About Radio 2

About Radio 2

BBC Radio 2, the most listened to station in the UK, combines popular music and culture with a diverse range of specialist music, documentaries and comedy. The station also boasts an award-winning blend of top name presenters including Chris Evans, Simon Mayo, Steve Wright, Jeremy Vine, Ken Bruce, Graham Norton, Dermot O'Leary, Johnnie Walker, Claudia Winkleman and Paul O'Grady.

With a repertoire covering more than 40 years, Radio 2 plays the widest selection of music on the radio - from classic and mainstream pop to a specialist portfolio including classical, country, folk, jazz, soul, rock 'n' roll, gospel, blues, organ music, big band and brass band. The network also has the most diverse range of musical experts, including Jamie Cullum, Bob Harris, Trevor Nelson, Mark Radcliffe, Steve Lamacq and Paul Jones.

With music truly at its heart and with some of the most popular and respected talent in broadcasting, BBC Radio 2 provides a unique blend of programming which entertains and informs its millions of listeners each day.


Radio 2

Why has the website changed?

Get all the details on the BBC iPlayer Radio Welcome page and this post on the Radio Blog.

Who is the Head of Radio 2?

Lewis Carnie is the Head of Radio 2, you can read about his appointment in a press release issued by the BBC.

If I have an idea for a Radio 2 programme, how do I find out more about the Radio 2 Commissioning Process?

Generally, if it is an idea for an existing programme you can email or write to the programme directly. If it is an idea for a new programme like a documentary on an area we haven’t covered, you can consult the BBC Commissioning Guidelines.

How can I get a job at Radio 2?

You can find all the latest opportunities to work at Radio 2 by visiting the BBC Careers website. If you’re interested in a career in radio you can apply for one of the BBC’s many work experience placements.

There's a problem with Radio 2's reception - how can I tell someone?

The BBC has a website dedicated to reception problems where you can troubleshoot the problems you're having as well as being able to email someone who will be able to help directly about the problem.

I'm a musician - how can I get my music heard on Radio 2?

Our head of music at Radio 2 is Jeff Smith, he chairs the weekly playlist meeting so if you’d like to submit a CD for him to listen to you can post them to him at the following address:

Radio 2

BBC Wogan House

99 Great Portland Street

London W1W 7NY


Alternately, if you think your music will appeal to a particular presenter you can send CDs marked for their attention to the above address and they will get them. Or, if your music is available online you can also send emails to individual presenters with the weblink. Email addresses for individual programmes can be found via the 'Contact' link on the programme's web pages. For a full list of programmes & links to their pages visit our Shows A-Z.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of CDs we receive from people we cannot give feedback on the music sent to us.

How do I make a formal complaint about Radio 2?

If you have a complaint about any aspect of the BBC, including our shows and services, please go to the BBC Complaints website.

Radio 2 Programmes

How can I contact or comment on a Radio 2 programme?

Email: For many programmes, there will be a "Contact Us" link on the programme's web pages. For a full list of programmes & links to their pages visit our Shows A-Z.

Text Message: You can send a text message to a presenter or a show via your mobile when the show is live on-air. The text number is 88291. (Texts will be charged at your standard message rate. Check with your network provider for exact costs.)

Post: You can also write to radio showteams using the following address:

Programme Name

BBC Radio 2

Wogan House

99 Great Portland Street

London W1W 7NY


Facebook / Twitter / Blogs: You can join the conversation about a selection of Radio 2 programmes on their Facebook pages, by following their Twitter accounts, or by commenting on their blog.

You can like Radio 2 on Facebook and follow Radio 2 on Twitter for regular updates from programmes and the station.

If a direct contact option is not available, or to make a comment, complaint or enquiry about other BBC programmes or services, visit the About the BBC website.

How can I get a CD or Mp3 of a programme?

BBC Worldwide publish BBC programmes, books and related items. The decisions about whether to release material for sale are made by BBC Worldwide on the basis of projected sales. See the BBC Shop for more information. Otherwise, we're sorry but we can't provide them for you. Copyright and contractual agreements only cover broadcasts - the duplication or distribution of recordings and other materials has to be negotiated separately so this is only done for commercial release. If you are a contributor to a programme please contact the production team directly.

How can I find out which songs were played?

Tracklistings for individual shows are available on this website. To check which programme you were listening to, please check the Radio 2 schedule.

