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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

Kasabian on Jan 14

Find out more about what happened when Kasabian stood in for Zane Lowe in January.

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Kasabian's choice of tunes included Rolling Stones, Rage Against The Machine, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Elvis Presley and Oasis. Check out the full tracklisting

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Watch in Windows/Real  

Kasabian fan Ryan Simoes was sat in the studio commentating via Twitter:

  • 19:00 - Hi this is Ryan, I'm going to be tonight's 'superfan'
  • 19:11 - Tom and Serge seem totally at ease joking with each other in between songs, casually drinking beer
  • 19:14 - Both guys are on their phones - sending in their own messages to read out?!
  • 19:20 - Tom's playing around with an action figure still in its box - satisfying his inner child (Turns out it was a superman figure sent in by their friend 'Mikey'.)
  • 19:26 - Serge talks about his skills as a footballer, saying he can show his skills for 30 seconds but no longer as his 'legs have gone'!
  • 19:27 - Tom tells of his abilities as a discus thrower, and the 100m sprint.
  • 19:41 - The guys laugh at Noel swearing and how random the converstion was. (According to Noel no Africans have heard drum n' Bass! Tom and Serge contest this...)
  • 19:44 - The boys are on their second beer of the night now and seem totally relaxed
  • 19:46 - Tom nips out quickly for a cigarette, Serge doesnt seem to be bothered about being left on his own!
  • 19:54 - Serge tells of how Tom once walked into the room and announced "You will now call me 'The Poltergeist!"
  • 19:55 - 'when did you last cry' brings a deep response from Tom - "When i opened my first Christmas present - it was a picture of me and my brother from years back."
  • 19:57 - Serge replies "Eastenders... you know, i'm ok with people being blown up and stuff, but dogs getting lost and upsets me you know!"
  • 20:05 - Tom says that the track 'Out Of Space' always gets him on the dancefloor. Kasabian covered this in the Radio 1 Live Lounge last year.
  • 20:13 - When asked what presents they got each other, Serge says Tom got him a replica Rocky Balboa belt - Tom seems really pleased with himself!
  • 20:14 - Tom has to seriously think about what Serge got him - eventually remembers Rumble Fish on DVD and a Tyrannosaurus Rex CD.
  • 20:15 - One of the questions from the chatroom makes everyone laugh - "Would you rather be a horse-shaped biscuit or a biscuit shaped horse?!"
  • 20:22 - Serge seems a bit gutted that someone also received the matching Rocky gloves, making Tom look a bit cheap!
  • 20:23 - Tom and Serge remember their time at school - Tom says he did well but Serge was the one that got everyone into trouble!
  • 20:23 - Tom makes fly noises randomly into the mic!
  • 20:24 - They say they can't say which festivals they will play this year but they love going to T in the Park out of all choices.
  • 20:31 - They dedicate Oasis' 'Listen Up' to Jackie, whose birthday it is today. Always likely to be some Oasis, as they are good friends of the band
  • 20:39 - Serge seems almost lost for words as he describes his admiration for Prefuse 73, saying the way he creates records 'blows my head off!'
  • 20:43 - Tom and Serge both nod their heads in time to 'Wraaping Paper' by Cream
  • 20:52 - The question they'll ask Mark Ronson, who produced a remix of LSF with the band is 'have you ever worn an afro wig to a fancy dress party?!'
  • 20:58 - Chris, Kasabian's bassist texts Tom to update him on the snooker!
  • 20:58 - The lads wrap it up with Suicide - 'Ghost Rider' and say they've had a great time!
  • 20:59 - This is Ryan Simoes, I've really enjoyed the show, they did really well.
  • 21:00- Before i go i have to say hello to my girlfriend Amy, and best friends Mog and Coxy, who'd never forgive me if they didnt get a mention!

Throughout the show, the Radio 1 audience were chatting in a live chatroom, and at the end of the show they rated Kasabian on their choice of tunes, and the standard of presentation. These were the final averaged scores:

Download the 'Kasabian Take Over for Zane Lowe' wallpaper. Click on the size you want, then right-click on the image and choose Set As Background.

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