Cambridge Folk Festival 30 July - 2 August 2009  

Radio 2

Paul Brady

Having started out with The Johnsons, Paul joined seminal Irish folk act Planxty in 1974, replacing Christy Moore.

Since 1978 he has forged a highly successful solo career, which in recent years, has seen him collaborate with artists including Ronan Keating and Carole King. His Sunday evening set will feature music from throughout his career.

Performance highlights


Set List

  • 1.Following A Star
  • 2.Hard Station
  • 3.Money To Burn
  • 4.Oh What A World
  • 5.Follow On
  • 6.Rainbow
  • 7.Nobody Knows
  • 8.Busted
  • 9.Crazy Dreams
  • 10.The World Is What You Make It

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