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About Radio 2
JOHN DUNN (1934-2004)

John Dunn
Above: John in 1997.
Listen Again Listen to highlights from John's shows.

Pictures of John See some pictures of John through the years.

If you have any tapes of John from his early days, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know here.

John Dunn, one of the most well-known voices in British radio, has passed away after a long illness. He was 70 years old. A true stalwart of Radio 2, John presented a daily show on the network for over 30 years.

John was named Radio Personality of the Year three times, as well as being awarded a Variety Club Silver Heart and the Daily Mail Silver Microphone. In 1985 he was made a Freeman of the City of London.

Lesley Douglas, Controller of Radio 2 says, "John was one of the best known voices in Britain and was truly the gentle giant of broadcasting. He had been with Radio 2 since its inception and his long and distinguished career earned him an army of listeners. He will be remembered with enormous affection and will be greatly missed."

Born in Glasgow in 1934, John started his broadcasting career in the RAF before joining the BBC as a studio manager. He later moved into news reading and presentation, becoming a familiar voice on the World Service and all the domestic networks.

When BBC Radio was re-organised in 1967, John chose to join Radio 2. He initially presented Breakfast Special and Late Night Extra, before settling into the early evening slot which he made his own.

John was awarded a Gold SONY Radio Award in 1998 for the best Drivetime Music Programme. Even after his retirement he continued to make programmes for Radio 2, presenting "Friday Night is Music Night", "The Waltz Kings", "The Glory Days" and a series on Gilbert and Sullivan. He also made guest television appearances, including "Countdown".

During the course of his career John broadcast from around the world - Seoul, Taipei, Singapore and Beijing to name but a few - but he made radio history in 1996 when he broadcast his show live from Antarctica. He also interviewed thousands of guests from all walks of life.

John's charm and warm soothing tones made him a much loved presence on the nation's airwaves. Speaking in 1998 about the secret of his Drivetime success, he said: "After a long scratchy day at the office, stuck in a traffic jam and it's raining, I just wanted to remind listeners that 98 per cent of people out there are extremely nice and we tend to forget this."


helen connolly
You can turn a light off but you can never erase the memory of somthing wonderful.

Brian Wells, Portsmouth
I only learned about John dying yesterday in fact. I only spoke to him once, when I took part in the Mystery Voice in 1993.Along with Ray Moore he was a wonderful person who had that magical touch that could turn an absolute misserable day into something worth being alive for. Since he gave up the Drice Time slot I've missed his comforting voice and quite often play that very last day he had Christopher Bland on. Again, along with Ray Moore, thank goodness I had the forthought to save recordings of them Mrs. Dunn, and family please accept these belated condolences

I John was the most skillful interviewer I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing; it was as though you were eavesdropping on two good friends having a quiet chat and that was the great skill along with his meticulous research which was genuine: he read the book, saw the movie, atc. A very sad loss and condolences to his family but a big thankyou for so many pleasurable hours in the car which made me unaware of many traffic jams. I wish is was wroonngg!

John was the most skillful interviewer I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing; it was as though you were eavesdropping on two good friends having a quiet chat and that was the great skill along with his meticulous research which was genuine: he read the book, saw the movie, atc. A very sad loss and condolences to his family but a big thankyou for so many pleasurable hours in the car which made me unaware of many traffic jams!

Carole Green
as alistener who followed John Dunn from early morning to early evening because his chice of words and music was so good, I always hoped that when he wanted to reduce his hours the BBc would have the sense to offer him aweekly show but they never did. How sad now there will never be the opportunity for us to hear his voice regularly again unless the Bbc will indulge us with repeats of some of his most famous shows - like the one from Antartica for instance. I am sure it would get a huge audience. Meanwhile we send our sympathy to his family and his former colleagues who will feel the loss too.

David. Tamworth
I agree with all the warm tributes paid to John Dunn. I always felt that he really cared about his listeners and enjoyed what he was doing. The baton has been collected by Johnny Walker and he is doing a good job with the same good nature but with less maturity. However, I feel John would have approved.

Sheena & Keith Campbell
Long regarded as the broadcasters broadcaster John was one of the two best interviewers on radio - the other being Roy Plomley. Sheena says: I was lucky enough to meet the Gentle Giant several times in the early seventies. What you heard was what you got. That lovely velvety voice and that excellent interviewing technique - actually LISTENING to what his interviewee had to say. All through Breakfast Special and all his other programmes I must have been John's biggest fan. Johnnie Walker is a good replacement, and Richard Allinson is from the 'John Dunn School of Broadcasting' - but no-one will ever replace the great John Dunn. Love and condolences to the family.

Rodney Collins
Pleased to hear about the tribute programme. John and I were work colleagues and friends for some years, often travelling to and from work together. Superb broadcaster

Clive Bishop
Having only just been made aware of his departure, I'm saddened at the news. I so much enjoyed listening to him especially the late afternoon/early evening programme which Johnnie Walker so ably now does. A true 'gent' to listen to who always displayed respect to everyone he ever had on his programme... truly shocked

Susan Smith
Listening to Radio 2 this morning (Sunday 16 Jan) I heard the very sad news that John had died. I had obviously missed the announcement of his death. I felt another part of my life had gone too, I listened to John's programme with my three sons, usually getting the dinner and listening to the mystery voice. We all used to try and guess, until one time when I was convinced I had the answer. I was on air, and yes I was correct - the answer Julie Christie - it was great fun, i won £250 book vouchers! When John left the BBC I didn't listen again - he was part of our lives. I said another part of my life had gone - I lost my wonderful Mum on Christmas Eve - my thoughts are very much with his wife and family - It hurts - I know.

Joan Butler
Like many others I loved to listen to John Dunn both with breakfast and driving home from work. Before I saw John on the television I thought 'big John Dunn' was fat-not 6' 7" tall. He will be sadly missed by everyone but hopefully will be re-united with my other great Radio 2 favourite sadly missed, Ray Moore.

John Barnfield
John you were one of lifes true gentleman and a voice that always came with a feel good factor. As with many things in life one doesnt appreciate what we all had until its no longer there. You will be sadly missed by a great many people.

Mike Woodthorpe
I was "wronged" by John during the famous sessions, I still have the sticker & his picture, what a sad loss, the old timers are sadly going-- hang on Terry!!

J ohn Underhill
John always came across as a kind and intelligent man who will be sadly missed by his close contempories. His warm textured voice will remain with me for a very long time.

John Fowles
Mny of these tributes have said what I wanted to say. epecially about his interviewing style I particuarly recall how he managed to make even the Duchess of York sound interesting no mean feat yes I missed John's regular slot a great deal until I left to emigrate to New Jersey in 2000 at te ripe old age of 59. Thanks John for many hours of pleasure

Neil Bowers
What a voice. He said "wrong" in such a way on Drivetime that it seemed as if he was sorry to say it. I thought he had a wonderful voice, he kept me company whilst I spent the long drawn out evening of winter driving around in my van. I will be sorry that he will never grace the airwaves again. although I never knew him, you felt as though he was "your best mate" keeping you company. An all round good egg. One of the best, certianly missed.

