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With the Sporting Challenge even-Stevens at 5 -5, and with the annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race just around the corner, we headed to the Thames for a rowing challenge with four-time Olympic gold medal winner Sir Matthew Pinsent.

The boys were paired up with some elite rowers from the Tideway Scullers and took to the water to battle it out for the trophy. Watch the video to see who took on the Thames and won.

Take a look at the the photos taken on the Thames.


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    • 1. At 07:04am on 01 Apr 2010, SIMON FROM WIVENHOE ESSEX wrote:


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    • 2. At 08:51am on 01 Apr 2010, Sheena wrote:

      hahaha loved the video .......and the wellies

      Looking forward the next one......

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    • 3. At 11:08am on 01 Apr 2010, Dee Heath wrote:

      Well done Jonny. Loved the rowing coaching Matthew. It will be your turn next week Chris. Happy Easter

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    • 4. At 12:03pm on 01 Apr 2010, Butti wrote:

      Really pleased to see experienced rowers steadying the boats so you didn't go for a swim. Chris don't be too downhearted on this one, rowing, with the exception of Steve Redgrave, tends to be a young persons sport.

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    • 5. At 12:56pm on 01 Apr 2010, Bruins1969-70 wrote:

      I used to row (and scull) myself and very much enjoyed watching this challenge. I heard on your show this morning though, that Jonny had some rowing experience and that he did not divulge this fact until quite late in the day. Just for that - birthday boy or not - I think think the race should have been handicapped (which they do do in some events at some regattas). I'd say you were stiffed, Christophe!

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    • 6. At 3:23pm on 01 Apr 2010, smoutie55 wrote:

      i like all the challenge's,but come on chris i think you are just stringing him on you should be up 9 -1, the shooting i think he might have the edge!!!!!.i am shouting for you chris.

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    • 7. At 5:43pm on 01 Apr 2010, Molly Coddle wrote:

      Chris and Jonny you both looked like Thunderbird puppets in those outfits.

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    • 8. At 6:03pm on 01 Apr 2010, MaddyMoon wrote:

      Well done Johnny and Chris. You've certainly given the Oxford and Cambridge dudes something to worry about.

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    • 9. At 6:13pm on 01 Apr 2010, warren wrote:

      nice video again team,,,, whats next you to riding at the grand national keep it up great breakfast show

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    • 10. At 8:19pm on 01 Apr 2010, Kelsenior wrote:

      You might have won if you'd shaved Chris! The stubble must have had an impact on the aerodynimics of you profile! Well done Jonny!

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    • 11. At 10:52pm on 01 Apr 2010, BIGDAVE wrote:

      Well done for the effort put in. I thought one of you would be in the drink.
      Great show keep it up

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    • 12. At 08:07am on 02 Apr 2010, NETH wrote:

      Seen all the videos this was another great one (keep them coming boys)

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    • 13. At 8:17pm on 04 Apr 2010, HJ wrote:


      "Chris don't be too downhearted on this one, rowing, with the exception of Steve Redgrave, tends to be a young persons sport."

      This will come as a big surprise to all the thousands of very competitive veteran rowers out there.

      Rowing is a sport for all ages. I know a competitive rowers in their 70s

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    • 14. At 8:14pm on 05 Apr 2010, photo762 wrote:

      Flanders & Swan.
      "Messing About On The River"
      Good Fun !

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    • 15. At 08:40am on 13 Apr 2010, discolizzy wrote:

      Loved it, especially Jonny's face it was as though he was really at the Boat Race!!! Hard Luck Chris, maybe next time xxx

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    • 16. At 10:54am on 18 Apr 2010, mervin wrote:

      well... i must admit that all the videos have been very entertaining... but the gymnastics challenge is by far the best....i p$##@d my was so looked like 2 lumps of wood...well done the coaches... and guys...keep doing what your doing...the show and the challenges are brilliant........

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    • 17. At 09:31am on 23 Apr 2010, Dominique wrote:

      Why were the lads wearing the Belgian national colours??
      Good video but the ice hockey's still the best :)

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    • 18. At 7:46pm on 27 May 2010, ekomalty wrote:

      I find the videos so infectious, I have not been able to stop laughing for days, thanks boys

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