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You can see highlights from Martha Wainwright's performance at the Cambridge Folk Festival on BBC Four's highlights show on Friday 29 August.

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Martha Wainwright

Folk-pop songstress with famous relations

Canadian-American singer-songwriter, the sister of Rufus and daughter of Loudon Wainwright III, Martha comes to Cambridge to showcase tracks from her latest album, I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too.

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John Gray
This was the first time I had seen Martha, and she did not do much for me. Why was it necessary to have the stage-managed introduction? let the TV broadcast be a faithful record of the festival - let the festival comperes do their job and let the audience make their own mind up.

She's got some excellent songs. This isn't one of her stronger ones. Can we see more please?!

I love Martha! What a charisma-Raw talent runs in the familyMore of her, please!A.

Dr Slide
Sorry BBC I felt she was very overated as an artist. Chris wood showed what cambridge is all about

Her voice sounded amazing this weekend. Stormy Weather was one of the highlights of the festival.

No need for such swearing - with a family orientated festival!!

I have seen her a few times and she delivered a stormingly good set at Cambridge, in particular her Stormy Weather rendition was superb. As for her random swearing, really, can't people just accept some people swear, some don't?! Thanks Martha for a fab set again.

Another Winehouse? Someone who whines a lot

Laurence Turner
im angry that u only have 1 video clip up of probably the worst song she played at the festival!! put up the whole video please!!!

John Lawton
Didn't appreciate her too frequent 'potty mouth' comments.

love her angry song

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