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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

Hard-Fi on Jan 10

Find out more about what happened when Hard-Fi stood in for Zane Lowe in January.

Check out more photos in the Zane's on Holiday gallery

Hard-Fi's choice of tunes included Bowie, Eurythmics, Utah Saints High Contrast mix, Gorillaz, and The Smiths. Check out the full tracklisting

Watch in Windows/Real  

Watch in Windows/Real  

Hard-Fi fan Catherine Fean was sat in the studio commentating via Twitter:

  • 18:58 - Here I am at the bowels of the Radio One studio, and things are about to kick off. I've met Steve and Rich, very pleasant conversation...
  • 18:59 - The show hasn't started yet... I'm sat at a window peeping in at the show as it goes. Ah they're on!!!
  • 19:05 - The lads have dark clothes on, Rich is wearing red Doc Martens. I haven't worn those in a long while....
  • 19:06 - Rich has taken a more relaxed pose, leaning one hand on the deck... More head nodding from Steve. In time... but then you'd expect that.
  • 19:06 - Steve's clapping along to the songs and some good shoulder dancing is going on.
  • 19:07 - Rich is scratching his back. A lot.
  • 19:08 - We're singing along in the backroom!!! Kings of Leon. Oh yes.
  • 19:09 - Wish you could be here.
  • 19:09 - Five people in the studio: all smiling.
  • 19:09 - Some chat's going on, the studio is only small, purple lighting and ... Steve is dancing robot style to Rich, who isn't
  • 19:10 - The microphones are huge! (no rudeness intended)
  • 19:11 - Drumming along in the backroom now.
  • 19:11 - Rich's kiss curl is still there, despite headphone flattening attempts. Nice.
  • 19:13 - Chatroom asking for Craig David version of 'Let's Dance' - that is so so so wrong.
  • 19:20 - Feel like a right stalker behind this glass. Next to me is a chatroom monitor man and interactive specialist. We're eatin monster munch
  • 19:22 - Think Rich has a bit of a cold.
  • 19:23 - Jokes firing across, the boys were feeling the nerves, but have settled fine now. It's a bit like blue peter's birthday card bit ....
  • 19:26 - Steve's headphones are one-on, one-off. Rich on the other hand, has both on.
  • 19:28 - Playing Oasis... I was more Blur myself ...
  • 19:29 - Backroom description: smells like monstermunch, SkySports on LCD screen in corner, Studio windows at all 4 corners
  • 19:30 - Intelligence from Hard-Fi: Ross rode a camel this Christmas.
  • 19:33 - I don't think he was one of the three kings, but you never know.
  • 19:36 - I'm daydreaming and wondering if either of the boys have ever grown a beard...
  • 19:40 - Steve's just pulled his boxers back up. I'm not kidding.
  • 19:45 - Ross is on the phone, happy as larry, even though his tooth is aching.
  • 19:49 - Ross wins 'most random phonecall ever' award: I don't think Radio One has had a tooth discussion in the past...
  • 19:55 - Photos being taken of the band, looking bandy. Just spoke to Ross (they did) funny guy.
  • 19:56 - Hard-Fi have decided to help some people with their homework, which is ace, except they don't know anything about physics.
  • 20:06 - I've stocked up a question... 'have either of you ever grown a beard, and how did it go?'
  • 20:09 - Rich leans back laconically as his hand sits in his pocket. Steve's head swings from side to side.
  • 20:13 - Cheese is the answer to 'what's your last meal' back here, I think Monster Munch myself. Been too long since I ate anything this chemically.
  • 20:18 - Just discovered Radio One is on Facebook, feel like I'm from the Dark Ages. Nice nice music coming on now. Hong Kong
  • 20:19 - Hong Kong was called Honkers, back in the day.
  • 20:26 - Been trying to communicate with the band, very difficult, feel like I'm aping strange shapes at some apes.
  • 20:27 - Rich is explaining 'I shall overcome' and his body language is communicating real feeling.
  • 20:27 - I just got a mention, asked a question bout a beard, made me night.
  • 20:30 - Steve just 'dropped the bomb' and he's got a grin the size of his face on.
  • 20:31 - Rich's quiff was a bit out of control for a minute then, the headphones did their worst, but he's just re-arranged.
  • 20:32 - A comb for the top-pocket could be a good present for next Christmas.
  • 20:34 - Rich making darts-playing movements when asking about 'do you have a darts sound effect?'
  • 20:37 - Steve has his legs around the bongo now... knew it was for something.
  • 20:39 - Relaxed tempo going on with the radio show. My friends in the backroom think this is a 'fireside chat' kind of show. I think it's more of a 'barside chat' meself
  • 20:44 - 'Instrument corner' ... a bit more Blue Peter. However, if the Ukelele belonged to J Cash that can't be a bad thing. Stylophone great.
  • 20:45 - sixteen minutes, that's all that's left of the show, which is a real shame.
  • 20:45 - He really is trying to play it (Steve - the bongo)
  • 20:46 - I could listen to these guys all night long.
  • 20:48 - And behind the DJ.
  • 20:48 - There's no forgetting where you are, there are Radio One signs all over the place. Well... on the window in front of me both sides...
  • 20:49 - Is being a superfan like being a supergran?
  • 20:50 - The whole operation is very well timed, and engineered. I'm impressed with Radio One's choreography.
  • 20:53 - The Specials, Simeon Mobile Disco, Love Action Human League. Missed out on hearing these. The boys do a good DJ set. I'll give em that.
  • 20:55 - You need to be alert to do this kind of job, and 'yourself' - Steve and Rich are both very easy-going and are performing well.
  • 20:56 - 20 secs left... almost over... for now, woah ha haaa
  • 20:57 - APPLAUSE.
  • 21:00 - It has been a very exciting evening. Hard-Fi are a thoroughly nice bunch.
  • 21:01 - I have been Hard-Fi's superfan, Caf. Nice to twitter

Throughout the show, the Radio 1 audience were chatting in a live chatroom, and at the end of the show they rated Hard-Fi on their choice of tunes, and the standard of presentation. These were the final averaged scores:

Download the 'Hard-Fi Take Over for Zane Lowe' wallpaper. Click on the size you want, then right-click on the image and choose Set As Background.

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