Roger Suffolk
Wonderful voice & personality of Radio 2. One of my main reasons for listening & one of the reasons (now he's gone) that I don't listen much nowadays. They don't make them like that any more - sadly. Radio 2 is not what it was, all the greats are either dropped (JY) or have passed away. Sorely missed.

Steve Procter, Lancs
"Answers Please"! I learned so much from John and his worldwide search for answers, as I am sure many millions of others did. Sadly missed and condolences to his family

malcolm lane
I hate to admit it, but I was not a great radio listener. But I used to listen compulsively to John on my way home in the car. As a journalist, I appreciated his ability, not to interview people, but appear to be having a conversation with them - friend to friend. A great communicator indeed!

APG, Rugby
John Dunn's early evening show will always take me back to a period of my life spent in Bristol. I would walk home to him on my Walkman - his voice was an oasis of calm and laughter at the end of another busy day. I have only heard of his death today and feel very saddened that such a lovely man has disappeared from our airwaves for ever. He will be fondly remembered and missed greatly.

A Whiting
I agree with everything that has been said, I have only just heard on Radio 2 this afternoon of his sad passing - I just didn't know - so sad. My deepest sympathy to all his family. x

Raymond Young
John was a delight and a pleasure to listen to. I was on the mystery voice in 1986 and my short conversation with John is an experience I will never forget. My heartfelt condolences to John's family.

A real class act,I thought John was the very best broadcaster of his type. On occasion I was loathe to get out of the car at journey`s end listening to John and an `after 7` guest.

Peter Read, Winchester
John had an excellent interviewing style whoever the guest was: his questions were intelligent and well researched, but were delivered with a warmth - and he listened to the answers. His programme was a friendly and informative constant in my life from my teens to my 30s, and fostered my love of radio

Martyn Smith
Only just found out that John Dunn had died. Missed it somehow when it happened. His voice was one that would conjure a particular time and place. Rather like Desmond Carrington's voice will forever bring to mind the smells sights and sounds of Sunday lunch, John Dunne's voice is weekday dinnertime. My mum was a mystery voicecontestant on his show not long before he was booted off the air. She was, sadly for her'wrooongg!'

John was a giant in stature and a giant in broadcasting, he is a great loss.

Judy MacOmish
Every night after work in two or three different jobs I would always travel home with John Dunn. He was the best and always will be the best as far as I am concerned. No-one can touch him for his relaxed but skilful and caring interview style. My sincere condolencies to his family and friends.

Barry Trimmer
John's drivetime programme enabled me to remain sane on my daily commute across London for many years.I met him in Barnet many years ago - in the early 70's I believe when he was visiting an Army base and he drove a tank. Difficult for someone as tall as him. I also spoke to him at a Friday Night is Music Night recording at Maida Vale. He was always so attentive and polite. He will be sadly missed.

Trevor (N Ireland)
Very sorry to hear of John Dunn's passing recently. He had a great voice for radio, a relaxed and pleasant style, and was a pleasure to listen to. John will be sadly missed.

Norman Day
It is with great pride that I can announce to the world that I was "wronged" by John Dunn. That memory will stay with me always. Thank you John.

I read of the sad news in Australia. His name brings back happy memories of my time spent listening to the radio in England. 1963-1985. A true loss for those who love professionalism at its highest standard. God bless you and your family.

Peggy good
I loved listening to John whilst preparing the family's dinner. He was my favourite broadcaster and I really enjoyed his interviews. He always seemed so interested in whoever he was talking to. If there is something I want to find out about I still think "I must write to John Dunn". Still miss him a lot. My condolences to his family

Davey G, Kingstown Hospital Radio in Hull
I couldn't have got through Uni without John. You'll be sadly missed, but thank you for many, many happy memories.

Phil J F
I was extremely sad to hear that John Dunn had passed away. I no longer listen to radio 2 regularly for various reasons but I listened with pleasure to John for many years in the late 60's to the early 80's (Late Night Extra and so on). In these days of in-your-face media, I never heard John do an interview or piece that fell into that class and I always felt that he was conducting a dialgue for me personally. RIP.

Mary Locke
I loved listening to John his voice was just what you needed after a hard day My condolences to his wife and family

Kevin Badham
For all your younger liseners, you gave the older genaration of music a life of its own, this made your drivetime show avalible to all ages. This show lives on in Jonny Walker who has added his own style. Deep down it will always be your call. Thanks for all your hard work, at rest from us all.

Steve Lee
John had a superb voice and I always hoped he would reappear in a regular weekend or evening slot on Radio 2, sadly it didn't happen. I remember watching him many years ago when he broadcast his programme live from the Royal Show at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. Would you believe that in the last 3 months I unexpectedly found a recording of one of John's tea time shows in my late fathers cassette collection - thanks Dad!John will always be remembered as a quality broadcaster - sadly missed by many.

Michael Howard
I remember John from 'Breakfast Special' - getting ready for school in the 60s - to driving home from work in the late '90s - over 30 years of solid, entertaining radio - probably his kind will never be hard again - many thanks John

Diane Brownson
This was a man who made a great difference to many lives and brought untold pleasure to us all.

Denis Charles.
Listened to him many times whilst "On the Road". His voice conveyed a warm and generous personality, a gifted man. many thanks John.

john had such a lovely voice.I could have listen to him for hours.He was such a nice person.

Mike Y in Nottingham
John was the man I used to do my homework to... He was the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Thank goodness BBC Radio Two can preserve true talents like his forever. We've lost a real gentleman of the airwaves.

carol thomas
greatly missed john rest in peace

The Chirgwin family
We were saddened to hear of John's death - he had a certain magic that made you feel like he was a friend chatting to you while you made your way home and had your tea. Heaven's gain is our loss. We'll miss you - our deepest sympathy to your family.

Wendy Price
Will miss his voice on dark evenings, he always made them feel much brighter


Bernard Bowyer
John Dunn always sounded as if he was only talking to you. It was like having a friend in the car with you. I remember many of his excellent interviews and although I never tried to get through I always tried to guess "The Mystery voice". Thank you John for a show that was always a pleasure to listen to. Condolences to his family.

Ray Wild
John had the ability to put listeners at their ease, the gift to talk TO the audience and not talk (or shout)AT them, a skill not practised much these days. It is said that the good die young, some of us most have been very bad indeed. A sad loss, Radio is the poorer without him.

Mike Kimber
John guaranted quality listening for many years and it was always a pleasure to listen to him. Thanks for the happy memories John.

David Eager
Such a lovely man - he always sounded like my dad

spencer turner
John was always an absolute professional, and was one of the few people who really found his true niche in life. another bitter shock--i am one of the many who still have not come to terms with the loss of John Peel--just a few weeks ago. God bless you John(s)--messrs Peel and Dunn

Kathryn Williams
I was very sad to hear of John Dunn's death as I was of his departure from Radio 2 in 1998. He, along with many of the weekday daytime presenters on R2 in the 1990's made time when I was off school ill or bored in the holidays pass much quicker. R2 in those days was worth listening to. Things don't always change for the better! Thank you John and 90's Radio 2 for being some of the reason I did a Media degree and Post-Grad Broadcast Journalism Diploma. Thoughts are with his family.

