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 Alan Simpson and Ray Galton

The legendary writing partnership of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson began in 1949, when the pair met whilst undergoing treatment for TB at Milford Sanitorium. By 1951 they were writing professionally for the BBC and they have since written over 600 scripts and won numerous awards for their work on radio, TV and film, including Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe And Son.

Radio 2 marks the 60th anniversary of their writing partnership with a series of half-hour comedies, starring Frank Skinner, Mitchell & Webb, Rik Mayall, June Whitfield and Paul Merton. They were originally written for television by Ray and Alan and have been especially adapted by them for Radio 2.

Find out more about each episode below, all of which are introduced by Paul Merton.

 Frank Skinner

Saturday 7 March

Frank Skinner stars as a football fanatic on his way to a Wembley Cup Final with his heavily pregnant wife and his best friend. An early labour, an emergency stop and the disappearance of the priceless tickets lead to a comedic study in political incorrectness and male chauvinism.

The drama was first broadcast on Yorkshire Television back in 1974 and starred Brian Glover, Maureen Lipman and Peter Jones.

 David Mitchell and Robert Webb

Saturday 14 March

Starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

A Rolls Royce and a banger meet in a very narrow country lane, somewhere in Cornwall, and both drivers refuse to back up. Between the AA, the RAC and the Cornish Constabulary, a solution is finally found, temporarily.

The drama was one of Galton & Simpson's Comedy Playhouse Scripts for the BBC, first broadcast in 1963.

  Rik Mayall and June Whitfield

Saturday 21 March

Starring Rik Mayall and June Whitfield.

We all know one. The man next door, on the bus, in the pub, or if you’re really unlucky the one who comes round your house, night after night, just when you’re settling down to watch a long awaited film on television. The last thing you need is a bitter two hour long dispute over the identity of a bit player.

The drama was first broadcast on Yorkshire Television in 1977 and starred Leonard Rossiter and Pat Hayes.

 Paul Merton

Saturday 28 March
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Starring Paul Merton.

When Arthur Bunclarke… with an E… did his patriotic duty in donating a pint of his blood, he was unaware until the prick of the needle that he was the proud possessor of one of the rarest blood groups in the world. Which was just as well as things turned out.

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