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DOCTOR WHO: Regeneration - Tuesday 20 December 8.30-9.30pm

 Picture of some Daleks

What's your favourite scary moments from Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who? Send us yours and it could join those below.


    You shared your most frightening moments to date from Doctor Who and we've put a choice selection on the website for everyone's pleasure.

      Send Us Your Comments!

      Fill in the form with your details and send us your comments.

      Disclaimer: The BBC will put up as many of your comments as possible but we cannot guarantee that all e-mails will be published. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments that are published.

      Read what others have said..

      Frog, Dublin, Ireland
      Tom Baker's title sequence (the rotating tin foil) and theme tune scared the bejesus out of me every week, and Tom Baker coming out of a dalek incubator being throttled by a lump of jelly, screaming for help. After that I was hooked. Hiding behind the sofa was no good, because it was in the same room at the telly, so it was the crack in the door for me. Does anything scare kids in such a delicious way any more?

      James, New Jersey USA
      Can't remember the name of the episode but remember Roger Delgado as the master masquerading as a village vicar during the day and conjuring up demons at night Delgado was brilliantly evil playing the doctor's arch nemesis.

      Maureen Neathway, Somerset
      When the shop dummies came to life in Spearhead From Space.

      Mark, Guernsey
      The yeti emerging from the gloom of the London underground tunnels terrified me. I was four and watched from behind the lounge door (no room behind the sofa!).

      Shaun, Hampshire
      When I was 5 watching pyramids of mars, seeing Scarman shot by the poacher and watching with abject terror as the shot and smoke was absorbed back into his chest... kept the landing light on for months after that one!

      Martin Asquith , Rotherham, South Yorkshire
      I remember being frightened by the giant Drashig that erupted out of the swamp in Carnival of Monsters.I made one the next day out of clay!

      Mrs Glenda Hanson-Isle of Man
      I really remember with fear the Autons as being the scariest 'monsters' ever!!!!!!!!! Having said that, we do have a real Dalek in our lounge....

      Dave LOVE from eastbourne in Sussex
      I still remember the green death as the most frightening episode. I was only about 5 so it was the most frightening thing I had ever seen. That and STAVROS of course !

      Harvey Unwin , Telford
      The Cliffhanger to the Invasion where the cybermen climb out of the sewers with the background of eerie electronic paralysing humming. At age 4 it scared the living daylights out of me. This is closely followed by the fully developed primords, from The Inferno, smashing through an armoured window!

      Stephen Wallis, Greenisland- N.Ireland
      It's going back a bit, but the John Pertwee adventure the Green Death, scared the life out of me. It featured large maggots with teeth menacing the Doctor in dark, green ooze filled mined in Wales. They were horrible to look at and hissed loudly. I saw it again recently and the memory of that initial fright was still there!

      Graham D'Amiral, sidcup
      Revelation of the Daleks, When Tasha goes in search of the body of her father in the catacombs and finds him being turned in to a dalek and he pleads with her "kill me child kill me"

      john hughes - hastings
      Ghostlight - The moment when ace is alone in the corridor at the mansion and the stuffed animals start to re animate - hated that bit real shiver down spine. Then thats followed by a policeman in a draw ! a really spooky episode, not your usual big bad monsters.

      Simon R. Mills, Hampshire
      The Green Death! Slime! Giant maggots! Aaargh!

      Keith Smith Winsford Cheshire
      BOK! "Chap with the wings there, five rounds rapid!" WOW!! walking past our local church on the way to school from then on was always at a run! Dr Who and the Deamons

      Chris G, London
      The Cybermen bursting out of their pods on board a huge freighter, in Earthshock. Unstoppable and very, very scary. No sofa seemed big enough to save me from them!

      Mick From Derbyshire
      First time i saw the cybermen .iwas eating my tea only 9 at the time thought they were scary jumped up and spilt my tea down my legs jumped up and fell over the coffee table Followed the Dr since the 60's

      James Brown, age 6, Wigan
      I watch videos with my mum and I think the one when the shop dummies come out of the shop windows and their fingers are like guns and they shoot people is very scary.

      Royst South wales
      Got to be the maggots....

