Cambridge Folk Festival 30 July - 2 August 2009  

Radio 2

The Zutons

The Zutons is an English indie rock band from Liverpool. They achieved their biggest hits with Why Won't You Give Me Your Love? and Valerie, both taken from their second studio album 'Tired of Hanging Around' in 2006.

Valerie was later covered by British female singer Amy Winehouse, who took the song to #2 in 2007.


Set List

  • 1.Always Right Behind You
  • 2.Hello Conscience / 204
  • 3.Harder And Harder
  • 4.Pressure Point
  • 5.Confusion
  • 6.Valerie
  • 7.Just You Wait
  • 8.Don't Ever Think (Too Much)
  • 9.Zuton Fever
  • 10.WWYGMYL
  • 11.You Will You Won't

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    Played by

    Chris Evans

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