Thank you John for all the happy hours you gave us. Condolences to your family. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Thank you John

James Burton Stewart
May I send my heartfelt condolences to John's wife and family. He accompanied me on my journeys home for more years than I care to remember. He clearly was an entirely self possessed and self effacing man who simply loved his job. John was the archetypal radio broadcaster - not turned on by the glitz of showbusiness, indeed almost relishing the anonymity which radio can provide, with that unique ability to paint pictures in words which is the hallmark of the top radio people. John Dunn was most certainly in the uppermost echelons of that elite set. We are not likely, in these days when the ability to shock seems to be the way to get on, to come accross the like of John Dunn again - we can only count ourselves as privileged in the extreme to have been able to enjoy his unique style over so many years. May he rest in peace.

Pauline, Cumbria
His voice was soothing at atime when you came home from work and his interviewing skills were wonderful. Loved his show,music.and mystery voice.and friendly tones.He was sadly missed when he finished his show and I was so sad to hear of his death.

Richard Railton
Sorry to here about John's death. I enjoyed listening to him on a weekday afternoon.

Ian Shields
So sad to hear of johns passing what a wonderful voice and a lovely man

Lawrence Matthews
The last six years just haven't been the same without John's erudite broadcasts - he was one of the best and his programmes were enjoyed by so many people, as is shown by all these tributes. My sincere condolences to John's family at this very sad time for them. I hope they will be able to derive some comfort from these heartfelt tributes to a well-loved broadcaster who made a big difference to so many people's lives.

Ian Shields
So sad to hear of johns passing what a wonderful voice and a lovely man

Annette Lavelle
I now work in Oman and only discovered the news about John's when I went on-line. It feels as if I have lost a greatly loved relative - he played such a big part in my life. Any problems were soon forgotten once I heard his gentle, soothing voice. God bless you John.

A sad loss; I listened in the 80's when he did the evening show and enjoyed it; it helped to 'wind down' the day after a busy day grafting at work.

Pat Hannon
I have on tape John's last show which I haven't listened to yet. John will be remembered for his warm approach and professionalism. It ever a style and voice suited drive-time, John's was it. However, I do think that Radio 2 found the ideal replacement with Johnny Walker. It was no mean feat but Radio 2 pulled it off. I'll listen to John's last show tonight.

Ken Wilde
What can you say !!! A true professional and such a nice person. How I enjoyed listening to you on my way home from work. The voice was unforgettable.You will be sadly missed. Condolences to John's family

mark stones
what a sad los to hear of johns death. i can only repeat what everyone else has said you will be missed - you did a great have left the old drivetime job in good hands with johnny walker.

Keith Meakins
John will be sadly missed, he set the standard for Radio 2,to which everyone is still trying to attain. God bless to his family.

Mike Eastwood
John's voice soothed the day's problems away as I listened on my drive home. A true legend, will always be remembered

Tony Potts, Washington
John was a truly superb broadcaster. His relaxed tones were som good to listen to on the drive home from work. We will fondly remember him.

Jane Russell
John was the reason I converted to Radio 2 in 1997. His soft toned voice helped to melt away the strains of the day and calm you for the long journey home. You just knew the man behind that voice had to be a lovely person. Condolences to his family.

Jane Russell
John was the reason I converted to Radio 2 in 1997. His soft toned voice helped to melt away the strains of the day and calm you for the long journey home. You just new the man behind that voice had to be a lovely person. Condolences to his family.

Fiona Firth
John will be sadly missed. I used to listen to him on my way home from work and, even if I had had the worst day in my life, he managed to make the sun shine again. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

Simon Cuckson
John was lovely weave in the tapestry of my life. I never get tired of saying "what a beautiful building" when I see Durham Cathedral. I never got tired of saying "what a great voice" whenever I heard John. Thanks John

John Richards
My name is changed to John Richards. I used to be John Dunn, but my evening radio show went out at the same time as Big John's in the early eighties. It somehow seem innapropriate to share the name with such an icon. He was a gentle giant and always put his guests and listeners at ease - though that often belied the quality of his programme output. Along with John Peel he was inspirational. 2004 will go down in the annals of history as the year we lost our two finest voices from the spirit of radion.

Margaret Broadstock
I rarely missed John's tea-time programme when I was preparing a family evening meal. I was pleased to have been 'Wronged' by John on 'guess the voice'. He always seemed to have the ability to say the right thing at the right time to those nervous participants. I still miss his comforting voice and feel sad for his family and friends not to have him around any longer.

Iain Geddes
I still miss John's evening show, I work less hours now as I used to stay at the office so that I could time my journey so that I could listen all the way home.

I used to live downstairs from my parents and go up to check on Dad every evening after work. He always listened to Radio 2 and I would stay and listen to John Dunn with Dad. My Dad died in 1982 but John's passing just brings more memories back to me.

Philip Bale
This message board says it all doesn't it? John never failed to entertain and I still miss his show on Radio 2.Sincere condolences to his family.

Barbara & Dave Lucey
How very sad to hear of the passing of this lovely man. He gave pleasure to so many for so many years and was a perfect ambassador for the BBC. He had the most wonderful voice and always came over as a gentle, caring man. Whether at home or on the road, he was an absolute must to listen to. Our sympathy and thoughts go to his family at this time.

So sorry he has gone. He gave me many hours of pleasure

Barry Seaton
He converted me to Radio Two. So different from the scrappy, brainless, egotistical, inarticulate clods who inhabit Radio One and local radio. John was urbane, professional, intelligent and respectful - qualities we must cherish unless they disappear. Thanks John and thanks BBC.

Bryan Welbourn
Between 5 & 7 every weekday John was my accompanying passenger on the way home. Never a dull moment and always a pleasure to be with. It's only when you lose such a caring person do you realise just how much he is missed. My thoughts are for him and with his family at this sad time.

Margaret Sinclair, Cupar Fife
I was so sorry to hear of John Dunn's death. I listened to him from the very beginning and loved his soft voice in the morning and his chatty show at drive time. He had a delightful manner and all in all was a gentleman. Those were greta days.

Stephen Price
I actually had the honour of appearing on the John Dunne show in the 1980's in the "Answers please" slot. At the time I was working in the Sugar business and a listner wanted to know how maple syrup was made. John was a real gentleman. He personally welcomed me and made me feel completely at ease. I was amazed just how many calls I received following that interview from my friends and colleagues who were all listening to John's show on their way home from work. Meeting John was a real honour and I am very sad to hear of his death.

Neil McCabe
Sad to hear John Dunn has passed away An excellent broadcaster. Miss answers please on aTuesday he will be sadly missed but long remembered

Andy Howells
What a great radio voice he had! I always enjoyed his show in my teens - particulrly the Mystery Voice and am still haunted by one from 1982 which lasted for weeks on end - I never found out who it was as I went away for a week! Bless you John!

