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Radio 2 Live in the Morning: Leona Lewis

X Factor winner Leona Lewis performed for Radio 2 Live in the Morning on Ken Bruce on 3rd December 2009.

Leona Lewis

X-Factor winner Leona Lewis performed for Radio 2 Live in the Morning on Ken Bruce on Thursday 3rd December 2009.

Watch the five tracks performed by Leona  by clicking the play buttons above.

Live from the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House, this session featured some of Leona Lewis' chart topping songs and tracks from her new album, 'Echo'.

The set list was as follows:

Bleeding Love
I Got You
Better In Time
Stop Crying Your Heart Out

You can also see the photos.

After the show, Leona Lewis answered some of the audience's questions.  Here are the answers:

Q: If you could be a lead in a film what would it be? (Amanda Sheppard, Poole)
A: I'd love to be a Disney character. I'd have an amazing dress and long hair.

Q: What does 2010 hold for Leona Lewis? (Fraya and Dawn, Tunbridge Wells)
A: I'm so excited about 2010. I've got a new single coming out called 'I Got You' and a tour!

Q: Who would you most like to sing a duet with? (Erol Hussein, East Barnet)
A: I would love to duet with Stevie Wonder, he's just incredible.

Q: What's your favourite fashion designer and why? (Jeyda Yilmaz, Hackney)
A: I love Stella McCartney as she only uses ethical products; I'm a strict vegetarian.

Q: Did you have a favourite band you listened to while growing up? (Sue Carter, Camberley)
A: I loved listening to artists like Minnie Ripperton, Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder.

Q: How does it feel when you are singing? (Jason Vivekanathan, London)
A: I love singing and when I am I just kinda loose myself in each song and the moment.

Q: Where will you be spending Christmas? (Rhiannon Knight, Harrow)
A: I'll be spending christmas with my family - I'm so excited as I love Christmas.

Q: You've had an amazing journey so far, is there anything else you want to acheive? (Sue, Ipswich)
A: There is so much more I want to do! Singing is my first love but I also really want to get into fashion and movies at some point too.

Q: Will you be releasing the Oasis cover on your album as a single? (John Welsh, London)
A:  There are no plans to at the moment; 'I Got You' will be my next single.

Ken Bruce

Ken BruceKen Bruce

Leona Lewis's concert was broadcast during Ken Bruce's daily show.

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