      Guy the Zygon, Leicestershire
      It can only be The Seeds of Doom: first in its monstrous transitional phase, the bed-bound Krynoid bursting free from its shackles in the darkened cottage; then minutes later, fully metamorphosed in the grounds of the mansion, lurching up to colossal height to absorb the hapless Dunbar at the cliffhanger. Sarah screams in horror as the theme tune tears in to seemingly consume the show itself! As a kid I always hated vegetables - at last: proof my fears were well-grounded!

      James Turner
      The moment when Peter Davison collapsed, and regenerated into Colin Baker, and the line delivered by Colin a sneer, when Peri asks whats happened,'Change my dear, and not a moment too soon'

      Bluejulep, Derby
      not scariest but funniest - in the pyramid of mars when sutek finally gets up out the chair, you can see a hand(holding down the pillow so it didnt stick to him) slide away from the chair- totally hysterical, have a look!

      Robert Mitchell
      A silurian hiding under hay in a barn and then emerging to confront a terrified woman. I could not collect hay from the local farm for my guinea pigs for weeks!!!!

      Paul from Stockport
      Without doubt, the parasitic Nimon had me hiding behind the sofa at the tender age of 8 in the winter of 1980. The bull-headed aliens were just so nasty and I had no one else in the living room to offer a helpful arm to bury my face into. So, I just hovered behind the sofa throughout the entire episode, until the Doctor finally saved the day and made it safe to emerge from cover.

      James Bowers, Chester
      For me the most frightening moment would be the Dalek emerging from the river thames in 'The Dalek Invasion Of Earth'.

      Craig Potter, Kent
      Chloe Ashcroft was presenting Play School at the same time as having an acting role in Dr. Who. As a 5 year old, I cried when I thought that she'd been exterminated by the Daleks and wouldn't be on Play School the next day!

      Chris S,Ashford
      Autons stll make me wary of shop mannequins. How many people still bump into a shop doll and get the creeps? Ingenious! Daleks weren't scary until 1988, when one chased the Doctor up a flight of stairs (Remembrance of the Daleks). I put a chair against my bedroom door after the first episode!

      Christopher Adams
      Best was: Patrick Troughton as Doctor Who No 2. Best episode was the web of fear in the London Underground with the YETI'S. Frightning as we used the Underground soon after it was shown on BBC ONE. Cant wait to see the new show, this is what Saturday nights on BBC 1 is all about! Back to the good old days, CONGRATULATIONS BBC TELEVISION, worth the TV licence fee now!

      Rob, Cheshire
      Walking around the dimly-lit Dr Who Exibition in Blackpool circa 1980, and seeing a stationary Dalek suddenly glide towards me! I needed to buy a pair of Tom Baker underpants afterwards!!!

      Jonathan Simmons, London
      Two mummies crushing a poacher to death in Pyramids of Mars in 1975. I notice that many other scenes have been nominated from this story, and rightly so!

      Glenn Lewis - Bristol
      Colin Bakers costume!

      James Flynn, Anaheim California USA
      Pyramids of Mars, when Sutek's follower kills the egyptian guy and smoke starts coming out of him, pure horror there.

      Cary- South West Wales
      I have strong memories of the shop dummies coming to life and shooting a policeman, I was very scared! The Daleks fasinated me rather than frightened as they did not seem to be men in suits like so many other sci-fi shows.

      Colin Lewisohn in Leeds
      The moment when the Yetis come out of the London Underground tunnel with UNIT bullets not even making a scatch. The sofa found itself creeping closer to the telly, guess who was behind it!

      Gordon, Oldham, Lancashire, UK
      My scariest moment; The bit where the guy gets suffocated by a plastic Auton chair in 'Terror of the Autons in 1971. I'd be around 10 years old...

      AndyT, Nottingham
      The Doctor getting drowned by Goth in 'The Deadly Assassin'. Mary Whitehouse got a bit upset about that one too.

      Dion Page, Norwich, Norfolk
      As an 8 year old boy, the scary Tom Baker era title secquence and music had me commited to the rest of the programme for life, Fantasitic!