Roger Turvey
So many happy hours of litening pleasure. John was always a welcome passenger in my car and made every journey restful, through his programmes. Thankyou Radio 2 for finding him and allowing us all to hear his wonderful voice and Gentlemanly ways. Condolences to his Wife, Daughters and everyone that knew him. God Bless you John and carry on broadcasting wherever you are.

Mchael Hunt
John was a great broadcaster and will be sadly missed by all who listened to his show. Thanks & God bless you.

Luke Smith
I think I am a little rare in that I listened to radio 2 as young teenager in the early 1990's. I have warm recollections of John Dunn's programme- as so many here have said, a true gentleman who was beatifully spoken. He was the quintessential BBC broadcaster; the kind of person who made the BBC what it is. It seems that his like are getting fewer in the world as time marches on. He will not be forgotten. Sincerest respect, Heartfelt sympathy to his family.

Joyce Hilton
The sheer number of tributes says it all. I'm sure John would have been touched to read them.

Lee Farley
I was introduced to John Dunn when I was relatively young (24) when I used to drive the hour home from work. There was plenty of choice on other stations, but John was just perfect to listen to after either a stressful day stuck in the office or a pleasant evening when things were good - his voice was always so calm. And Answers Please was the best thing EVER - Tuesday nights were never the same after he left Radio 2. Thanks, John.

David Blair
I was saddened to hear of the death of John. My first introduction to him was while being stuck in traffic jams on holiday in and around Barnstaple's one way system. Never was being stuck in heavy traffic in scorching weather more enjoyable, just so long as JD was on the radio, making everything seem calm.

John was a joy to listen to a great proffesional and a big man, who had a heart just as big.GOD BLESS YOU JOHN.

Jean Bigley
So sad to think of John not being here now - I still miss his voice and charm and his programme. I was once "wronged" by him on one occasion! Great fun!!

David Miles
The best radio presenters have the knack of being a friend to all their listeners. John was one of these. He was my introduction to Radio 2, and was one of the great four: Dunn, Wogan and Young and Moore. Although he has only made occasional broadcasts in recent years I shall still miss his voice and presence greatly.

A gentleman, a respected voice of Radio. A great loss to the BBC and too us all. Sincere sympathy to his family.

Nick Metcalfe
So sorry to hear the news about John Dunn. I am 30 now and have so many happy memories of growing up listening to John, particularly in the 1980s. One of those voices you can't forget - gentle and warm and tremendous company. John was one of those people that genuinely gave me a lifelong love affair with the wireless.

Angela Dangerfield
Listening to John was like immersing oneself in a warm soothing bath...I never wanted it to end

Kathy Allsopp
John had THE best voice on radio. Listening to his show driving home, not only made the journey pleasant, but I would also turn the radio on instead of the TV when indoors, to finish the programme. God bless him.

Helen McCormick
I was sorry to hear that John had passed away. I have memories of cooking the evening meal whilst listening to John on Radio 2. He was such an excellent interviewer being able to enter into such a comfortable and interesting dialogue with whoever he was talking to.

tom & ann Pettengell
We have been regular listeners to Radio 2 for many years and always had John Dunns Mystery Voice time on, Tom in fact did get on in the 1990's, but didn't get the voice. We have a picture of John from the Mystery Voice attempt, it is on one of our speakers. He was much admired by us and we are sad to hear of his death. Tom and Ann Pettengell

Tony Martin
The passing of John is one of our greatest losses. Unfortunately we have not heard a replacement who could equal John, probably because there is not one.

Ellen Brown
I was just so shocked when I heard Ed Stewart tell us of John's death. I just can't get over it I loved his voice and his gentle manner. I always hoped he would be asked to come back. I missed him. God rest him.. My sympathy to his family.

Jim Francis
On many long Friday night drives from Aberdeen to Glasgow his voice, music & patent sincerity helped me along the miles....can still hear the voice !! From a fellow Scot...cheerio big man !

Guy Goodwin
John was my guiding light on many a dark journey home from work. A real gent whose soothing tones will be greatly missed by many.

Jennifer Gordon
John was one of Life's Gentlemen both on air and in life. Warm feelings to his family and friends at this sad time.

Christine Conreen
Thank you John. God bless, condolences to your family.

Ross Johnstone
John's show made the rush hour/motorway drive home pass in what seemed only a few minutes. To listen to him was a joy; always interesting; ever the gentleman, even when he wwwrronged the Mystery Voice contestants. Along with Alastair Cooke, John Peel, he will be sadly missed.

John Graham
Thanks for the memories from breakfast to drive time.A broadcaster who sounded like your friend and made you feel that he was.Radio heaven will be all the better for its latest recruit.

Keith Shaw
I grew up to John Dunn. his voice was the voice of radio. I was so sad to hear of his death.

Keith Shaw
I grew up to John Dunn. his voice was the voice of radio. I was so sad to hear of his death.

Fred Watson
Our loss- Heavens gain Thank you for many happy hours of listening.

David Hollifield
John, you will be sorely missed, I can't tell you how many people I converted to radio 2 because of your truly wonderful programme, God bless you

Chris Barltrop
John always made my trips back home from around the country that much more pleasurable and made the time pass more quickly.

Judith Mercer
John Dunn had a wonderful voice. So sad to know that we will not hear it again. Rest in peace.

Gareth Russell
Fair play to Radio 2 they've picked some gems over the years. Good night and god bless to you John. Many thanks

Patric Parker
John was one of life's gentlemen, he kept me company on many long drives home, a true listener's friend.

paul benstead
When John was still broadcasting I was 'on the road',I actually looked forward to the drive home,he was such great company and John always managed to get a mini life story from the guestA great loss to us all.

Etty & Harry in Hertfordshire
A gentle giant has gone and left a massive void in the hearts of many. Our hearts go out to his family with a hope that he is now at peace. Who knows, they may have recruited him to the best radio station in heaven. We always enjoyed listening to John's calm voice and his choice of music. He made our jurney from work very pleasant. He will be missed. Etty & Harry

Peter Bearne
Really enjoyed listening to John's Drivetime show, his show introduced me to many different types of music. A great professional,who will be sadly missed.

Marilyn Elster
When John came on the radio for "Drive Time", we knew it would not be long til Dad was in from work. Then it would be time to stop homework and set the table for tea. Such happy memories, such a nice man. Will be missed by so many. God bless, John.

Brian Goodwin
Lovely show to listen to after a days work John Dunn's words always relaxed me for the evening.My thoughts to his family at this time.A true gentleman.

Remembered with affection. John always came across with such warmth and sincerity.

Deni Darke
In the early 70s John's show was moved from afternoon to late night. Outraged, I wrote to him to say how much he'd be missed, particularly by me. With a toddler and a small baby and no car of my own, I looked on the John Dunn show as a much-needed link to the outside world and a small slice of sanity amid the daily mayhem. I was astonished to get a long, detailed and sympathetic reply from him - and was, for ever after, a devoted fan! A real gentleman and the best voice on radio.