Radio 2 Website

How do I listen to Radio 2 on my computer?

You can listen to Radio 2 programmes live online on the Radio Player via the Radio 2 website. You can also catch up with shows you've missed or listen again to shows for 7 days after broadcast.

I'm having problems listening to a Radio 2 programme on my computer

For answers to any technical questions, please visit the Radio Help pages.

How long do recordings stay on the website?

Programmes are only available to hear for seven days after broadcast. We do archive some interviews from programmes for longer as clips. You can find these on the programme pages that they came from underneath the programme description.

Are there any archived programmes from Radio 2’s 40+ years on the airwaves available to listen to?

Unfortunately not, unless a documentary or programme is repeated on-air it is not available to listen to after seven days.

Can I download Radio 2 programmes to my iPod or mp3 player?

A number of Radio 2 programmes are available in mp3 format as Podcasts. If you’d like more guidance on what a podcast is or how to download one to your mp3 player visit the Podcast Help pages.

How can I find a programme on the Radio 2 website?

For a full list of programmes & links to their pages visit our Shows A-Z page.

How can I report a fault on the website?

If you're having a problem with the Radio 2 website, please email: radio2enquiries@bbc.co.uk

Why can't I listen again as soon as a programme finishes?

For technical reasons programmes normally become available on iPlayer Radio approximately 60 minutes after the end of transmission.

How to Listen

How to Listen

In the UK you can listen live to Radio 2 in a variety of ways.

On FM analogue radio: 88 - 91 FM

DAB Digital Radio: Listed as "BBC Radio 2" or "Radio 2"

Freeview: Channel 702

Freesat: Channel 702

Sky TV: Channel 0102

Virgin: Channel 902

For information on listening on these platforms - BBC Radio Help


Listen live and listen again to programmes broadcast in the past seven days here on Radio 2's Website.

Mobile Services:

Get full details of the various ways you can listen via mobile on the BBC iPlayer Radio Help page

MP3 Players (iPods and other manufacturers):

Some Radio 2 programmes are available as podcasts, which you can download and listen to on any MP3 player.

Browse Radio 2 Podcasts

Get more help with podcasts

Other Devices:

You can listen to Radio 2 on some tablet devices and gaming consoles using BBC iPlayer. Advice about which tablets and consoles are supported can be found at BBC iPlayer Help.

Internet (WiFi) Radio:

To listen on an internet radio, you may need to enter the URL for our live stream, which is available in various formats. The URLs for all radio streams available from BBC Radio are provided at bbc.co.uk/listenonline

For more information, please contact the manufacturer of your device, or refer to the instruction booklet.

Freeview, Freesat and Digital Cable TV:

If you need more help with switching to Digital, visit Digital UK


Can I listen to Radio 2 outside the UK?

You can listen to Radio 2 online anywhere in the world, but you will not be able to pick up BBC stations broadcasting on FM and DAB very far from UK shores. They are funded by the UK licence fee and the BBC is not permitted to re-broadcast them from other countries.

Visit Help Receiving TV and Radio for comprehensive advice on receiving BBC services.


Contact Radio 2

We try to reply to all enquiries, but due to the large amount of correspondence we receive, it's not always possible for us to reply individually - we'll do our best though!

Before writing to us, please have a look at the Radio 2 How To Listen and Frequently Asked Questions pages where we give answers to the most common questions we receive. You might find the answer that you're looking for right there on the page.

Feedback and Questions for Shows: If you have a query about an individual programme, or would like to give feedback about an individual show or presenter, please contact the team directly via their own show page which you can find on our Shows A-Z page. Look for the 'contact' link, click that, and voila, you're in contact with the team!

Complaints: If you have a complaint about any aspect of the BBC, including our shows and services, please go to the BBC Complaints website.

Listening Online: If you'd like to listen to Radio 2 programmes on your computer and are having problems, or need help setting it up, please visit the Radio Help page where you can find all the information you need. If you're really stuck use the iPlayer email contact form and one of their experts will help you.

If you need help signing in to the BBC: 

Visit BBC account Help if you need help or support with signing up to a BBC account to use BBC iPlayer Radio.


For regular updates and news about shows on Radio 2, like Radio 2 on Facebook or follow Radio 2 on Twitter.

Email: radio2enquiries@bbc.co.uk

SMS to the studio: 88291 [Texts will be charged at your standard message rate. Check with your network provider for exact costs]