Diana, Princess of Wales

Born into one of England’s historic families, Lady Diana Spencer grew up in exclusive circles before marrying Prince Charles.

She became the world’s most photographed woman and when her marriage failed she continued to attract the attention of the public and the media worldwide.

After divorcing Prince Charles, Diana became more involved in charity work. She was the first famous person to work for AIDS charities. She also campaigned against landmines. The public loved her for the way she cared for others.

In 1997 Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris. Her death has been the subject of many conspiracy theories.

The death of Diana had a profound effect on the nation, triggering an outpouring of grief on a scale never before witnessed.

What do you think of Diana, Princess of Wales?

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Sheila Bramley, Ilkeston
A very spoilt woman who liked publicity at any cost. I bet she would love the idea of causing upset to Charles even now. At least he only had the one woman on the side while she had a whole series of lovers and stuck with Diana who could blame him for going back to his first love.

Joan NorthEast
Diana, an icon? I think not. Born into gentry, married into royalty, unfortuntely died too young but does that make her an icon? if she hadn't died, she may have just melted away like the other royal divorcee.

elly kent
shes cool

Marie Abeledo, Scotland
I think due to the fact that there are no Scottish Icons then Diana Princess of Wales would be my choice.

Andreea -Romania
What could best define what Princess Diana was to the world if not her own words:"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."?

Sue from Cheltenham
A wonderful lady - sadly missed!

Lynne Williams, Chatham, Kent
I think Princess Diana is the Ultimate Icon, and she certainly brought the Monarchy up to date, and she did so much for tourism for this country. Also her charitable work with so many charities that she worked passionately for. She showed so much compassion to those less fortunate than herself. I don't thin we will see anyone again like 'Diana'. She certainly gets my vote. The world lost a beautiful person they day she died.

cynthia - argentina
She did what whe could with her life, poor thing. She showed the world that somebody can be the Princess of Wales and still be near common human beings whether in need or not. Sorry she had such an early departure


Paul, Treforest
She said the British media purposefully intended to bring her down in a TV interview with BBC. After things span out of control, she wished to assume an international role and represent her country as a public figure in the world arena because of her inborn communication talent. Radio is all about communication. She deserves such icon title. Frankly speaking, I think the British media owes her.

Simon Kett, Norwich
The legacy she has left behind makes the day I woke up and realised she had gone beautiful. Never to forget that. I rue the day her boy is on the throne and compassion to this country returns.

Chris Evans in Brynamman
She was the most wonderful personality that was able to reach out to touch ordinary people, sick people, incapacitated people of all kinds and creeds. I am glad to have lived in this era to have know that there are wonderful people like the "Diana,Princess of Wales". I watched her develop under the press/papers etc.. what a beautiful person. What a shame. What a tragedy!

Margaret, Grimsby
How sad to think people she thought were her true friends are so quick to stab her in the back. She was a one in a million and her memory should be left in peace for her sake and her children. Her impact on her sons is so easy to see by the sort of people they are turning out to be.

Jacqueline, Aberdeen
Diana holds true icon status; her face is an image entire world knows and can put a name to, and will continue to do so.

Mrs A.M.Gadd, Woking, Surrey
Diane, Princess of Wales, was a beautiful woman,she was a wonderful mother she gave so much to other unfortunate people, she visited the sick, she put her own life at risk when she went abroad to make people aware of Land mines.We the British people are worse off without her. and I am sure her two boys think so to.May she rest in peace.

Mandy James, Yeovil, Somerset

lee rogers
what a lady,she was a real giver a helper some thing a lot more people should try and do more often

Mrs D Webb Glasgow
A beautiful young woman who died far too soon and was up against it from the start of her marriage to Charles but still managed to instill so many of her qualities into her sons!

Ian Wheatley - Whitley Bay
Far too much rubbish talked about Princess Di and how she was "one of us". As a RADIO 2 icon she shouldn't even be an entry.

Dianna,A woman with a powerful influence.

She was a wonderful person, beautiful, vibrant and so in touch with ordinary person, ok so she did'nt always get it right but who does.She certainly brought the monachy into the 20th century and gave the nation two wonderful princes. May her memory always live on.

Mrs Holt Coblers Cottage Wenhaston SUffolk
definitely Diana - she touched millions of hearts

sarah dodd bristol
princess diana , is my icon.

John F Kennedy Invergordon Highlands Scotland
A beautiful Laday who's life was cut very short she did a lot for joe public which the Royal family could take a lot of lessons from, she deserves to be remember and what better way to do than voting for her as Radio 2's ultimate icon.

barbara tayler plymouth
she portrayed everything that the royal family should and unfortunately doesnt - kindness, compassion, in touch with the common people, and a love of her family

patricia sheldon. wolverhampton
Fresh blood in the royal family. She was like a breath of fresh air, but much maligned by 'The business.' She was so ordinary and then she was catapulted onto the frontline.Need I say any more!