Ron Westwood
A great companion on lonely drives home for many years condolences to his family on theres and the Worlds loss

I always listened to john, while I was in my kitchen getting the tea was like having my best friend their with me.

Trevor Tapscott
John, Always looked forward to your Radio shows, particularly the interesting guest interviews that I would sometimes listen to time and again, Julie Andrews, Buffy Sainte Marie and Cilla Black spring to mind, Radio 2 was not the same after your departure. Still the best though.

Deborah Bruton
I tuned into John's drive time show by accident one long drive home.I thought what a voice, what a great show and after that I became an avid listener. His voice was like soft velvet and calmed the often freyed nerves on that drive home. A real loss to broadcasting.

Anne Hogg, Livingston
His drivetime show made the drive home so much more relaxing, his voice was so soothing. It was such a delight to listen to his programme. Sad to hear of his passing. Condolences to his family

Gordon Hill
I met John many years ago when he was the compere at the National Brass Band Championships at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The thing that struck me most about him was how pleasant he was to strangers and took time to talk to them even though he was busy and preparing for the show. He seemed a 'gentle man' and will be sadly missed.

Cathy Lewis
I can only concur with the other comments regarding John Dunne, he was a truly gentleman, and this was evident in the way in which he spoke to people. Such a sad loss for everyone.

David Breen
I miss John Dunn,he was a great Radio friend to me. All his shows were interesting and they gave you something to look forward to at night after an hard day on a turkey farm. David Breen. St.Helens.wa103pd

Nan Shaw
Having both come from Scotland we used to share happy memories about our homeland. He was a true gentleman and nothing was too much trouble for him. My thoughts go out to his family at this very sad time.

Peter S.
His last Drive Time on Radio 2 was quite memorable

I will always remember listening to the John Dunn show to start my a-level year evenings on Radio 2. Something to look forward to with his calming authoritative voice. Radio 2 embodied was John Dunn He will be sadly missed. chris(aged 25)

John Norton
I used to listen to John every night while driving home and I used to try and quess the mystery voice I have missed his broadcasts he was a great bloke

Ian Fleming
He was quite simply the best interviewer that I've heard on radio. He did his research, he listened and brought out the best in people. A model for todays broadcasters and us all.

John Warner
For millions of us John took the strain of a day at work for an enjoyable meander.

Zoe Jackson
He was a lovely man a gentle giant all was what you got him and he spoke clearly he will be greatly missed by Radio 2

God bless you John - as you did us!

Robert Thom
Johm was part of my growing up. Listened on those journeys between work and home. Sadly missed

Mike Parker
He was Radio 2

Richard, Hertfordshire
John's easy going presentation style, made his programmes a joy to listen to. I am sure both the listeners who remember his programme and the colleagues who worked with him - will miss him greatly. A truly professional and high quality broadcaster - the like of which, with a few exceptions, we do not hear on Radio Two today.

Martyn Moor
you wil be missed i Use to always listen to his shows he was a great man

Lesley Randal
Joh was one of the first DJ's I listened to when I converted to radio 2 back in the 80's - too many happy memories of wonderful listening to mention. What a fantastic legacy John. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Alan Dawson
A light has gone out in our lives. As a dedicated Radio 2 listener, particularly of the early evening programme, John became part of my life, and his soothing tones and gentle manner took out any stress that may have occurred during the day. His programme was always the very best. It is so sad that you had to leave us so soon. Thank you for everything. Farewell, Friend. Rest in Peace.

Chris Kirtley
I listened EVERY night from about 1975 to 1990, i.e. when I was 13 years old until I left the UK. As a schoolboy I would come home and put on the headphones, doing my homework while listening to John. Tuesdays were best, of course, for "Answers Please", but he was just like a restful anchorage every day. He was the highlight of a radio 2 day that started with Ray Moore, through Wogan and Jimmy Young. Amazing that only Terry is left now! The John Dunn programme was what I missed most living abroad (no streaming in those days, alas). I recorded John's last episode which I happened to be back for by a great coincidence (1998?). Unfortunately I later lost the tape! It would be wonderful if the Beeb could put more clips of his shows on the web. I'm sure John will now be back behind the mike on Heaven FM. Chris


Peter Gompertz
John was my daily companion driving home from work in the eighties. When he retired I stopped listening to Radio 2 between 5pm and 7pm. John was irreplaceable. Peter Gompertz

Phil Masters
My first memory of Radio 2 is of my dad introducing me to John Dunn one weekday evening, the theme music is still as fresh in my head today as it was then. John was the sort of broadcaster that, nowadays, is a rare breed; he entertained in a polite manner and never forgot that his listeners were what made him. Another legend moves to what should now be the best radio station heaven has ever had.

steve stockford
john was one of those who seemed to be around for ever,my family enjoyed his shows very much

Ronnie Kirkpatrick
We listeners have been priviledged to have shared so many enjoyable hours with a caring,compassionate and selfless broadcaster.John inspired many people to "get into radio",and 'though his death is very sad,he does leave behind an indellible broadcasting legacy.Our thoughts are with his family.Thankyou John.

Lesley Hailey
I used to listen to radio 2 with my parents , then went on to radio 1, but have returned to radio 2 again, because of the humour and comfort that you get from the broadcasters, John Dunn being one of the great ones! A great loss

Paul Bennett
Aconsummate professional and a true gentleman.

Mark Dexter
No disrespect to anyone else, but nobody can interview the mystery voice competitors, or any one else, like John did. I lived in hope that one day he would come back. Good night and God bless, John.

Mike English
John will be sadly missed. For many years he made the drive home from work enjoyable. He was a great man with a fantastic voice who made you feel that you were his only listener. Thanks for so many years of pleasure.

Ian James
A real joy to have listened to John on the journey home for so many years. He will be sadly missed, but long remembered.

Lee J Andrews, Worcestershire.
I was very sad indeed to hear the news of John's passing away. My sincere condolences to his family. I have been a BBC Radio 2 listener since first hearing and loving a John Dunn programme over 13 years ago. I was so addicted to his show that I used to record it and listen to it the next day while at work doing my deliveries! I am highly honoured to have been mentioned on-air by him when he discussed a question I sent in with Professor Ted Wragg. That was for the excellent 'Answers Please' part of the show. (Bring it back please Johnnie!!) Although ALL of the Radio 2 broadcasters are excellent in their own right, I must say that John Dunn was my favourite. I think of John whenever I hear a song by The Stylistics due to buying their greatest hits after John played a few of their songs one week. God Bless you John Dunn. You will be very sadly missed.

Patricia Boscowan
Sleep and rest well John, you gave rest to many of us with your warmth and sincerity. May God bless your family at this time with His peace.

