UNLIT is a hybrid of a house party and a gig that the charismatic songwriter Jont has been staging in the UK and US where artists perform with no microphone and no lights. Each Unlit night is filmed, including interviews with the house owners, the artists and the audience.

These events have been taking place at venues all over the US and nominated on, with the artists chosen by Jont from amongst his friends on myspace.

In conjuction with the Dermot O'Leary show and the BBC's Electric Proms, Jont's amazing and innovative tour of his myspace friends' houses coast-to-coast in America culminated in an Electric Proms/Unlit event in North London on Wednesday 25th October.

You can see a video of highlights of the evening at the BBC Electric Proms site, and you can also see a photo gallery of the gig here.

You can see the first five episodes of Jont's videoblog 'THE STATE WE'RE IN', chronicling his US travels at his myspace pages.

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