Get Connected

  • Terry WoganWeekend Wogan : Sundays 1100 - 1300

    Throughout March, Terry Wogan will be putting his weight behind Radio 2’s Get Connected campaign on his Weekend Wogan show. Don’t miss ‘John goes to the internet café’ in a special Janet and John story.

    BBC Working Lunch: Watch Sir Terry's Internet Masterclass
  • Janice LongJanice Long - Weekdays (0000 - 0200)

    On Thursday 18 March, Janice Long will be joined by Paul Hardcastle to discuss how the music industry has changed over the past 25 years and been impacted by the internet and digital technology.

  • Simon MayoSimon Mayo’s Drivetime - Weekdays (1700 - 1900)

    Confessions is returning to Drivetime!

    Twenty years ago, when Simon was a whippersnapper presenter on BBC Radio 1, he received thousands of letters from listeners confessing their darkest secrets and worst misdemeanours, begging for his forgiveness. Every day, Father Mayo read out a confession - you may remember one about an unsuspecting goat; another involving Hammy the Hamster; one about a runaway milk float; or even the incident with Uncle Eric’s ashes - and then he'd decide whether to grant forgiveness or not.

    On 1 March, Simon will launch brand-spanking new Confessions 2010! It’s all part of Radio 2’s Get Connected campaign running throughout the whole of March where we’ll endeavour to help you get online and understand technology better. So, instead of sending Simon your confession by letter like you used to, why not e-mail him at or fill in the form on his webpage.

    You can also read Simon's favourite Confessions in the Classic Confessions Archive.

  • Steve WrightSteve Wright in the Afternoon (1400 - 1700)

    Throughout the month, Steve Wright and his team will delve into the world of technology. Guests including the Big Show’s Blog experts Helen and Olly will look at the best ways to get online and address common concerns people have about technology. Steve and team will also read out some special Get Connected factoids.

    Wednesday 24 March: Steve is joined by Gareth Mitchell, presenter of the BBC's Digital Planet to discuss the latest digital gadgets.

    Thursday 25 March: Find out how the Old Woman gets on when she vists a UK Online Centre.

  • Jeremy VineJeremy Vine Weekdays (1200 - 1400)

    Throughout the month, Jeremy Vine will discuss a range of issues including:

    :: How the internet has changed my Life
    Wednesday 3 March at 13:30: Anita Rani (sitting in for Jeremy Vine) will be speaking to guests about how the internet has changed their lives.

    :: How do I get my business to the top of Google?
    on Friday 5 March at 13:30 with Anita Rani (sitting in for Jeremy Vine) will be joined by Kennie Young who has a search engine optimisation company to discuss - How do I get my business to the top of a search engine list?

    :: Why Should I Get Online?
    Wednesday 10 March at 13:00. Jeremy Vine is joined by Martha Lane Fox, Champion for Digital Inclusion to discuss “Why should I get online?”

    :: How to save money by paying your bills online.
    Friday 12 March at 13:00 with Jeremy Vine. Jeremy will be joined by Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis and a listener who pays all their bills by cheque

    :: Digital Switchover
    Tuesday 16 March at 1300 Jeremy Vine will be joined by the Shadow Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt for a special Minister Live. Listeners will be able to put their questions directly to the Shadow Minister, about issues including the digital switchover.

    :: Totally Online Barnsley Project
    Friday 19 March at 13:30 with Jeremy Vine. Jeremy takes a closer look at the town of Barnsley which has set itself the target of getting 100% of its citizens online by 2012.
    Jeremy Vine will be joined by Martin Cantor who is leading the project.

    :: Digital Radio
    Monday 22 March. Jeremy is joined by columnist and broadcaster Libby Purves to discuss the digital radio switchover.

    :: How many bits of old technology do you have lying around your home?
    Thursday 25 March at 13:30 with Jeremy Vine. He's joined by Phillip Stott to discuss ‘Techno-junk’. 

    :: First Time Online
    Wednesday 31st March. On the final day of our Get Connected campaign, Jeremy catches up with Valerie Basson, a listener who he helped get onto the internet for the first time, live on his show a fortnight ago. Jeremy finds out how Valerie has been getting on with the internet since.

  • Aled JonesAled Jones in for Sarah Kennedy (0500 - 0700)

    On Wednesday 17 March, Aled Jones sitting in for Sarah Kennedy will be joined by Revd. Nicholas Papadopulos for a special Radio 2 Get Connected Pause for Thought.

  • Chris EvansChris Evans Breakfast Weekdays (0700 - 0930)

    On Monday 15 March, Chris Evans will be joined by Rev Rob Gillion for a special Pause for Thought as part of Radio 2’s Get Connected campaign. Rev Rob will reflect on getting online recently for the first time and the importance of being connected.

  • alex lesterAlex Lester - Weekdays (0300-0500)

    From Monday 8 March, Alex Lester will be asking for your tips on the etiquette of social networking sites as he launches his Twitter account.  What is Twitter?

  • Aled JonesAled Jones - Good Morning Sunday (0700-0900)

    On Sunday 28 March Aled is joined by Toby Scott, Director of Communications and Campaigns for the Methodist Church in Britain to discuss how churches are using technology to support their congregation and share their faith with others.

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