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Radio 2's Get Connected campaign offers you a Jargon Buster to tell you what some of the terms mean that you might hear from blogs to webmail - find out what they mean here.

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Address Bar
The space at the top of your web browser in which you type a website address.

The most common form of broadband in the UK. Allows high-speed Internet connection via an upgraded phone line.

A test or pre-release version of new computer software, a website or service.

Short for web log. A frequently updated website with all updates displayed in reverse chronological order. A blog often takes the form of an online journal or commentary.
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A person who writes their own blog.

High-speed Internet access (usually at least 10 times faster than dial-up).

The software or program used to view web pages. Also known as a Web Browser. For example Internet Explorer or Firefox

A kind of web site that allows several people to communicate with strangers (or friends) in real time.

The main screen visible on your computer before you start any software.

A way of connecting to the Internet using your telephone line.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)
A system developed to prevent piracy and allow digital copyright holders (for example record companies or music publishers) to control who can access or copy their work.

To transfer a computer file or document from a website to your own computer. As a noun, a download is a file or document available to download from a website.

An electronic greetings card sent via a website.

Short for electronic mail. A way of sending an instantaneous message or letter to another person over the Internet.

A collection of permanent links to your favourite websites stored in your web browser.

A document designed to be read by a computer containing links to website content.

A program designed to monitor web pages or emails and block certain types of material (like spam emails or pornographic web pages).

A way of blocking unauthorised access to your computer.

This has two meanings:
1. The default web page that appears in your web browser when you first connect to the Internet.
2. The front page or contents page of a website.

The name for a small picture on your computer desktop representing a computer file, link or program.

The Internet
A way of using telephone lines to connect millions of computers all over the world.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
The company who provide your connection to the Internet.

A portable digital music and video player similar in size to a pack of cards, capable of storing and playing many thousands of songs plus photos, videos and podcasts.

A way of jumping from one web page to another.
A link could be a word or phrase of text, a button or a picture.

A device that converts computer data into a format that allows it to travel down a phone line. Essential for connecting to the Internet.

A computer file format designed to compress digital audio (music or speech) for fast downloading.

News Reader
A program or website that allows you to access your favourite web content in one window using RSS Feeds.

Connected to the Internet.

Operating System
Software needed to manage all the programs on your computer.
Windows is Microsoft’s operating system for PCs.
Mac OS is the operating system used by Apple Mac computers.

Security update for your Operating System.

A secure online payment system popular with eBay users.

Parental Control Software
Computer programs that allow adults to restrict their children’s time online or access to inappropriate websites.

A piece of audio (usually an MP3 file) that can be automatically delivered to your computer, for you to listen to at your convenience.  Read Podcast Help from the BBC to find out more about how to access the BBC's portfolio of free Podcasts.

A small window that appears over a web page to display an advertisement.

Rogue DiallerA small piece of software that usually makes its way onto users computers without their permission, and changes the phone number used by dial-up customers to access the Internet.

Stands for Really Simple Syndication. A system that allows you to view content from many different websites in a single window at the same time.

Search Engine
A website that allows you to type in words or phrases in order to find links to websites devoted to a particular subject or person.

Any kind of computer program from games to spreadsheets, music players or word processors.

Unsolicited email, often used as a marketing tool and/or pornographic in nature.

Software that monitors your computer use without your express permission.

Start Menu
The system used on Windows computers to start up or launch your software.

A way to have your favourite web content delivered to you automatically via a Feed.

Exploring the Web.

A keyword or a phrase used to categorise web content ranging from photos to links, files, blog posts, and features.

A dial-up Internet service charged by a fixed monthly subscription rather than by the amount of time spent online.

To transfer or copy a computer file or document from your own computer to a website.

A malicious programme that installs itself on your computer without your permission.

The Web
Short for World Wide Web a way of accessing text, audio, pictures and video stored on computers connected to the Internet.

Web Browser or Browser
The software or program used to view web pages.

A way of reading, sending and storing your email via a website. For example Hotmail, Yahoo or Google offer email accounts for users.

A collection of related pages comprising any combination of text, audio, pictures and video.

Web Page
An onscreen equivalent to a page from a newspaper or magazine, which may comprise a combination of text, audio, pictures and video.

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