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After five weeks of online voting to whittle our long-list down to three the winner has been announced following the I'm in a Rock'n'Roll Band live show phone vote.

Winner Best Singer

Freddie Mercury

Championed by Bob Harris in the live final, the flamboyant Queen frontman has won the best singer phone vote.

Freddie Mercury - BBC artist page

Who Made It - Short List

Robert Plant

The archetypal Rock God who must ultimately take responsibility for the hair metal acts that followed Led Zep.

Robert Plant - BBC artist page

Freddie Mercury

One of the most flamboyant front men of all time who had an incredible ability to keep tens of thousands of fans in the palm of his hand.

Freddie Mercury - BBC artist page

Kurt Cobain

A poster boy for a generation who never tired of wearing plaid work shirts or obscure band t-shirts.

Kurt Cobain - BBC artist page

Who Didn't Make It - Long List


The artist formerly known as Paul Hewson has made a career out of reinventing himself but his commitment to spectacle has never changed.

Bono - BBC artist page

Jarvis Cocker

He may look like a librarian but Jarvis' angular theatrics and uninhibited manner (remember his Michael Jackson stage invasion?) have made him a modern day hero.

Jarvis Cocker - BBC artist page

Debbie Harry

An Andy Warhol associate and former Playboy bunny, Debbie Harry retains the power to make grown men's knees tremble.

Debbie Harry - BBC artist page

Mick Jagger

The only knight of the realm on our shortlist. And also the only slapped with a £200 fine after an infamous drugs bust.

Mick Jagger - BBC artist page

John Lydon

Despite shifting in status from Public Enemy Number One to reality TV star/national treasure there's no denying Johnny Rotten's impact with the Sex Pistols.

John Lydon - BBC artist page


Are any other singer's fans as devoted as Morrissey's gladioli wielding followers?

Morrissey - BBC artist page

Iggy Pop

Anyone who's witnessed the bare-chested insurance salesman knows he's lost none of the dynamism that first impressed audiences in the late 60s.

Iggy Pop - BBC artist page

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