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It's funny to think that Grammy Award winning, Canadian singer, songwriter k.d. lang began her career as a country artist....

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An absolutely wonderful performance.I've been going to Cambridge for more than 10 years and I'd rate her performance of 'Hallelujah' as one of my favourite ever Cambridge moments.

Paul Rollinson
Ome Key, no positive side, left after 10 mins, not impressed.

Chris Jones
KD was brilliant and after bantering with her she performed a perfect renditon of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah! Thanks

John Lawton
Really enjoyed here set DESPITE the sound man screwing up her mic level and EQ throughout the performance.

I wa not looking forward to seeing KD but her voice was so pure and genuine, it was a joy

I knew she was good, but she was amazing. I was at the front, and was spell bound! Beautiful voice, wonderful performance, fabulously sexy woman. Please come back next year xxxxx

Terry Grinter
Quite simply the "voice of an angel", stunning performance .

She was fantastic - and she performaned Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah just for me because I was 'persistant' - the girl from up north - BARNSLEY!!

She was amazing. It was really nice to see her sense of humour shining through. Vocally beautiful and lovely band...

Jill Mulligan
I saw KD in Dublin last week and still tryin to catch my breath cos she took it away ! I think I`ve just found a fabulous addiction....luv 2 KD xxx KEEP SINGIN ALWAYS...

Just can't believe I'll hear this voice in person after so many years of enjoying her performances on disk etc. Wow! K.D. Lang was part of my grieving for my lost love and my growing up, almost 20 years ago. But the music hasn't dated it still has phenomenal power and now I hear new vibes. Cheers, Lesley

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