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Dubbed The Elvis of the North, the former Longpigs and Pulp member's solo career has been prolific - working with Nancy Sinatra, Gwen Stefani and Elbow, among others. Lady's Bridge is the fifth album from the avid Sheffield Wednesday supporter.

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Krysia Greg-Gorovitz
Love you, love you, love you. Marry me! Definitely the brightest star in Cambridge that night. Please play Cambridge again.

Graeme Brown
Saw Richard at Holmfirth Picturedrome…one of those rare talents that are even better live than on record! Pure class!!

Never heard of Richard before and totally adored him when I discoverd him at Cambridge. He makes me all goosey just listening to him. Totally Wow :-)

Would've loved to have heard him. Never got the chance, sadly, maybe next year, if everything goes to plan.... is he coming back?

Sharon Anson
I'd never heard Richard's music until the Folk Festival and left my family in the club tent to wander over alone and listen - I am so glad I did! His music is truly beautiful and for me was the highlight of the Festival.

Loved Richard Hawley's stuff before the festival. His addition to the festival line-up was the icing on the cake for me. He was brilliant.

Mike Anderson
Beautiful, uplifting, inspiring.I feel privileged to be able to distinguish between musical class like this and the dross that appears in the chart.

I waited THREE long years to see Richard because every time he plays at De Montfort Hall I miss him. I was like ice-cream melting in the midday sun afterwards. Truly a memorable performance on Sunday just by seeing all the classic guitars he was playing.

I was a Richard Hawley convert by the end of track three! I always discover a special act i was unaware of at the festival and this year it was Richard. Fantastic!

I agree with Kate. Richard Hawley was awesome. The band is a superb group of musicians, tight and totally together. Even the traditional folkies were jigging along!

Paul Thompson
Didn't see Richard at Cambridge unfortunately but I did see him in Belfast last January and he was totally awesome!!!!!!!

David Parry
Richard Hawley was my highlight of an absolutely brilliant festival. Please invite him back next year and let him do a longer set.


Andy Rowlinson
The best act by far. Thanks for the request.

Richard Hawley was totally awesome. Valentine is so moving. He was a bit of a laugh & is quite self-effacing which was nice. Tonight the streets...brought the house down.

Joanna Carter
Stunning, mesmerising, just beautifully, utterly unforgettable..

Alister Atkin
Richard is one of the nicest blokes I've had dealings with, I love his music, he is a man of class. Say hello to him for me if you get the chance.

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