Chris Corfu Greece
A truly lovely lady

Felixstowe Suffolkphilippa Morgan
When Diana died I felt I had lost someone close. Like someone who was part of my everyday life. I had lost a personal friend, though I never met her.

Louise S Phylactou, Limassol Cyprus
I think Diana, Princess of Wales should be as Radio 2's Ultimate Icon she was a lovely kind caring woman and would of made a good Queen I think her son's are very lucky to have had a mother like that she will always be in everybody's minds she will go down in history she will never be forgotten. I have read all her books I am a big fan of her's.

Adrian - Derbyshire
A most beautiful person with a heart of gold and did the monarchy proud although they might not think so but I still admire the Queen because she saw her own faults. Diana you should have been Queen I'm sorry for the way things turn out. But you changed history I hope that Charles will do the decent thing and give the throne to Prince William. Long live the Queen mind she is God fearing as was Diana I pray that William is to.

Lynda Bromley Kent
Diana Princess of Wales was an inspirtaion to all, her warm caring nature, her charm and charisma was a magnet to all of us (mostly). She dared to go where other feared and set standards that all of us could relate to if not follow as closely as we would like to have. The day the angels took Diana (and Dodi) was the saddest day for us left on earth but the Lord needed her more than we did. I wrote in a book of condolences 'I miss you but i never met you, I love you but i never knew you' and these word are still true today. Lynda

Diane Downie Skelmersdale
She was really more or less one of us ....she was treated so badly by the Royals and she is so missed ....

linda republic of ireland
One of the most inspiring yet tragic women and it can only be said only the good die young,she had so much compassion and love to give, such a waste of young vibrant women and loving Mother.

Fran.from Essesx.
The Greatest.

Ailsa Mackay Inverness
She was an extremely special person who had an ability to feel compassion for those who were less fortunate than she was herself, despite the hurt dished out to her by those who should know better. The people of the world saw in her something very special and she will always be missed. We lost a unique person.

Mrs Sheila Golborne Merseyside
She was the only "normal" royal weve ever had.

Della Hamilton
A pure English Rose who will always be loved and never forgotten.Very unfortunate she got mixed up with the so called Royal family.

Shirley Northamptonshire
Princess Diana was indeed the Queen of our hearts, so caring so beautiful and so beloved by all that saw and met her. Since her death Britain has sunk to the bottom of the abyss. She is for me.. the Ultimate Icon of our time.. We miss you so much Diana..

Santi Morley - Littleport, Cambs
She was a lady who used her charms to help others in need. Many people touched by her loves. She was the only one of the kind and very rare.

Jules Cambridgeshire
Diana gets my vote every time. She is the epitomy of grace, motherhood, glamour, humility and had such presence. She is sadly missed by us all, but especially William and Harry. The Queen of Hearts may be dead, but she will live on forever and is with us every step of the way.

sheila b dewhurst
She got married the same year as us. Had her children when we did. I couldn't believe she wasn't going to be around forever!

Susan Evans
I think she touched people's lives in a way no-one has for a long long time.

Maureen Lowther - Spain
She was the most lovely person inside and out and her legend will go on in her two sons who she would have been so proud. She is truly an icon.

Mrs D Chamberlain, France
I wish she had had her seat belt on as she would have still been with us. She gave so much and she had a lot more to give.

David J. Duruty de Lloyd, Ruardean Woodside
Princess Diana used her obvious beauty and glamour to highlight those who needed help and she touched the hearts of not only the British but people around the globe, whilst being a true mother to her boys.

Sheila Hamilton
She touched so many loves, but above all was a wonderful mother.

Anastasia East Anglia
no description can do her justice however eloquent - a real Princess - the icon of our time

Heather Newland, Tavistock, Devon
Diana was the pure picture of glamour, beauty and compassion, we all aspired to be like her, she had a unique knack of knowing who needed her the most - she wouldd walk into a room and instinctively know who was in need of her care. She was just a charming, english, rose and now she is no longer with us to work her unique brand of magic - I think that the world is such a sadder place.

Gill Murphy Wiltshire
She was a wonderful person

Tracey - Cornwall
She was a fantastic person who brought love, warmth and normality to the royal family. She was a breath of fresh air amongst the stale, rancid fossils that she married into. It broke my heart when i heard she had been killed. She was ill-treated by the Windors, used and then thrown away, they were too ignorant of the fact that she was the jewel in their crown, and since she has died they have reverted back to their victorian ways. She is greatly missed by millions. Long live Harry, i think he more than William has his mothers natural ways, and little sense of naughtiness which we all loved!! RIP Di X

Pat - South Wales
Loved her. She was dealt a raw deal by ' the family'. Hope William doesn't stray away from his lovely girlfriend because of them

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