      Jonathan Kaye, Westcliff-on-Sea
      The cliffhanger to Part One of City of Death (1979), when the seemingly-human Scarlioni pulls off his human face to reveal a green alien face. Fantastic music, too!

      Geoff Cooper - South Lincolnshire
      No question! Dr Who & friends kidnap a dalek and remove the creature from inside. As the episode ends a black slimey thing starts to emerge from beneath the tarpaulin.

      John Scott Lewinski, Studio City, CA, USA
      The Sontaran unmasking for the first time... My first episode on American Public Television was the Sontaran Experiment. Somehow, the fact that it was shot on video made it seem more real -- almost like I was watching a documentary or a news report. So, it was just generally creepy...

      Marcus Judge from Gillingham, Kent
      For me the most frightening moment to date is when the maggot approches Jo Grant's back from the 1973 story The Green Death.

      Andrew Merkelbach, Merkelbach Films, Australia
      Display dummies coming alive and bursting out of shop windows - how could you top that?

      Gary Pownall London
      When Eric Cleeg thawed out the tombs of the cybermen. seeing the cybermen climbing down the ladder and hearing that strange chaotic music chilled me to the bone. Even now.

      Jason Shron, Toronto
      Even as a child, I always poo-pooed the notion of hiding behind the sofa. Doctor Who was not as scary as the nightly news, after all. However, the Ogri - the blood-sucking stones in "The Stones of Blood" - they were the ones that did it. I must have been about ten years old. I had seen the episode before, so I knew what was coming. The anticipation and fear overcame me, and I ran behind the couch and waited for the screams of the hapless campers to die down. It still chills me to this day, and just thinking about it I am tempted to go find a nice comfy spot behind the living room sofa...

      Rick, Oldham
      The scariest moment from Who was always in the 80's - anyone seen Bonnie Langford in full scream close-up?

      Michael Morris (Lancashire)
      I think the scenes in epsiode 2 of the Seeds of Doom when the Krynoid was on the loose! And, also later on when Elizabeth Sladen was being held captive and was about to be infected by the Krynoid Pod! This was a classic story and well acted and dramatised.

      Greg James, Swansea
      A cold winter's evening in the 70s - and the harsh, escalating voice of a dalek as it spirals the words: Exterminate! It sounds like it really will kill the Doctor. From Genesis of the Daleks

      Richard Unwin from London
      The scariest moment by far was when the tabloids suggested that Paul Daniels was to play the next Doctor.

      Rossa McPhillips, London
      Seeing Davros for the first time when I was five - from 'Remembrance of the Daleks' (1988). His pruneish face attached to a plethora of wires and electrical components was, at the time, the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. It sent me cowering behind a pillow and reduced my dad to reassure me that it was "only make-up".

      Gruff, Warszawa
      It was a Colin Baker story. This beat a maggot slimimg its way towards Jo Grant when I was 5, The Brain of Morbius a few years later and even Michael Grade in '85. 'Trial of a Timelord', episode 11 revealed that the obviously evil Valeyard was IN FACT a future semi-incarnation of the good Doctor. Such a thing had never occured to me; sent shivers down me spine.

      Paul Quinn, St Albans
      1986 adventure Trial of a Time Lord with Colin Baker - the cliffhanger to the episode when it appears that the Time Lords have ordered Peri to be killed. I was shocked.

      Iain, Edinburgh
      As a child, Fish n Chips were as much part of Saturday Nights as Doctor Who. It was the only night of the week when we could eat with our fingers in front of the TV. My appetite was ruined on seeing the Zygons, as they looked like battered cod! They were the scariest of the monsters.

      Paul Quinn St Albans
      The cliffhanger to Episode One of the 1988 adventure Remembrance of the Daleks with Sylvester McCoy when the Daleks chase the Doctor UP THE STAIRS!

      Stephen Jaggard - Newmarket
      Davros and the prospect of causing genocide in Genesis of the Daleks. A terrifying portrayal of megolomania.

      Simon Mason from Teesside
      It was Destiny of the Daleks, Romana falls down a small shaft into a black mirrored like room with faint sounds of machinery coming from the other side of the wall, then suddenly the daleks burst through. and then the famous screech of the theme tune.