Diana L, Sussex
When I lived in S E Asia during the early 1990's, my mother sent me tapes of John's show to listen to in my car to remind me of home. I adored listening to him and missed England slightly less thanks to his warm and friendly voice, charming interviews and wonderful style. With sincere condolences to his family.

terry of southend
john was a brilliant broadcaster he will be sadly missed and impossible to replace

Graham Hooton
We have all lost a true friend, when I heard the news I just wanted to say wronggggg as John used to tesae us all. God bless him

Graham Hooton
We have all lost a true friend, when I heard the news I just wanted to say wronggggg as John used to tesae us all. God bless him

Bob hayward
Goodbye to the man who was Radio 2 and made me a fervent listener i only ever got the mystery voice once r.i.p. John

Catherine Hellman
I too have vivid memories of listening with my parents and sister to John as we had our evening meal and then later as I finished my homework. He had such a lovely warm way with all his guests and his listeners. I was so very sorry today when my mother told me of his death. The end of an era.

Trevor Daw
I recall meeting John Dunn in the early fifties when we joined the RAF for National Service. He was a quiet fellow and like the rest of us did not like the basic training. When we were issued with our uniforms, the Chief Stores Warrant Officer had difficulty in finding enough items of the right size to fit him, owing to his height. They had to order an overcoat (Greatcoat in RAF parlance)to complete the uniform. He was granted dispensation to wear his civilian coat until the new coat arrived. I remember the day it arrived, he put it on and we all laughed with him. When laid out flat it looked almost as long as an airfield runway! We spent our time in West Germany and went our different ways. We met few times over the years and recalled our RAF days. He played a special request for me in 1975 and coupled it with the wry comment of how we struggled back from the NAAFI at Wildenrath with 'gout between the ears' I made special arrangements to listen to his radio shows so that I would not miss too much. I will always remember the gentle voice, his clarity of speech and his fine interviewing technique. His passing is very sad for us all, but I give thanks that we were able to enjoy his programmes for so many years. I send my condolences to his grieving family. May they find some support from all the messages they will be able to see. Trevor R. Daw

Joan Evans
After many years of listening to John on the Drivetime, I am now remembering his last words, Goodbye, my friends

Susan Nicholl
Wonderful programme. Such a joy to listen to. John will be sadly missed.

Martin Paul
For many years driving home from work was made a pleasure by listening to John. The whole family used to listen in. In the Seventies it was my father and I driving across from the Gwent valleys to Carmarthenshire, then in the Eighties my wife Delith and I driving home, then in the Nineties me driving through Mid Wales. Always John made the journey enjoyable with a superb selection and range of music and entertaining chats and interviews. God bless you John and thank you for entertaining us so wonderfully.

Tina in Guernsey
I was so saddened to hear that John Dunn had passed away. He was a truly wonderful presenter who could make you feel better the minute you heard him. When you heard him speak you felt so warm and comfortable inside, it was like curling up a big comfy chair with a cup of hot chocolate and an old black & white movie. John was one of the best and will be greatly missed. His family, I am sure, will find great comfort in the fact that John was so very loved by a great many people who will miss him too.

vicky short
John Dunn made driving home from London to Kent relaxing and bearable. Drive time has not been the same without you. Thank you.

David Whittaker
Myself and my brother Martyn used to listen to John in the evenings after returning home from school and still remember the brmm brmm brmms at the beginning of the programme. Will sadly miss John.

Zoe Jackson
I liked him and he always spoke clearly and I always listened to him when I got home he was kind and gentle he will be missed

Colin Middlemass
I enjoyed listening to John throughout the late 80's. He will always have a place in my memory.

F Brown
I have memories of listening to John while getting my husbands evening meal ready and tring to guest the mystery voice and enjoying him saying wrong I was sad to hear of his death

My mum always joked that John was her secret boyfriend. She will be very upset by this news.

Ron Moules
Sadly missed a truly great broadcaster and gentleman.

geoff biffen
farewell to [big] john your talented shows shortened many a journey my heart goes to your family you will be sadly missed

Chris Greenway, Exmouth
I listened to John Dunn for so many years on his "drive time" show. After a hard day in the office his relaxed style was a real tonic. I was sad when he retired, but am so very sad today. Another true gentleman leaves the stage for the last time...

Jenny Robinson
The best Radio voice of all time. I loved Drivetime as John made everything and everyone special. Thank you John for all the pleasure you gave to millions of people.

John was a true gentleman of the radio. I used to love his presentation and the music he played was always aimed at the individual listener. He will be missed by many. My thoughts are with his wife and family.

Radio has been a passion for most of my life and I have been on Hospital radio for over 18 years. If I could be half as ralaxed and calm and genuine as dear John Dunn I would be more than happy. He was a radio icon to inspire all who follow. He will never really "Close Down"

Trefor Roberts
It was always a pleasure to listen to John Dunn's warm, mellow and rich voice which gave so much pleasure to many people who never met him but felt they knew him. Terry Wogan's tribute summed up the feelings of many of us. Thank you for being part of our lives.

Andy H
A perfect gent !

Angela Young
Just loved to hear his voice. Was genuinely sorry to hear the news this morning. Have been sad all day. Sincere condolences to John's family.

Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross
It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of John. He sailed onboard the James Clark Ross, with many of the Officers and Crew currently onboard, for his history breaking Antarctic live shows. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to his family at this very sad time. Captain Jerry Burgan, Officers and Crew RRS James Clark Ross Stanley, Falkland Islands

Tony Cavill
John Dunne- always calm, genuine and professional.An excellent listener,and an excellent listen. One in a million.Condolences to his loved ones. Tony Cavill.

Neil Howson
You brightened my life with your professionism and your friendship. I will remember you always with love and affection. Thank you and God bless.

Sue Elbourn
Will always remember John on his night time show when we were up feeding the little ones he made waking up at that ungodly hour more bearable. A truly wonderful man and we will always remember him

Graham Pooley
Like almost all people I used to listen to him on the way home after a long day. Was sad when he left the BBC, but more so today. I lived in hope that he would one day make a return and do a special when JW was on holiday.

John McKinnon
I had the great pleasure of interviewing John back in the 1970s on a local hospital radio and what a nice man he turned out to be. He was as always incredibly professsional and showed great interest in what we were doing. He lived in Croydon for many years and was very much part of the community and not at all the "big celebrity". He has been sadly missed since he decided to hang up the headphones and along with John Peel is another great loss to the world of radio broadcasting. Two larger than life characters who paved the way for many to follow and to admire.

Marie O'Reilly
Enjoyed listening to John for many years. A great broadcaster who will be sadly missed. A real pleasure to listen to.

John was indeed a true gent. He will be missed.

Marie O'Reilly
Enjoyed listening to John for many years. A great broadcaster who will be sadly missed. A real pleasure to listen to.

Ken Mather
A light has surely gone out in Broadcasting house,to a great man and dedicated broadcaster,my condlences to Johns family.

Steve Allum
Such a sad loss. A truly great broadcaster and in my view an excellent, but perhaps under-rated interviewer. I remember some of the best interviews ever on Drive-time. A couple that spring to mind, Bruce Forsyth and Dirk Bogarde, revealing and entertaining.


Alan Thew
I enjoyed listening to John over many years and he allways made the journey home easier to bear. His 6.30 interviews were allways something to look forward to.

Brian Hill
I listened to John on my way home for many years. He kept me cool and of sane mind in many a traffic tangle. I have missed, and will miss him terribly.

