing yoga is its name and giggling is the game. Leela Bunce director of Shinetime reckons laughing yoga can make the most ardent miserablist crack a smile so we put it to the test ...Ha!!! She's right!

Wednesday 4 February

17:25 - Metal Detecting
If you’ve lost a treasured trinket or mislaid a Manhole or two - don’t panic! There are Detectives out there that will find them again for you – free of charge!

Tuesday 3 February

17:25 - Bamboozled!
Until last week we thought Bamboo was mere food for the Panda. But no! You can wear it as well! So to tell us what’s noo in the World of Bamboo we spoke to Alan Barrie, Big Boss of Bambooty.

18:10 - Make the Moss of it
In the world of interior design this is an absolute moss-t have! There’s not a rolling stone in sight for moss grows fat on a…bathmat?! We went live to Switzerland to have a chat with its designer, La Chanh Nguyen…

Business with Rebecca
How to get a better rate on your savings - the new website where banks bid against each other for your money!

Wednesday 28th January

17:25 - What's your flavour 
Walkers currently have a Builder’s Breakfast flavour crisp on the market buthow on earth did they make fried potato taste like a fry up?  Walkers’ Head of Flavour Development, James Stillman gave us the low down on the fry ups.

18:10 - 7 Minute Miracle
Professor of Biology at Heriot -Watt University, Jamie Timmons reckons his study of a 7 minute weekly exercise routine can dramatically improve your metabolism and health in just 2 weeks?!

Tuesday 27th January

17:25 - Clowning Around 
We laughed out loud with the Clown of Clerkenwell and member of Clowns International, Mattie Fait who told us the Holy Trinity church in Dalston will be holding its annual mass of mirth, The Clown Service this Sunday.

18:10 - Socks Away 
Have we been taking the humble sock for granted for too long? Cassie Ash Head of Socks at Sock Shop let us know

Monday 26th January

17:25 - Chinese Whispers  
It's Chinese New Year and to welcome the Year of the Ox we asked Robert Kam are there really prawns in their crackers? As well as all the other things you wanted to know about chinese food, but where afraid to ask!

18:10 - Thats Entertainment!
Do you know your Mikado  from your My Fair Lady? Ian Michael Thomas from Cardiff University may have the answers for you at his new course Hopelessy Devoted to You. 

Thursday 22nd January

17:25 - Fryers Delight
We spoke  to owner of The Anstruther Fish Bar and winner of the National Fish and Chip Shop of the year award, Alison Smith about beef dripping and better batter!

Wednesday 21st January

17:25 - Shed Heaven
With Shed of the Year competition looming shed supremo Andrew ‘Uncle Wilco’ Wilcox told us what makes a really super shed and fellow judge Sarah Beeny called to give Chris some tips.

18:10 - Howl at the Moon
Dr Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer at the Greenwich Royal Observatory, joined us to explain the Moon Calender.

Tuesday 20th January

17:25 - A Flavour of USA
George Burns said: “If I could choose one deli to take with me, it would be Katz’s.” So we spoke to General Manager Robert Albinder about the atmosphere on Obama Day!

We had a fine time talking to Peter Pearce, Director of the The Landmark Trust about all the wonderful buildings the charity preserves.  

Monday 19th January

17:25 - 3 Michelin Stars  
We went stellar to congratulate our Michelin Stars, astral Angela Hartnett, cosmic Richard Turner and glittering Bernard Yeoh.

18:10 Here, Hare, Here 
Withnail spent a legendary lost weekend there, but it could be yours for keeps. Yes, Savills estate agents has Uncle Monty’s cottage up for grabs and we’re tempted!

Thursday 15th January

17:25 - Up in Smoke! 
We spoke to a tobacconist and president of the South West Pipe Club, Martin McGahey about why even though we know smoking is bad news healthwise, the pipesmoker is still held with affection in our hearts.

Wednesday 14th January

17:25 -  Colour me bad
We spoke to Paint Pro and International Colour Consultant from Farrow & Ball, Joa Studholme to try to find the official shade of Heinz Tomato Soup.

18:10 - Jumping for Joy
They don’t call it jumping for joy for nothing. We spoke to Sue Lawton, International Performance Coach and head bouncer with Edgebarrow Trampolining club to discuss the benefits of the bounce

Tuesday 13th January

17:25 - Million Dollar Man
Hedge Fund Manager, Lex van Dam,  came in to tell us all about  “Million Dollar Traders” which started on BBC 2 last night. So did the chosen eight make a killing?

18:10 - Eye, Eye - Player
If you’re not all over the iPlayer where the heck have you been? It’s changed the way we watch what’s on the box, even when it’s not. An interactive idea so simple in its conception it’s a thing of beauty. One of the developers Tony Ageh made us very proud to be BBC!…

Monday 12th January

17:25 - Mind over matter
Mindfulness Awareness Therapy can not only help with weight loss, it can ease the stresses of daily life. But what is it? And how does it work? Rebecca Crane Research Fellow at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University joins us to tell us. 

18:10 - Up, up and away.... 
The sky’s the limit for Gilo Cardozo, Managing Director of Parajet who hopes to make his dream a reality by both driving and flying his Sky Car from London to Timbuktu this Wednesday!

Thursday 8th January

17:25 - Hawaii Five Oooooh
We dipped our paddles in the water with Simon Kennedy owner of the Pacific Blue surf shop in Tunbridge Wells to talk about the history of the Hawaiian shirt.

18:10 - Guiness Record Anyone
We spoke to Craig Glenday is Editor-in-Chief of the Guinness Book of World Records about some record breaking stuff

Wednesday 7th January

17:25 - Dirty Cars
We spoke to car designer, Peter Stevens and asked him if 2008/9 had been the dirtiest for cars.

18:10 - De-ice ice Baby
Nigel Doggett, Managing Director of Autoglas told us the best way to de-ice our windscreen. 

Tuesday 6th January

17:25 - The Cat In The Flat
Director of Veterinary Services for Cats Protection, Maggie Roberts joined us to talk about all things moggie related.

18:10 - MMMeeaat
Dr Raj Patel joined us again to talk about giving up meat for a month  

Monday 5th January

17:25 - The Rex Factor
We've launched our search for this years Drivetime Doggy Mascot in the Rex Factor.

18:10 - Abstinence
We spoke to Dr Raj Patel who advised us on what to do if we're giving up alcohol and meat intake for the New Year 

Thursday 1st January


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