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The Waifs are Joshua Cunningham, and sisters Vikki Thorn and Donna Simpson. Forming in 1992, they achieved critical acclaim in their native Australia. Their 2002 single, London Still, led to a US release, a tour with Bob Dylan and global recognition. Their latest album is Sundirtwater.

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Trish Roberts
Amazing !!!.. their break away from touring hasn't dampened anything.. in fact they just get better and better... fabulous.. their 2003 appearence especially in that jam packed Club tent is still one of my most memorable gigs ever..and this weekends set was incredible too .... please get some video's from it up on here.

Dan Newell
It had been years since I'd seen The Waif - the last was on a return trip to Oz a few years ago and I couldn't wait to see them live again. They were simply incredible - such energy and passion for their music and I'm glad they chose to make the trip across to share it with an appreciative Folk Festival crowd. Let hope they're back next year too.

Mike P
This band frustrate me. They exhaust my ability to explain how brilliant and exciting they are to see live. Superb musicians, fantastic range, great rapport with their audience, grounded. Definitely special.

Liz Denton
I saw this amazing group at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2003 - they have to be seen to be believed. Amazing band, and keep getting better with time.

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