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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

Radiohead on Jan 17

Find out more about what happened when Radiohead stood in for Zane Lowe in January.
br> 6 Music's secret gig review

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Radiohead's choice of tunes included Burial, Sonic Youth, Happy Mondays, Carl Craig and M.I.A. Check out the full tracklisting

Watch in Windows/Real  

Watch in Windows/Real  

Keen Radiohead fan, Radio 1 website guru Matt was in the studio commentating via Twitter:

  • 18:58 - Hi. This is Matt off of the Radio 1 website. 2 minutes until the show goes live. Thom and Ed ready to go, chatting to Annie Mac.
  • 19:03 - MIA opens the show. Thom is feeling this track and looking over his notes for the rest of the show. Almost ready for the opening link.
  • 19:05 - Thom is playing the air drums to The Bug - Poison Dart.
  • 19:09 - We're off. Thom and Ed do their first link in a mixture of accents. They introduce Kings of Leon as the best band in the world. High praise.
  • 19:11 - Charmer sounds great and earns comparison to The Pixies. Ed promises Sonic Youth to come.
  • 19:15 - Ed reminds Thom that maybe they should mention who they are. In case anyone is on the M5 listening!
  • 19:16 - Thom: 'Burial should be on Radio 1 all the time.'
  • 19:16 - The team in the Live Lounge is impressed Ed has dropped in Zane's catchphrase 'on board'!
  • 19:22 - Reading texts out. 'My Dad saw you in Oxford the other day Thom'.
  • 19:22 - Thom introduces Modeselektor: 'Turn up the bass!'.
  • 19:25 - Thom is definitely the more animated whilst the songs are playing. Ed is just sipping on some water, playing it cool.
  • 19:27 - Reading out some more texts. 'Thom and Ed I love you!'. 'Please leave Zane a playlist as his shows are never this good!' Ouch.
  • 19:28 - Ed explains why they had to move their secret gig last night from Rough Trade to 93 Feet East. In a word, police.
  • 19:29 - Ed explains last night was the first club gig they have done in two years. Thom apparently doesn't remember any of this stuff.
  • 19:35 - Thom is standing up to do the links now. Ready to play their hottest record in the world. They're going to have one each, to avoid a fight.
  • 19:36 - Thom chooses Burial - Archangel as his hottest record and suggests it should be on the Radio 1 playlist. Again! :)
  • 19:40 - Thom puts a jumper on, Ed takes a jumper off. Their body temperatures are obviously not synched up!
  • 19:43 - Thom disagrees with Hadouken! that Burial is the first coffee table dub step record and sings the praises of the album. 'The sound of now'.
  • 19:44 - A lesson in dub step from Thom Yorke. Class dismissed!
  • 19:46 - Ed reveals he used to go to the Hacienda in 88/89 when Thom visited him at Manchester Uni. Cue Sugar Bear - 'Don't Scandalize Mine'.
  • 19:47 - Thom is up and dancing to Sugar Bear!
  • 19:50 - Thom name checks some of the chatroom crew. Some strange names.
  • 19:53 - Ed: 'This is one of the greatest bands of the last century.' Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck. Tune.
  • 20:09 - Thom reads out a text from a listener enjoying the show whilst doing the ironing. They're getting into the texts. In fact 'on board' some would say.
  • 20:12 - I've been in the studio to take photos. Ed and Thom seem to be loving it, discussing the records with Annie, Thom dancing away.
  • 20:15 - Thom introduces the next song, the name that can't be mentioned. Holy...fill in the blank.
  • 20:21 - Thom and Ed fight over how many pedals they should have and reveal there's some guitar envy within the band.
  • 20:24 - Jorge Ben - Umba-bara-uma gets things funky. Great selection from Ed.
  • 20:25 - Annie Mac: 'I want a cocktail'. That's what Jorge Ben does to you.
  • 20:27 - Zane has called in to the show, he's listening live from New Zealand.
  • 20:28 - Ed and Thom are not sure whether to call the rest of the band. Thom, 'lets play some music, that's what the people are getting off on!'
  • 20:29 - A text comes in asking if they like Detroit techno. Course they do, and they've got some to play. Carl Craig - Demented (Laurent Garnier edit)
  • 20:34 - They call up Phil and Jonny for a conference call to check if they have a rehearsal next week. They have been watching tonight on the webcam!
  • 20:35 - Ed asks Phil and Jonny if they'd like to say hello to anyone on national radio and it turns into a bit of a request slot.
  • 20:39 - Loads of texts about pet names. Lots of cats called Colin. And rats. All this over the sound of Tomas Anderson - Happy Happy.
  • 20:47 - More pet names on the text. At last we have some pets called Phil. Next track is Iron and Wine - The Devil Never Sleeps.
  • 20:50 - Thom and Ed are asked on the text to provide a quote for someone's dissertation on pornography. No comment!
  • 20:55 - Only a few minutes left before the end of the show. Tom is still dancing two hours in.
  • 20:56 - Thom on Konono No.1 - 'like rave with bits of tin!'
  • 20:57 - Last track of the night, Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me. Thom and Ed want to come back and do it all again. Watch out Zane, they're after your show!

Throughout the show, the Radio 1 audience were chatting in a live chatroom, and at the end of the show they rated Radiohead on their choice of tunes, and the standard of presentation. These were the final averaged scores:

Download the 'Radiohead Take Over for Zane Lowe' wallpaper. Click on the size you want, then right-click on the image and choose Set As Background.

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