      Garry Stock, Gosport
      For my most frightening moment,was when a hiker was waliking through some woods at night and was killed by the power of an ancient skull that had been unearthed.The story was "Image Of The Fendahl" from 1977.It still spooks me today and I am 33 years old!!!!!!

      luke in sheffield
      My scariest moment ever was seeing those autons break free of the shop window glass in spearhead from space, it made my spine tingle

      Paul Guest, Dorset
      the climax of Logopolis. my 5 year old self was aware of regeneration, but hadn't seen it. Watching the fall at the time had to be one of the scariest things i'd seen, the docotr couldn't walk away from that one.

      Simon , in Hull
      The robotic, killing bus conductor in Greatest Show... absolutely terrified me!

      Lee Thompson, Bournemouth, Dorset
      "I bring Sutekh's gift of death" From Pyramids of Mars. Chilling and evil, with the Doctor & Co. looking on to see the egyptian servant ruthlessly murdered by a wonderful death-grip. Brilliant!

      Matthew, Central London
      Whilst visiting Harry Sullivan in hospital, Sarah Jane Smith spins round to come 'face-to'nodule' with a shape-shifting Zygon. Nurse, the defibrillator! (The story: TERROR OF THE ZYGONS)

      Mark Holding, Thornton, Lancashire
      I was terrified when a couple of daleks burst through a (cardboard) wall in an underground city and pinned Romana against a wall with their famous battlecry. But you knew everything was OK - that long colourful scarf wasn't far away.

      Ben, Bath
      The Daleks finally climbing stairs back in 1988, need I say more?

      Andy Smith Loughborough
      Shop Dummies smashing their way onto the streets of London (Spearhead From Space 1970)

      Terry. Indiana. U.S.A
      I lived in Southend on sea. And I can remember the monsters emerging from the ocean and walking up the beach as the invasion begins. I could not get myself to swim in the water for quite a few years after seeing this on Dr. Who, It’s great!

      Steve Corke, Hastings, East Sussex
      My earliest most frightening moment from the series was when the Sea Devils emerged from the sea in the early seventies... That image still haunts me, even today!

      Grant Mclanaghan. Canterbury.
      It was 1970 and I was five and in the story shop window dummies sprang to life and started killing people. The story was pretty scary in itself but it wasn't until I went shopping with my mum that I really thought that the store mannequins would come to life. My parents wouldn't let me watch it for a year!

      Pip, Manchester
      The only time DoctorWho ever freaked me out would be when the evil Fenric took over the body of a character called Dr Judson in "The Curse Of Fenric". He had these scary contacts in that made him look rather chilling and odd. Great episode, shame the Beeb axed it a story later! :)

      Chris Walsh, Canterbury
      The ONLY moment from Doctor Who to scare me was the death of the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. This happened when he traveled to the planet of the Spiders and was killed by the queen. As a kid I had always felt reassured by this Doctor's pure intelect and his ability to handle anything, but watching the Doctor being forced to stride around like an idiot was genuinely frightning.

      Darren, Aberdeen
      Aged 6, watching as the Vervoids (humanoid plants, all green and leafy, very creepy to me at the time!) emerged from ventilation ducts and started killing off the passengers of an intergalactic liner. Still holds up well today!

      Billy Herz, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey USA
      I've not had a scary bit. The pleasure came when I showed some vids to my four-year-old niece, Sarah. She watched the Daleks, hid behind the sofa. "I'm scared! . . . Can we see it again?" I was overjoyed!

      David Ryan, London
      The Deadly Assassin, 1976. The Doctor has just got his foot caught in a set of railway points when a train comes rushing towards him. As a young 'un, there was no way I'd trespass on the railways after that cliffhanger.

      Nick Lyons, Staffs
      It has to be the curse of fenric, when the haemouvores appear out of the sea, as the chains of fenric shatter. One of the best stories from doctor who.

      Jack Hadley ,Cardiff
      In Inferno the last last cliffhanger where you see the lava approach the main characters.

      Andrew from London
      My worst Who memory is of an episode that I must only have seen about 10% of, because, although I wasn't actually behind the proverbial sofa, I physically couldn't force myself even to glance at the screen - I'm talking about the pulsing spaghetti-like exposed brain of Mawdryn Undead.

