The Imagined Village

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You can see highlights from The Imagined Village's performance at the Cambridge Folk Festival on BBC Four's highlights show on Friday 29 August.

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The Imagined Village

Folk Supergroup

The project is a way of exploring the roots, identity and heritage of English Folk music. It has drawn together some of the biggest names on the Folk music scene, including Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy and Chris Wood, as well as Billy Bragg and Paul Weller.

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One of the best gigs I have ever been to, in terms of anticipation, sheer vituosity and stage performance. I was gutted to not get an encore. more please Imagined Village!!!

jill parker
well worth the wait in the damp for

Only seen the video footage, sure gets the adrenaline going!!!!!

Stupendous performance. This is the future of folk! Imagined Village has reimagined English roots for a new generation.

Anyone know what the encore would have been?

Fantastic show, but all too brief.I was sorry not to here Sheila Chandra sing more.

Stunning - the BBC coverage is brilliant, if a bit scant - they should film all the festival every year - if there is the budget for all the mediocre drama, sport and comedy across 4 channels, surely covering such a truly English event (in an Imagined Village, 2008 inclusive style type of Englishness)is what public service broadcasting is all about.

Ian Jackson
My highlight of the Festival. Why did they let the previous act oveerrun? I await with baited breath more from this superbe group of artists

Gorgeous! amazing collection of musicians

Heard cold haily rainy night on last nights Radcliffe and Maconie show on radio 2.Loved it. Blew me away. Need to know more.

I went with my mummy and daddy to see it and i realy liked it!

Fantastic show by the imagined village. A Pity there was no time for the encore!

best in show

awesome performance though we were disappointed benjamin zephaniah didnt perform live for tam lyn as he was on stage briefly to collect an award

The Imagned Villge are amazing! Why is there none of Chris' solo stuff?

best live gig I've ever seen

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