Peter Mackness, Brackley
What a shock to read of John's death. A very gifted presenter and interviewer who I remember from from Light Programme and the start of Radio2. His disarming interview style teased the very best out of really interesting guests - and he played super records to soothe my drive home. Bless you John.

Graham Pratchett
I use to work in London but lived in a little village in Huntingdon. And John Dunn kept me awake all this time I wsa driving to and from home. He will be sadly missed. Him upstairs will have a great commentar. Sadly missed

Valerie Polley
Ican not believe the sad news of JOHN'S death.We will miss him so much.Thank you JOHN you cheered me up during the drivetime slot.We and especially your family have you in our hearts now.X

Jenny Littler
John was a true genius at broadcasting, and a great credit to Radio 2. My late mother was a such a great fan of John's. God Bless John.

john cross
It has tken the many tributes to John to remind me that for all the years I istened to him, he was not after all just talking to me. It just always felt that way.

June Weaver
I feel like I have lost a friend. I listened to his programmes, early morning and early evening for many years and he became part of my life. He read out a couple of my questions - and had an expert to answer them - and my greatest thrill was actually speaking to him on the Mystery Voice. No-one can replace him. We loved you, John, and you were such a gentleman. Condolences to his Family

Joy McMaster
My definition of bliss: arriving home to an empty flat after work and cooking and eating my evening meal listening to John Dunn right until 7pm.

Kate Colvin
John, was a very special man who will never be replaced. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and daughters.

Richard Gleed-Owen
Over the radio, John was a 'family' friend, with that warm and friendly voice, who Cathie and I enjoyed listening to every evening.

Bill Waterman
As a BBC driver I did many a night driver shifts and he almost always had the staff car colleect him from his home in Croydon at 4.15 am. Sitting outside for a short time you'd wait for his light to come on and know that within a few minutes you'd have a pleasant drive to Broadcasting House. A true gentleman, sadly missed

alec & wendy wollington
We always loved listening to his programme and were sorry when he retired. He was a lovely compassionate person who was a good listener which made him a good interviewer.We are so sad he has passed on.

Elma Rattray
We will all miss you John.I hope this brings a little peace to all your family. We will all miss you John. I hope that they enjoy your show in heaven as much as we did here. Thank you John. You were great H

Steve Love
John had the best voice ever on radio. He always managed to make his chats with his guests sound really interesting, no matter what the subject was about. Even when stuck in really bad traffic, 5pm to 7pm just flew by listening to John. I will miss him.

Alma Stott.
My late husband and I used to listen every evening.He was a great companion to our evenimg wind down with a small scotch.We especially liked his interviews with interesting people,both high and low.

Jean and Ron Imray
Such a lovely voice,that went with a lovely man. Part of our children's growing up, sitting at the table with our evening meal together with John on the radio. Our thoughts go to his family.

Rob Poulton
Thanks for the memories God bless

Carolyn White
What a voice - unforgettable - a great loss to broadcasting - thanks for the memories.

John had the voice of a gentleman and you felt that all was well whilst he was broadcasting. Please plass on my aplogies to Jonny Walker as I wrote a very irate letter to the BBC when he took over from John Dunn expressing the view that he would never be able to fill John's shoes. Well, perhaps not, but I have grown to like and enjoy Jonny's programme and I wish him well and good health for the future.

Tony Gilliam
I'm so sad to hear the sad news that the "Gentle Giant" of Radio 2 is no longer with us.I grew up with John and it seems he was always a part of my life,what a nice man!Irreplacable.

Sad to hear of Johns passing I really enjoyed his shows, but I think Johnnie Walker was the best person to take over the slot they are both pro's and we must move with the times

Thelma Rance
I'll always have fond memories of John's show, and think of how his programme would always cheer me up if I'd had a bad day - and I'm sure thousands of others would feel exactly the same. Sincere condolences to his wife and daughters, and everyone who loved him.

Janet Lambert
Always enjoyed John's programmes since the early morning breakfast shows - he will be much missed by so many. Love and sympathy to his family.

Tim Jones
John was a comfort zone. So sorry to lose him. A sad day indeed. Sincere condolances to his family.

Brian McMahon
He was one of the good guys,always sounded so genuine. condolences to his family and friends

Stuart aldridge
When i first started work, I would walk to the bus stop 3 miles away and listen to John Dunn on my small radio, he always made the trip less painful in all weathers.

Maureen Bairstow
Very sorry to hear the sad news,condolences to his family. He was a great broadcaster, you felt he was speaking to you alone a very special gift.

Trevor Pharo.(Brighton)
Has been sadly missed from the airwaves, consolation his with that other great man of the airwaves Ray Moore making Music in the Sky...God rest them both...

Doreen & Cyril Clements
Oh how we enjoyed the many years of John's broadcasts such a pleasure to listen to. So sad to learn of his passing. Our heartfelt condolences to his family.

Nick Elliott
Few people of the calibre of John Dunn exist today and I was very sad when he left Radio 2 - a fanastic person who conveyed his warmth and interest through the radio. I was even more sad when I heard of his death. I missed him like I missed Ray Moore. What more can one say - people like them are few and far between Nick Elliott

Adam Spry
I will miss this lovely man who once 'wronged' me, Love You John.

Beverley Jackson
Never thought I would enjoy the radio so much again when John retired...he was sorely missed for a long while, until Johnny Walker came along...a wonderful replacement which I'm sure John would be proud of.

colin bailey
sorry to hear john has passed away my sympathy to his family many happy hours listening to john in traffic jams charming gentleman who showed respect and interest in all he spoke to on his show thankyou john

Lynne and Frank Gartside of Bolton
We have listened to John since 1968 taking us through many happy hours of listening. Even our son ( now 26 and 6 foot 5"!!) who as a baby and little boy enjoyed the lunchtime programme with me. We will miss him very much and please send our love and prayers to his family. A great man who gave plesure to millions.

Michael Anderson
There was always something warm and comforting about John's shows. Whether I was listening to LNE as a schoolboy or to his early evening show when I came home from work, I felt that this was a true gentleman with a big heart. He was a superb broadcaster and although I never met him or spoke to him he seemed like a friend. I miss his voice greatly.

Tony Relph
To me John wasn't just a faceless voice he was a friend who happened to be on the radio. His gentleness & humour were a sheer pleasure. His knowledge of so many things shone through. Radio 2 has lost a true great. I feel saddened but also glad I had the pleasure of "knowing" John. My sincere condolences to John's family. A truly gentle man

Ian Fraser
Enjoyed John's shows for over 20 years. I find it hard to believe he's gone, the drive home tonight will be filled with his memory

Graham Hall
One of the real true greats of radio, indeed a gentle giant. Heaven FM really do have a great line up now.

John Brown
I very much enjoyed his relaxed way of broadcasting never dull always interesting and entertaing. He kept me company whilst sat in traffic jams on the M4 on Friday evenings. He was a particular favourite of my Dad who also is no longer with us GOD BLESS

Alistair Cook, John Peel now John Dunn. The world of radio has lost another great star.

