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Chris Wood is an English folk music composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He is a member of the critically-acclaimed groups, The Imagined Village, Wood, Wilson and Carthy, The Two Duos Quartet and is the founder of the English Accoustic Collective.

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What an amazing singing voice - for me, he was the find of CFF 2008 as I hadn't heard of him prior to it. His Stage 1 performance was just awesome. He sang really well with the Imagined Village too.

Nick Jakob
I've seen his name around for a while but never heard him before - he was my hit of the festival really - saw him twice (plus Imagined Village) - great lyrics and music, great build up and stage craft between songs, great guitar - just waiting for the next chance to catch him in London maybe!

stuart ellis
got into chris wood having listened to trespasser prior to the festival. Thought the album was brilliant but thought his live performance in tent 2 on friday was exceptional - hairs on the back of the neck good - plus chris was politically right on and funny as well. now my favourite artist and i am not even a folky. cant wait to find out more about his music and see him again - sidmouth?

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