The Sporting Challenge - Four By Four Off Roading

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This week Chris and Jonny tackled some tough terrain and got some expert four by four tuition.

Richard Beddall and friends put the boys through their paces on steep hills, slippery slopes and deep water.

Click Play above to watch the video and discover whether Chris or Jonny was victorious.

See photos of Chris and Jonny during the Four By Four Sporting Challenge

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    • 1. At 03:11am on 20 Nov 2010, TimtheT wrote:

      I'm biased cos it had cars in but - superb !!!

      The cars weren't bad either. . .

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    • 2. At 08:58am on 22 Nov 2010, Ian C wrote:

      Hey Chris, don't feel so bad, I was told on a 4 x 4 course that women are better than men because they listen more to the instructions. So what does that say for Jonny (I won the last series) Saunders. But I think he will also win next weeks BMX trial, so you will be down to one game in it.

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    • 3. At 2:57pm on 22 Nov 2010, angieblogger wrote:

      Great video, loved it well done johnny.!!!!!

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    • 4. At 10:38pm on 23 Nov 2010, Barb wrote:

      Another great video - now you have had a practice, how about a real off road challenge with bigger wheels and winches!

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