      Daniel Hughes (Harlow, Essex)
      There was a monster race called the Wirrn from The Ark In Space episode. They used to scare me so much when I watched it on video. They don't know - so hope the new series has monsters that will make us go back behind the sofa.

      Mike Mills - Mid-Wales
      Undoubtedly the scariest single moment in Doctor Who is the Autons' emergence from the shop windows displays in 'Spearhead from Space' and their following deathly slow stalk down the highstreets of London, massacaring innocent passers-by

      Jonathan Miles, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
      The end of part 2 of the Trial of a Timelord, starring Colin Baker, first broadcast in 1986. The Doctor tries to escape an underground complex on Ravalox by climbing up some stairs only to be surrounded at both ends of the staircase. When he said 'this really could be the end' I wondered how on earth he would escape! I remember the thrill of having to wait a week and find out what happened! I have very fond childhood memories of watching Colin Baker as the Doctor, the first one I remember watching.

      Paul st helens
      For me the most terrifying moment was from the planet of evil.The part where the Doctor is near the hole in the ground.Then the anti matter monster from the hole came from it making the 4th Doctor fall into the endless pit.

      ?hil, behind the sofa
      I was about three years old when the Mandrells burst out of a wall and attacked Tom Baker's Doctor. I was so frightened that my parents would never let me watch the show again. About a year later, I became an anorak, and I still can't cast it off. Roll on March 26!

      Mark, Birmingham
      The scariest moment for me was in 1996 when by serendipity I stumbled upon a promotional appearance by Jon Pertwee and was stood next to the smelliest, dirtiest anorak-clad Doctor Who fan... ever! That and Richard Briers' performance in Paradise Towers.

      Anthony, Rutland
      The cybermen's appearance at the end of episode one of Earthshock. It was a total surprise and stunned me for the rest of that night. It was a secret well kept by the show. What an entrance!

      Garry Jones,Port Talbot,Wales
      I will always remember the Jon Pertwee story, "The Sea Devils",and seeing the creatures rise up from the sea and walking along the beach destroying everything in front of them,i live near a beach, and would not go anywhere near there for months afterwards!

      Jacob, 15
      The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was [quite] a scary story, if not one of the best ones I have seen yet.

      Jack Green - Manchester
      The scariest moment for me was in "Trial of a timelord" when the earth started to swallow up Colin Baker's doctor and left the episode on a cliff hanger.

      Ian, Behind the Sofa...
      Sea Devils did it for me...

      Patrick Gallacher,Scotland
      Probably my scariest moment would be The Cybermen Invasion of St.Paul's Cathedral in 'The Invasion' (1968)

      Nigel Thurlow - Brussels - Originally Notts
      As a life long fan my childhood, like many others, was terrorised by the various Who monsters, but never as much as by the Daleks who, according to my parents and my vague recollections, used to emerge on many a night from my bedroom wall while I was sleeping sending me into screaming terror as my parents raced to rescue me. I can’t wait for their return!

      Dave Chambers, USA
      The cliffhanger to "The Face of Evil" part 3......where the a mad computer with multiple personalities is yelling out "Who am I?" causing the Doctor to fall to the ground in pain.

      Si Hart, Bracknell Berks
      Its got to be the end of part 1 of City of Death, where the villan played by Jullian Glover ripped off his face to reveal he was really a green spaghetti monster with one eye! It scared the life out of me when I was 5!

      Chris simmons
      When the Malus vomited green slime in the TARDIS in "the Visitation" i was 5 at the time, and was terrified that something evil could get into something so safe like the TARDIS!

      Colin Ravey, Manchester
      Being in a church, and the wall falling down to reveal a grinning stone face behind it, belching smoke. Show was 'Awakening'. Every week they'd just have the maddest, most terrifying imagery. Some of it would stick with you for every - no matter how cheesey it looks if you ever watch the story again as an adult!

      Simon, London
      For me one the most frightening bit of the show was the actual credits and music. I was often a nervous wreck before the action had even begun and spent an awful lot of Saturday nights behind the sofa!

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