Victor Thompson South Shields.
From leaving for school ,catching the last few minutes before dashing out for the bus. Driving home in the evening from work ,his theme tunes from Imogen to Las Vegas. This man was a broadcaster in the truest sense of the word. Sincere condolences to his family.

Ann Hills
I was lucky enough to always be at home to listen to John. He had such a distinctive,easy to listen voice. Missed him when he left Radio 2 but much more missed now. Condolences to his family

Brian Wade
So sad to hear of John's untimely death. I used to listen to him in the car on the way home from work, and his voice was sheer delight - no bad language, no smutty innuendos,just pure professionalism. A lovely man who will be greatly missed. Sincere condolences to all his family.

Maureen Harrop
Like many other listeners, I agree that John had a lovely voice and a quite brilliant interviewing technique. Driving home from work used to be a pleasure. He has been and will be sorely missed.

Mike Wortley
What a sad loss to his family and his public, his voice was so familier to millions

John Dunn was a brilliant presenter and true gentleman! He managed a true professialism which mixed interviews and music that brought Radio 2 up to the present. Johnnie Walker is his true inheritor at Drive! John Dunn will be truly missed. H

Simon Bligh
I have just listened to the online tribute to John. What a wonderful, velvety voice he had. A real legend of Radio 2

Adam Lewis
Another radio great no longer with us. It's a sad reminder that we are all mortal. Our favourites come and go, and when they do pass away it's like a member of close family has died. Rest Now the angels will love you and your humour as we did here.

Jenny Symien
A fantastic voice whose warm personality was tangible over the air waves. So sad to hear of his death - he was so much part of Radio 2's Drive Time.

roger wiley
How sad about John - we'll miss you. It would have been nice for J Walker to have started his programme with his short tribute, rather than with some non-descript pop tune. Radio 2, we're disappointed in you.

Barry Murfett
I was saddened when John finish his drivetime show. "Answers Please" I rarely missed, and indeed had a question answered on the show. I still remeber one of his parting remarks at finish of his shows "Time flies like an arrow - fruit flies like a banana!"

Jonathan Hill
My deepest to his Family and friends he will be sadly missed even though i didn't listen to him

pete jenkins
Very sad about John - we worked together a few times and everything that has been said about him is true - a real gent. I haven't had much chance to listen to R2 today, so don't know if anyone has already done a "tribute", but hope that JWalker will do a suitable one in his programme - after all the programme slot did belong to John Dunn for all those years. John - you'll be missed.

Martin Levin
"Unflappable" was the word that I attributed to him. A joy to hear his tones. Like Ray Moore, (and John Peel) a true great in broadcasting. I was privileged to have been on his "Mystery Voice" once, and am grateful to have told him on the airwaves "thanks for an informative and interesting show". No matter what time-slot he broadcast, he was always good listening material. Life is to be enjoyed - not endured. That's the difference he made to me. Thanks.

D. Pressley
I always enjoyed listening to John - he had a warm and civilised approach to his programme - such a contrast to present day would-be "cool" presenters

Susie Platt
So very sad to hear of John's death. He was a great broadcaster. My sincere condolences to all his friends and family.

Gordon Smith
A true gent!

John Thomas
I did a few interviews with John, all relating to the London taxi trade. He always made me feel at home and that I was talking to a good friend. I enjoyed listening to his show beacuase you never knew what would pop up next, and he would always make things interesting and enjoyable. That lovely, well modulated voice will be remembered by millions, I am truly sorry for his family that it is now silent.

Steve Morson
Sad news. John always managed to bring the best out of his guests. Truly one of the all time greats.

Graham Sendall
So sorry to hear of Johns'passing. He was one of the best ever broadcasters and I enjoyed his show so much. My condolences to his family.

Mike Male
His voice was to listening like vintage wine is to drinking.

Mike Glanville
So sad to hear the news. John had a great voice and was a fantastic interviewer. Perhaps the BBC will release more recordings in future, hope so.

Glynnis Rowley
I live in Spain, and used to look forward to listening to John's afternoon show via satellite. It was a pleasure to hear how he interviewed the listeners phoning in for the 'mystery voice' competition. He put them all at their ease and made it so interesting. He sounded a thouroughly likeable gentleman.

David Starkey
John was all that BBC Radio should be.Britain has lost a great voice.Thank you John for so many happy hours.

Martyn Benneworth
A great broadcaster who will be sadly missed. One of radio's gentlemen, who always had time for his many fans. A real pleasure to listen to.

Peter Crabb, Philadelphia
Having listened to the the most informative radio presenter since the mid 70's, I thought the day John retired from his 5-7 show was one of the saddest days, until now. He was so irreplaceable. My sincere condolences to his family.

Bob Johnson
The Gentle giant of Radio two has gone to entertain another group of people. He kept the radio public of England listening, because of his gentle ways which hit you over the airwaves. My and I am sure many many people's deepest sympathy to his family.

Brian Paris, Dundee
It's so sad to read of him dying. My dad was a great listener to him.

John Phillips
5 years on and I still miss John while driving home. He was a great interviewer - intelligent and a genuine interest in his guests. Great show - sadly missed.

Ann & David Coles
Thank you John for the lovely memories you have left us with. We enjoyed listening to you for many years. Rest now, God bless you.

Tom McMahon
I will always remember him with huge affection and much gratitude. A gentle giant indeed.

Gordon Smith
I really enjoyed listening to John Dunn at teatime. He had a uncanny knack of putting the listener at ease with his soft toned voice and making my day less stressful.

Mavis Gibbins
You were a gentle giant John with such a good sense of humour, especially when someone got the wrong answer for "Mystery Voice". But your lovely distinctive voice would never have been included in "Mystery Voice". Deepest sympathy to John's family.

Philip Garwood
John's manner made the car, either in the morning or the afternoon, feel like a comfortable armchair in a cosy lounge. He helped to take the stress out of driving.

John Hutchinson
John Dunn was a consummate broadcaster who was missed when he left Radio 2 and will be even more sorely missed now. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

The Cook family
Sadly missed. We Loved his warm, reassuring voice after a bad day at work.

Vicki Moore
I loved listening to him on my way home in the car. Such a soothing voice and clearly a lovely man.

Steven Ragg
I along with thousands across the country listened with gentle ease, during evening rush hour, to John's laconic and gentlemanly manner. I was shocked and very saddened at his passing and will so miss his warm & friendly tones across the radio airwaves.

Bernie, Northampton
I have strong memories, from when I was a teenager, of sitting down to tea with my parents & listening to John while we ate. Even tho' I initially used to want to listen to Radio 1, I really loved John's voice & grew to enjoy his programme. I was sad to hear of his passing.

Tony Barnfield
John was one of the great professionals, a great colleague and a true gentleman. I left the BBC at the beginning of 1992 but returned a couple of times, once sharing a studio with John. "Oh," he said, "I thought you'd emigrated!" Always the right words for the right occasion. A true radio great.

Rae Murrell
Enjoyed listening to John for a long time very sad too young

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