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"I was a bit scared to be honest and almost overwhelmed by the sense of occasion."

  • Phil Collins 
    "I'm desperately trying hard to retire but no-one believes me." 

    John Paul Jones [Led Zeppelin]
    "It's nice to see folk music, what's essentially a living art-form, in full swing." 

    Kate Rusby and Graham Coxon
    "The mainstream media look into folk music every now and again and think it's really happening.  But it's actually just going along as normal whether they look at it or not."

    Julie Fowlis and KT Tunstall
    "It was a scary audience, all these great musicians and presenters. I find closing my eyes really helps, I don't think I opened them until three minutues in!"

    Rachel Unthank & The Winterset
    "We were very well behaved before we had to get up and sing.  We won't be on the floor later but we'll be merry."

    Mike Harding and Adrian Edmondson
    "You get a load of folkies, put them in a room, give them a load of booze, and then you're surprised when they make good music!"

    John Tams and Sean Bean
    "I'm entirely bowled over by the fact Sean came and presented the award." 

    Martin and Eliza Carthy
    "The great thing about playing in The Imagined Village is that there isn't an ego in sight."

    Martin Simpson
    "It was a very special evening. There was so much music that was good."

    Romeo Stodart [The Magic Numbers]
    "Folkies tend to drink more, they're not as clean living as you think."

    "We wanted to win the trio award, but there wasn't one! So we're absolutely delighted to win Best Group."

    Phil Selway [Radiohead]
    "Everybody talks to each other which I find quite an exception for an awards ceremony."

    Robert Kirby
    "The new  generation of folk musicians are at the top of their profession performance wise."

    Chris While and Julie Matthews
    "We've had six nominations as Best Duo and two as Best Live Act, but we're still waiting to win!" 
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