Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live

Radio 2's "Love Thy Neighbour?" Quiz

  1. Your neighbour's house alarm goes off, do you...

    • a) Go and check if everything is okay and then phone the alarm company listed on the box.
    • b) Initially do nothing but, after a while, when you realise the alarm is not going to stop ringing, phone the alarm company.
    • c) Ignore it and hope it will stop soon.
  2. Your neighbour asks you if you could feed their cat and water their plants while they go away for the weekend. Do you...

    • a) Agree to do it; you're sure they would do they same for you if you asked.
    • b) Grudgingly agree whilst muttering excuses about the disruption it will cause to your weekend.
    • c) Lie and say you're also away this weekend. Suggest one of their other friends could do it.
  3. You haven't seen the old lady who lives next door for a few days, do you...

    • a) Go round to her house and check if she's ok. If there's no reply, phone her daughter's number which you have stored in your phone book.
    • b) Think about going to check on her but then resolve if you haven't seen her by the weekend, you'll go around then.
    • c) Do nothing. She's probably just gone away.
  4. A new family have moved in next door, do you...

    • a) Go around with a fresh batch of cakes and introduce yourself.
    • b) Wait until they say hello to you in the street and mumble a greeting in reply.
    • c) Try and avoid talking to them. You've got enough friends.
  5. Someone from your street knocks on your front door and asks to borrow your drill. You don't really know them.. Do you...

    • a) Invite them in for a cup of tea and tell them they can keep the drill for as long as they need it.
    • b) Reluctantly hand over your drill but tell them you need it back the next day for your own DIY.
    • c) Tell them you don't have a drill, even when you do.
  6. You're having a party in your house. It crosses your mind that you should invite your neighbours but you know they probably won't fit in with your friends. Do you...

    • a) Decide to invite them anyway. They'd probably appreciate an invitation.
    • b) Put a note through their door on the day of the party, hoping they've already got plans.
    • c) Decide against inviting them; it will just be awkward.
  7. A tree is overhanging from your neighbour's garden into yours. Do you...

    • a) Go and ask your neighbour if they wouldn't mind you cutting it back a little bit.
    • b) Moan loudly about it in the garden hoping they will take the hint.
    • c) Wait until your neighbours have gone on holiday and then take a chainsaw to it.
  8. Youths have been speeding in cars up and down your street. Your neighbour calls a residents' meeting to decide what to do about it. Do you...

    • a) Go along and volunteer to take a petition around the neighbourhood.
    • b) Tell your neighbour they're doing a great job and you'll do your best to make the meeting, but you're sure they'll cope without you.
    • c) Decide not to go to the meeting. You've got better things to do with your time.
  9. Your neighbour has been putting their bins out a day early. You wake one morning to discover a fox has been through them, scattering the rubbish over the pavement. Do you...

    • a) Clear up the rubbish and then knock on their door to explain what's happened.
    • b) Put a note through their door asking them to be more responsible when they put their rubbish out.
    • c) Carry on walking; the bin-men can clear it up.
  10. Your neighbour's cat keeps using your garden as a toilet. Do you...

    • a) Accept that's what cats do and leave a saucer of milk out for it.
    • b) Complain to your neighbour and put orange peel in your garden in a bid to stop it from happening again.
    • c) Throw a plant pot at the cat every time you see it.

Your Results

Mostly As: The "My door is always open" neighbour

Your street and local community are important to you. You know your neighbours; you look out for their property and on the whole, you're happy to help them out. But be careful, don't over-do things; not all your neighbours will share your sense of community spirit and you don't want to be known as the nosey neighbour.

Mostly Bs: The "Only When it suits" neighbour

You like the street where you live but your neighbours aren't the people you necessarily care about; your friends and family come first. You'll help your neighbours out when it's convenient for you but would rather you all just kept out of each other's lives.. that is until you find yourself in the midst of a problem.

Mostly Cs: The "My home is my castle" neighbour

You don't have a desire to get to know your neighbours and you certainly aren't going to socialise with them. In fact, it wouldn't really matter where you were living or who your neighbours were as long as you could live, in peace, in your own home. But if they ever hold a popularity contest on your street, you might want to think twice about entering.

Love Where You Live

Love Where You LiveJoin The Campaign

As summer approaches, from May 18 - 25, Radio 2 will be celebrating the spirit of your local community.

With guests, discussion and chat across many Radio 2 shows, presenters will come together to find out if you Love Where You Live.

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