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The Great British Songbook Of The Seventies

Tuesday 29 December 2009, 1400-1700


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Kiki Dee and Noddy Holder

Join Noddy Holder, lead singer of the Seventies' Glam Rock Band Slade, and singer-songwriter Kiki Dee as they take a look back at the Great British Songbook of the Seventies.


Noddy and Kiki will play the best British songs from the decade including hits from T.Rex, the Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Kate Bush. They'll also be joined by some very special guests who will share their memories of the Seventies.


Elton John, Paul McCartney and Wings, Queen and Kate Bush


Pop, hippies and free love disappeared with the Sixties and in their place came Rock, Punk and Disco.


Gripping the nation in the early seventies was a new music phenomenon; Glam Rock. With a heavy guitar sound at its core, artists including David Bowie, Marc Bolan with T-Rex, and Slade sported outlandish hairstyles, makeup, glitter and rocked out in platform shoes.


Enjoying success in this decade were also some of Britain’s best loved artists and talented songwriters including Elton John, Rod Stewart and Queen who wowed huge audiences worldwide with their music.


In the mid-seventies, Glam Rock was replaced by Punk. Britain was facing turbulent times and bands such as The Sex Pistols and The Clash became a symbol of some people’s reaction against that social and political turmoil.


But the seventies weren’t all about rock and attitude; the clubs were full of people dancing to Disco. The Bee Gees were the British face of disco, writing hit after hit. With the success of Saturday Night Fever and other non-disco artists jumping on the bandwagon, Disco remained popular until the end of the decade.


Please note we've now finished taking suggestions for songs to be used in this programme. Thank you to everyone who got in touch, we had a great response.


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