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From 'world class' to 'genius' to 'unpredictable' - Mark Radcliffe and Mike Harding give you a few pointers for some of the artists from this year's festival - recommendations include The Imagined Village, Michael McGoldrick Band, Noah and the Whale and Mauvais Sort.

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They missed a trick. Top group (and there was so much excellent talent around) were Kila who are the most stunning group I've seen. Their music takes folk to new boundaries, and they deserved their double billing. Well worth a listen.

Noah and the whale WERE worthy. where do you think Laura Marling came from?? a gentle, lovely set, epitomising the new folk, with a nod to the old.

KD LANG is the standout - can compete with any singer in any time period.Would also like to see Monica Queen at cambridge - once crowned the queen of glumbient folk by the uncut magazine but never seems to be at the festival.

Yeh! Wheeler Street were a great find. But the best thing at Cambridge HAD to be The Chair, they are just phenomenal!!

Allen Toussaint and Eric Bibb were the best for me.

I'm a bit after the event, and they weren't there anyway, but could someone please give some kudos to Steve Knightley and Show of Hands?

Laura Marling was amazing...

Sally J.
Waiting in the queue at the Hub, the newcomer storyteller, Richard Beard, was cracking!! Where's he telling next?

Alan Pike
I thought Seth lakeman and his band had such intense energy on stage. it is not hard to see why they are such a popular live act. I shall certainly make the effort to see them in concert again.

... Eric Bibb WAS on the main stage. I saw him, he was excellent

Paul Jenkins
my wife and I say this girl called Jake Cogan in the club tent on friday night, the last of 9 acts presented by the cambridge folk club and quite frankly she was amazing!

What about Megson then?

Nicky A
Saw Marina Florance in the Club Tent on Friday night. One to watch for sure!

Gordon Browne
Are you going to play any Eric Bibb. Saw him at Cornbury and thought he was brilliant....should have been on the main stage

Hey boys what about the Peatbog Faeries, one of the best live acts around.

I think people are forgetting The Levellers, they must be the must see band this year, with a new album on the horrizon and celebrating 20 years in the music business. Cant wait to Seth Lakeman either, have seen him 7 times and just gets better every time

Eliza Carthy (also appearing as part of The Imagined Village), Seth Lakeman, Laura Marling, Richard Hawley (standing in at the last minute for John Hiatt), and Devon Sproule...A good line-up. But Noah & The Whale??? One good single and suddenly they are worthy?

check out WHEELER STREET a fantastic young group gonna be huge!

Saw Seth Lakeman last Sunday he was fantastic so looking forward to seeing him again.

Charlie Brown
You should ensure you take a look at Elizabeth Cook, accompanied by her husband Tim Carroll(ex The Blue Chieftians). They even include a 'Hillbilly Dancing' segment in their set. Elizabeth's recent album 'Balls' was produced by Rodney Crowell and made the Americana Top 10 album charts. She is a Opry regular and is a star in the making - GUARANTEED!

Kath (Trowbridge, WIlts)
Saw Devon Sproule and 6 Day Riot at the Trowbridge Village Pump Festival last weekend and would recommend both - The Imagined Village are amazing too and lovely people.


Emma G
Really agree with Mike about The Imagined Village, saw the show in Poole in 2007 and it really is one not to miss. Cannot wait to see it again, and their solo performances across the festival too

Noah and the Whale will be great. Devon Sproule too. The best festival in the world!

Ian Jackson
Have to agree on Devon Sproule. Cauht nher act at Brampton. Seas really got something there.

Mark mate, the website says Noah and the Whale are named after their favourite film The Squid and the Whale, and its director, Noah Baumbach.There you go...Cheers fella.d.

Would much rather see Wheeler Street to be honest...

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