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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

Dizzee Rascal
Dizzee Rascal on Jan 9

Find out more about what happened when Dizzee stood in for Zane Lowe in January.

Check out more photos in the Zane's on Holiday gallery

Dizzee's choice of tunes included Vanilla Ice, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, and Guns n Roses! Check out the full tracklisting

Watch in Windows/Real  

Watch in Windows/Real  

Dizzee Rascal fan Mark Johnstone was sat in the studio commentating via Twitter:

  • 19:01 - hey I'm mark, thanks for tuning in
  • 19:02 - what an anthem
  • 19:02 - great start to the show with souljah boy
  • 19:04 - if you're wandering whats going on in studio just, imagine the 'fix up look sharp' vid but with dizzee singing souljah boy!
  • 19:07 - classic song by the red hot chilli peppers - check the dizzee site to see some wicked footage of dizzee with red hot chillis
  • 19:09 - looking like a rave in the studio at the moment
  • 19:12 - loving the drum n bass - shy fx is the god
  • 19:13 - remember look for the newham generals all
  • 19:15 - brap brap (dizzee aiming at you all)
  • 19:16 - if anyone is wandering what it's like being here… it's surreal trust me, can't describe it
  • 19:18 - ice ice baby you know you love it, OMG sick! dizzee singing vanilla ice in the studio cant believe my eyes - amazing!!!!!!
  • 19:22 - new snoop tune sounding big with t pain
  • 19:30 - if i mis-spell anything its because I'm blinded by the bling in dizzees hat!
  • 19:30 - alex from the arctic monkeys on the phone at the moment
  • 19:32 - haha only joking
  • 19:37 - feels like a proper ukg rave. like being at a sidewinder event. got me dancing on me chair
  • 19:38 - sick show so far - couldn't have asked for a better choice of songs
  • 19:44 - proper chilled - mr shabba ranks, love it!
  • 19:44 - the mood has relaxed drastically - more chilled out now. dizzee looks laid back rather than hyped. perfect track to relax after a hard day
  • 19:51 - bit of a mad choice of song, but OMG its a classic
  • 19:52 - OMG amazing song - the infamous prodigy - i was sent here from outta space!
  • 19:57 - to all the cheese lovers out there try alex james cheese haha
  • 20:06 - R.I.P to pimp c and all of the fallen hip hop legends over the past decade ONE LOVE!!!
  • 20:07 - reaching mid point of the show, still got loads of sick songs coming up
  • 20:15 - its so hot in here so think I'll be keeping my dancing to a minimum
  • 20:17 - the generals have just joined us in the booth - sick man, am telling ya
  • 20:18 - just broken a txt record for zane lowe's show! sick or what!!
  • 20:18 - kfc or nandos? That's the debate going on at the moment
  • 20:20 - dizzee just came in as well
  • 20:25 - sick flow in this song, this is a proper party starter
  • 20:29 - shout outs to the newham generals and chrome for the dirtee stank records
  • 20:34 - dizzee and the generals take to the road in february check internet for the dates and prices etc
  • 20:35 - too funny - dizzee just spilt water all over the desk so if ya hear any crackling don't worry it aint your radio, but do laugh along because it is too funny for words
  • 20:35 - classic song by styles p from the awesome gangster and gentleman album
  • 20:37 - taking it back for all of the old school rock heads with Guns n Roses - remember to take it to the jungle
  • 20:42 - a lot of talking going on - not too sure what they're saying but just wanted to let you all know that there's talking going on
  • 20:49 - i need them air 180s! not 'want' - i need them!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 20:54 - classic grime anthem for all the old school grime and garage heads
  • 20:57 - definately been the best takeover show so far definately there needs to be more like this
  • 20:58 - does any one else think any of hard-fi can rap?? It'd be hilarious to laugh at, that I'm telling you
  • 20:59 - that's almost the end to the show, and hell of a show if you ask me. I've had a wicked time and hope you all enjoyed the show
  • 21:00 - that's the end of the show. thanks for tuning in, take care all and happy new year peace

Throughout the show, the Radio 1 audience were chatting in a live chatroom, and at the end of the show they rated Jack on his choice of tunes, and the standard of presentation. These were the final averaged scores:

Download the 'Dizzee Rascal Takes Over for Zane Lowe' wallpaper. Click on the size you want, then right-click on the image and choose Set As Background.

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