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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

Klaxons on Jan 16

Find out more about what happened when Klaxons stood in for Zane Lowe in January.

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Klaxons' choice of tunes included These New Puritans, The Horrors, Kanye West, Mystery Jets, Artful Dodger and Britney Spears! Check out the full tracklisting

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Radio 1 Chatroom mod Monkey was sat in the studio commentating via Twitter:

  • 19:00 - Hi there, R1 Monkey here, of chatroom infamy.
  • 19:05 - The texts are going mad! These boys are rather popular.
  • 19:11 - James demonstrates potentially great presenting skills with a VERY professional plug for the website...
  • 19:15 - "It's 'Inzania' right now" says Simon - har har... (Still no sign of 'superfan')
  • 19:18 - This lot are more civilised than that Kasabian and Ronson rabble - they're on the red wine! Classy.
  • 19:23 - I am officially very jealous - they have a HUGE box of Maltesers on the desk
  • 19:27 - We've just learned that Jamie's favourite fish is the carp. You heard it here first people.
  • 19:34 - The boys have decided to take the 'standing up' approach to broadcasting (just like Zane).
  • 19:35 - It's already 19.35 and the boys have only played 5 records. Nice one!
  • 19:39 - The boys are now comparing tattoos. The studio has never seen so much bare flesh!
  • 19:58 - Popped into studio to get photos: They're on their third bottle of wine but THE MALTESERS ARE ALL GONE. They're dealing with it admirably.
  • 20:07 - There has been an emergency trip to the offie as wine has now gone the same way as the Maltesers.
  • 20:09 - The boys try to trick Coffin Joe from The Horrors to give out his mobile number live on air, poor soul. He isn't falling for their tricks though.
  • 20:16 - Simon has taken over ukelele duty from Jamie...
  • 20:22 - Shock as James reveals his first single was 'Informer' by Snow.
  • 20:24 - The boys pass on the 'what's your favourite cheese' question from Zane.
  • 20:27 - The boys have been showing off their tattoos to the video crew so make sure you check them out online!
  • 20:31 - There is backstage approval at Simon's self confessed favourite tune of all time 'No Looking Back' by Blue Orchids.
  • 20:33 - The boys are delighted to get their ex-tour manager Ryan on the phone! He can't tell them how he feels about it though as he's not allowed to swear :(
  • 20:39 - Klaxons threaten to take over Radio 1 for the entire DAY. It's a brilliant idea (if there is enough red wine in the world).
  • 20:44 - Jamie: "I'm a 1980 Leo Monkey" - the boys talk horoscopes.
  • 20:45 - Klaxon's band recommendation for 2008: These New Puritans. Monkey heartily approves!
  • 20:49 - There's a problem with Mark Ronson's question - 'What's your favourite episode of the Mighty Boosh?'. They've never seen it.
  • 20:55 - We're getting near the end of the show and the band shake a bit of booty to.....Britney!
  • 20:58 - Only 3 minutes to go and the boys are sad to be going... They could have talked all night! (and maybe played the odd record perhaps).
  • 21:00 - This is Monkey signing off - and we hope our 'superfan' is ok! Klaxons, you were bloomin' great!

Throughout the show, the Radio 1 audience were chatting in a live chatroom, and at the end of the show they rated Klaxons on their choice of tunes, and the standard of presentation. These were the final averaged scores:

Download the 'Klaxons Take Over for Zane Lowe' wallpaper. Click on the size you want, then right-click on the image and choose Set As Background.

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