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The Day The Music Died returns for its 6th series. Hosted by award-winning writers and broadcasters, Andrew Collins and Jon Holmes, this is a half-hour comedy show that reflects the week in rock and pop music as you've never heard it before. It treats the music we love with the ridicule it so clearly deserves.

Find out more about Andrew and Jon and their diverse musical tastes.


    Andrew & Jon recreate the Wham! Fantastic album coverIn a moment of madness, Andrew and Jon decided to have a bash at re-creating some classic album covers, just for the hell of it. These are, evidently, very poor attempts, but a good laugh to do (see especially, Andrew wearing a blonde wig in the Simon & Garfunkel cover, like a hat).

    Can you have a bash too? Be as creative as you can or just throw it together like us. E-mail us your recreations and you could see yours on our gallery too.

    Please only send in your photos if you are happy for them to be published on this website. We cannot guarantee that all photos will be used.

    PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to publish any album re-creations that contain original album artwork or copyrighted images. Please only send in album covers that you have created yourself.


    Every week Jon and Andrew try to trump each other's most unusual musical treasures. We can guarantee you won't be able to get hold of these tracks anywhere - and certainly not download them. With the help of record detective Jonny Trunk, we share them with you each week.

    If you have an equally bizarre track that you think we should hear please E-mail us.

    ROUND 6


    No Smoking comes from 'Panic, Son of Shock', the second in a series of quite barmy recordings by the Creed Taylor Orchestra. The track here was written by Ken Hopkins and was published by Ampco Music. Sleeve notes include the fact that this album is "a trifle strange". Issued by ABC Paramount, circa 1959.

    Bohemian Rhapsody
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
      (Andrew's choice)

    Andrew thought he'd pulled a fast one when he uncovered a rare white label track from his soggy cardboard box in the garage. Surely this was the tune to win the final and deciding round of their bloody battle?

    Extraordinarily Andrew's 'white label' find turned out to be one of the most popular records of all time - 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by the lesser known mega star band Queen, which was frankly very downloadable. As Jon reeled back on his heels at the astonishingly stupid choice, Mr Collins, remarkably unperturbed by his status as the only man in the world not to know who Freddie Mercury was, took advantage of Jon's open mouth and stole victory from the jaws of defeat by snatching the trophy and triumphantly crowing "I am the champion!". Go figure at the logic in all of that.

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