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Formed in 1999, this 6-piece family bluegrass band have breathed new life into the musical genre. They won the coveted Entertainer of the Year at the 2005 International Bluegrass Music Awards. Their current album is Cherryholmes II: Black and White.

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Just simply blew me away! WOW!

Wendy K
Not a fan of bluegrass, but saw Cherryholmes at Cambridge and they were fantastic, lively and the crowd loved them. I think I've been converted!

Never been a big bluegrass fan either, but this band were amazing, they gave so much to the audience, and what talent! I bought the cd and will definitely go and see them if they are on tour!

SO good we saw them twice this weekend. over heard many other people talking about catching their sets and how impressed they were. discover of the festival for us.

Saw them at Celtic Connections Glasgow Jan 08. They were great fun & great players. My wife thought she did'nt like bluegrass she went to see the top of the bill Dougie MaLean, but talked about the Cherryholmes all the way home. Yee Haa.


I don't like Bluegrass music, but this band is surprisingly superb. Just listen and also find out how they started in music (see links elsewhere on this page). If you fancy going to see them on their first visit to England & Wales, they have several other concerts planned including South Wales, Maidstone, London & Newcsatle.

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